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£1 a bottle on a Tuesday night

Dry Dock if im not mistaken.

tis bout £2.80-£3.00 here
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It's a competition compromising a lot of pit members, in which we have to do various tasks for the mods amusement and if we fail we get eliminated.

Or a diabolical scheme to train a loyal slave army though completion of varied and bizarre tasks.

That's my idea.
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but yeah you are pretty much screwed morally now.
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Olive Team.

Purer than a mountain spring.
Deadlier than a mountain lion.
More thirst quenching than a nice cold Mountain Dew.
Able to skillfully hide in any mountainous terrain.
And we can bake, too.

Never have more true words been spoken.
to be fair its chinese only because i prefer having like indian in a resturant for atmosphere.
But why is there no mexican food take aways in the UK? If there was thatd be number one.
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What if someone dies by choking trying to stuff as many marshmallows in their mouth as possible?

this is what im thinking will happen to me...
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yeh yeh yeh olive team pwns

were gonna win

oh yeeaaah!
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Jackson RR3- I have a job, (how else do you pay for this thing?) I'm into Ozzy (yes), I'm a Randy Rhoads Fanboy (no), I play metal (who would own a V and play anything else?)

this for Jackson JS30RR + im a cheap bastard

Epiphone Les Paul Studio- No frills fun/ cant lift a LP Standard
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Death metal?

Slaughter of the Soul- At The Gates
When I was 8 I cut my fringe like really badly and believed if I stuck it on with sellotape no one would notice because i'd seen it done on a kids show earlier that week...
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I don't get hangovers. It's a pretty simple trick to just drink some water before you go to bed.

Yeah usually have like 2 pints of water and it doesn't do a lot for me.

As you say it's not a problem to get drunk. I just don't see how getting drunk for the sake of it is a good time.

Probably just getting old
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Im 22 years old, im past my drinking stage

Me too, i still like having a couple of beers at a gig etc. but getting drink is spending lots of money to wake up feeling rubbish next day.

Raising drinking age in UK isn't going to make a lot of difference, seeing as a lot of people over 21 don't drink responsibly so another three years won't make this kind of thing stop. It's got more to do with the "it's friday lets get hammered" mentality and unless we can break that the number of people that end up in hospital or dead because of it.

Probably all of that has been said already but thought id chuck my hat into the ring as well.
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*An assasisn character class women enters the room*

Wait, you're all D2 base! I'm LOD! Bah!


Im LOD based, stay a while and listen....
Id go with Jim Beam or Wild Turkey over Jack any day.
Had this problem with an old drummer until one day I was in a bar with mates, just after he left the band and referred to him using several choice insults only to find out he was the bartender and had been two foot away the whole time.

So although I can now never get served where he works it does mean I never have to listen to his bs again.

Accidental abuse ftw
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Heh, irony

Wrong. Emo = late 80s/early 90s stem of punk. They = pop-rock. I have nothing against those bands, but it's a bit hard to say you like emo when no-one really knows what it is

Fugazi, Jawbreaker etc...

Surely this is down to some journalist or something, like there is also myriad "-core" bands just made to confuse everything and everyone.
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the pit - Where else can you finger A minor and get away with it?

Chemical Brothers- Influenced

was from a Wipeout game ages ago but has a massive bass drop in it.
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Well, I still don't think this is just something made by only "50,000 yahoos on the internet with spam scripts and lots of free time..."

seeing that made my morning.
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Epic. Get this or a trebuchet, then we could take over the world.

or both.

just in case.
The Plight- Black Summer
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Mark Smith, Munaf Rayani and Michael James of Explosions in the Sky.


I enjoy the epic sonic landscapes they produce very much.

id go with Mark Morton, he may be known but underrated none the less
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AND! (sorry to quote the same post again)
Creativity and songwriting ability are both directly related to guitar playing. It's not all about speed.

I agree, but I still don't rate mustaine in consideration of these.

I kinda think being able to write good riffs is a better skill than guitar fapping.
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audacity is the way to go, free and easy.
and live action Evangelion film is rumoured.... set in america.... and very little reference to the original story...
convince everyone to join the "people who hate people party"
megadeth. all of them will perpetuate the " mustaine is better than hammet" debate and generally wind up the metallica fanboys and the circle continues...
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Scouting for Girls



Kids in glass houses

and anything else with spaces ommitted.
Deckard Cain

Stay a while and listen...
Machine head- Davidian

chug chug chug
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Hmmm, maybe we should also take into account that Hamilton is the better driver too

And the one who's job security is stable, where as kimi is starting to look uncertain imo.