I always envision you looking like this:

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you don't even know what I smell like, patrick. we couldn't possibly get married.

Yes I do. Blueberries and clouds. See? I'm totally awesome. And I smell like apple pie and bricks. Because I'm American. That's like double the awesome.

Also, AA bit...

I'm Patrick. I'm an asshole. I smoke too many cigarettes, I drink too many beers, I smoke too many joints and bake too many cookies. I'm a manic person. I'm also better than you. I can do anything and everything in the world, which is why I choose to do nothing at all. I am amazing, and I will tell you constantly. I don't like buses, I like driving, and my idea of a perfect day is sitting in a cabin in the woods, off my rocker on hallucinogens and alcohol, with an old typewriter and a few bears to keep me company. I am more perfect than anyone could hope to be, so stop trying. I am incredibly funny, but my jokes are so good most people don't get them. I hate Bill Murray. I don't have a God complex, you just have a simple God.

You are all poop.
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lol i would so be down for that anytime. patty lets meet up and be a cross-dressing couple. have I ever told you about my plans to temporarily move to san fran, shave my head and have my name legally changed to 'ivan', steal my friend's pitbull and get a monkey from the black market to ride it around with me as my pet while i walk around on stilts singing songs to kids in daycares? i'll paint my nether regions with the face of homer simpson and hope to say hello to the many passerbyers.

i dont usually pull this shit out in s&l, sorry



I think we should get married. For real. That sounds like the best thing ever. We could do that every weekend. Screw that, every day. I'm definitely down with that.
I have. It's weird. Plus my feet hurt from wearing heels all the time.

Yes, I'm serious. It's called "being in the group that lost the bet." All the guys got tarted up, all the girls dressed like gangstas, and the lot of us went down to the club. It wasn't that bad, though. The other group had it worse having to be seen dressed normally around us.
I don't like you. You stole my beer. Like a jackass. You're a jackass.

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Welcome to S&L, Nate and Lisa. You'll soon find that we're all a bunch of drug addicted maniacs with no life. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

Ahh shit, I'm out of chronic. I'm off to see the dealer, the wonderful dealer of pot.

Bring me some, would you kindly?

Whenever severed and jimi see this, pm me please.
Eh, we tried that. It didn't really work out as planned. The winners never picked anything
Alright, followed list updated.
Hey, Nate. I'm Patrick.

Zach and Dan (AngryGoldfish) both suck. I'm way cooler.

Just a heads up

Needs moar colour, Dan. Update with fabulous colours.

Also I nominate myself...

And maybe jiminizzle...
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I support this theme. Sounds like it could be fun, though I've already done something with OCD, so I'll have to think outside the box this time.

As long as the box is a rectangle with a length, width, perimeter, and area that are even numbers, all the angles are perfectly square, and it's not yellow, then you'll be fine...
Been posted yet? I lol'd quite hard...
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I'm serious about "repetition."

I can see hundreds of applications... and that's just in 30 seconds of thinking with my puny mind.

Everything from OCD to engines to nervous ticks to puppies to working to playing to fantasizing to fighting syphilis flare-ups etc...

Alright, I can agree with this. Repetition would be interesting.

The only problem I can see is people repeating words instead of ideas, if you understand what I'm saying. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's the repetition of words in close proximity within a story. Bugs the holy fuck out of me.
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Withhold the results and I'll remove your frenulum with a spoon.

Fuck off, cunt.
I'm withholding the results because you fuckers won't get serious about thinking of a theme.

Unless y'all want a themeless round.

And I'm not actually withholding the results, I'm waiting on a few edits from Jimi and Severed, so keep yer pants on, fellas.
I think the next theme should be Candlejack, because we could have a lo
Well done.

I especially enjoyed the title. I clicked on it, whispering "Oh, here we go again..." with a nice but was pleasantly surprised by not only a well formed piece, but a coherent and tangible idea.

And as Aaron said, the word choice is wonderful.

You always post really awesome piano pieces (okay, not always, but a lot of the time they're nice piano pieces). I wish I could play that. 9/10

This is a 16-something minute video of a live performance of one of the best narrative songs of modern times. Ready, set... GO!
Sorry, I laughed when your voice cracked in the first chorus. But then I got disheartened when not many people sang for you

But you have a wonderful voice. Keep it up, mate. 8/10
You guys.

You guys.

Holy shit, you guys.

I watched the Giants and Rangers last night. They broadcast the Cactus game.

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This is fucking brilliant...
Goddamn Russians and yer pinko commie time travel...

I knew we shoulda nuked ya after Dubya Dubya Two...
Hey! We don't hate Doctor Who!

That's just the Southerners
Still isn't the right place, mate.

Try the Original Recordings forum here.
His name is synonymous with "blood-thirsty despot" in France.

I think that's a French term of endearment...
Secret tunnneeeeeellll!!! Seecccrreeett tuuunneeeellll! Secret tuuuuneeeeeelll!!
Nah nah nah, nope nope nope, y'all misunderstand me.

Congrats, Dylan! You're now an apprentice Avatard

I just needed an excuse to use the Aang Facepalm
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Just finished season 1


No. I don't like it

But I do like fresh water!
That looks wonderful

I'll be getting some in the near future. I just have to get a job and get a little more fit first
A required sentence rather limits the creativity, though. The whole point of a theme is to have a guideline that you can slyly work into your story.

Having judged in a few comps and entered in all the others, I can safely say that the best and winning stories have been those that have taken the theme and twisted it to a new meaning and idea. A required sentence keeps that from happening.

Edit: That is to say, a required sentence with any substance is too restricting. Having a useless, uninteresting, generic sentence is boring.

We're talking about themes, not exercises. Exercises restrict; themes empower.
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Now, what if he is a shoe shiner that uses spit? Yeah, bet you didn't think of that now did ya.

Because it's fucking boring. Duh. No one wants to hear about some Negro shoe shiner. That's balls.
Nah, those prompts always suck. The stories are never good if you have that kind of a sentence.

Think about the characters involved in that sentence. The man is mean, dirty, negative. That's what people who spit on others are like. Conversely, he could be a noble, knightly character being tortured. The woman is not obedient, slightly timid, and boring. She could also be violent enough to warrant the spitting.

I just wrote every story for that prompt in six sentences.
If Tom Cruise was a fucking idiot, he-

Oh wait...
****ing awesome and epic and bluesy and just ****ing cool. 9/10
Well, can't argue that a guy who likes John and the Mountain Goats is January's best writer.

Congrats, Andrew