I <3 Huckabees
Lost in Translation
American Beauty
pick up the phone and be like "hello?" and wait till they say stuff. and just keep saying "hello?" as if you can't hear them. it's fun and the person on the other line just gets pissed off. it's pretty awesome.
so... NEWS!!

SP looks like they're gonna be in the new grand theft auto IV game.
they're also in the body by milk campaign.
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I haven't found superchrist on limewire, just type in superchrist.mp3 on google and you'll find a torrent.

Not that I condone illegal downloading

downloading superchrist wouldn't be considered illegal since the band never really put it up for sale.
it was meant to be released and distributed for free.
Quote by Squall142
Chewing gum

did you know there is a song by SP called "Chewing Gum"?
just throwing it out there.
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^Yeah, it's part of vieuphoria/earphoria. They played it on some british tv show. I really didn't like it at first but now I do a lot.

i love watching disarm on vieuphoria.
sooo trippy. haha.
Quote by Nightwatchman10
from which album? Machina II?

nahh, FAEOMM tape.
if there's any SP song i'm obsessed with right now, it would have to be "Disco King"
ohh man, can't get more dark and gritty than that.

it's a pretty good april fool's joke.
so you all heard SP wasn't releasing any more albums, right?
you can't describe yourself as being depressed unless you have that same "hopeless" feeling for AT LEAST two weeks straight.
it's in the DSM-IV.
i'm a psych major.
i would know.
me so hornay!
pretty much any Smashing Pumpkins acoustic song: 1979, Soothe, Spaceboy, Tonight, Tonight, Luna...
aw, that's such a classic episode!
i love it.
anything by them.
and 311.
mayonaise- smashing pumpkins
bud and eric and i are buddies.
i'm from the LBC and my lawyer is neighbors with eric.
i've hung with eric a few times. he's pretty laid back (of course).
preferably from the Gish album.
d'arcy from the smashing pumpkins.
i miss her.
yeah, i've been suicidal for quite some time now.
and i get pretty lyrical as well.
i've got about three notebooks filled with "lyrics" that i've written over the years.
they're mostly just poems and aphorisms, actually.
i've been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and i refuse to take any medication.
the best i can hope for is that i get better on my own.
i've played that game all the way through.
the person that made the game put in songs by NIN, Rammstein, Radiohead, and A LOT of SMASHING PUMPKINS.
Talk Show Host- Radiohead


Atmosphere- Joy Division
basically, when people use IM lingo in real life.
such as lawl (lol) or berb (brb).
the legit thing is really annoying, too.
watch pee wee herman's big adventure.
trust me, you won't regret it.
blissed and gone- smashing pumpkins
skating is the s***!
Yeeee, sonn!
i caught some chick giving this guy head behind the school gym in 8th grade.
some idiot in sixth grade brought a toy gun and got expelled (this was like a couple months after Columbine happened, so it was a big deal).
at my high school, some chick gave birth during prom in the bathroom and left the baby in the toilet.
in tenth grade, a kid pulled a gun out to shoot this guy who was messing with his girl and a cop tackled him and he dropped the gun.
quite a few suicides.
i went to Long Beach Poly High School in California. Snoop Dogg went to that school, so you can only imagine what kind of neighborhood it's located in.
Landslide was a pretty big success for a b-side.
i'm all moved out so i can pretty much get away with anything.
i'm 18 by the way. and i'm in college. so yeah.
drinking is fun if you know what you're doing.
some kids like to sit around and drink and act stupid.
drinking isn't much fun unless you're with your friends and playing flip cup or pong.