what do you mean? I've had that signature for about 2 years.
hello. I am having a problem with windows 7 dvd maker. Everytime I try to add an .mp4 video file, it says it's not supported. So the question is, could somebody recommend me a converter program that would make the files work. I've searched high and low throughout google looking for a solution so I thought I would post here.

Thank you pit.
so you're saying Eb Bb Eb Ab C F? I.E. putting a capo on the first fret of Drop D?

request to join?
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First Day of my Life - Bright Eyes.

Also, agreed, I've needed this kind of thread many a time

Victory2134's input is biased. He's UG's Pedo.
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You should just ask him if he likes the band and can handle the responsibilities of being in a band. I sound like how you described him and i definitely ain't a band man. If he says no, fire him. If he says yes, tell him he is doing more harm than good in your opinion and needs to strive a bit harder. i would rather be told a blind aspect of myself than not know its doing harm. It won't get better until you confront it and if you don't, your band will suffer and only youwill be to blame.

And guitarists do have varying views on guitar. My moms boyfriend is a good guitarist imo. As a kid, he played everyday and once he got a job, he basically quit playing guitar. My cousin and I ponder why he quit all the time. People change.
i think they are 9-42s. it depends if you like them or not

i use the hybrid slinkys (10-46) after moving from those 9-42s. I like the hybrids much more
unless it is a Violent Offense that makes you a serious threat to National Security, You are safe. If you are a major drug cartel or a serial killer and you say so, you will likely get locked up. Also if you are a minor, I believe they are allowed to tell your parents.

They will probably just note your drug useage. nothing more
I withdraw my "agreeing" with Joe
they said the same about Rock N Roll, Blckspawn, back in the day.
i agree as much as I hate rap, ts is right
my 5150 is cutting in and out partially. i set a certain volume & tone and it will start out at the level and then it will partially lose its sound quality and volume suddenly after like 30 seconds. The "crunch" feature does this too to a greater degree.

It's always no volume or a shitton of volume too. There is no middle ground.

any ideas.

Thank You
whatever makes you learn.
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Next time he comes on your property, kill him. I don't know about where you live, but where I live it is legal to kill anyone who trespasses on your property.

Or you can be a little bitch and not kill him. But where's the fun in that

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the order of flats

0 flat- :: Key Of C :: Minor Key Of Am
1 flat-B :: Key Of F :: Minor Key Of Dm
2 flat-E :: Key Of Bb :: Minor Key Of Gm
3 flat-A :: Key Of Eb :: Minor Key Of Cm
4 flat-D :: Key Of Ab :: Minor Key Of Fm
5 flat-G :: Key Of Db :: Minor Key Of Bbm
6 flat-C :: Key Of Gb :: Minor Key Of Ebm
7 flat-F :: Key Of Cb/B :: Minor Key Of G#m/Abm

order of sharps

1 sharps-F :: Key Of G :: Minor Key Of Em
2 sharps-C :: Key Of D :: Minor Key Of Bm
3 sharps-G :: Key Of A :: Minor Key Of Fm
4 sharps-D :: Key Of E :: Minor Key Of C#m
5 sharps-A :: Key Of B :: Minor Key Of G#m
6 sharps-E :: Key Of F# :: Minor Key Of D#m
7 sharps-B :: Key Of Db :: Minor Key Of A#m/Bbm

notice the order of the sharps are the reverse of the order of the flats

you look for the # and flats (b). if the scale is ascending, you use sharps and if the scale is descending, you use flats. the number of sharps or flats will tell you the key signature and you can conclude the scale from it.

it will either be all flats or sharps in the key sig. do not mix because it will not work.
yeah it just depends on the styles you play. I play a lot of blues so i stay on the lighter end but for most subgenres of metal (where drop D,C,B are a necessity) lower gauge strings become a necessity to keep the sound from sounding like crap.

i used the hyrid slinkys and my moms boyfriend thinks a .10 is too thick for what I'm trying for but it's just how you like it.
i still have dial up at home. can't get cable internet where i live and we are too poor for Satelitte internet. I am the only one that uses it when I'm home (live in a dorm 9 months a year) so I cope.
what the hell is the noise? They play it a lot on Adult Swim. Sounds Like Bees.
i need this song too. i've been looking for it for like a year and a half
@Doctor Matthews icwutudidthere with your sig. very clever!

probably "Breaking The Chains" by Dokken or any early 80s video
i have this one where my tendons in the heel-ankle region on my foot are cut with a katana or some other really sharp object.
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I want to do many many things. I've narrowed it down to History, Journalism, and Psychology of some sort. Or Sociology. Shit, I dunno. If I had to choose today, i'd major in History. I'm interested in teaching, so I figure that's a nice plan since I enjoy history. But I also like writing. So i'll probably minor in sociology or writing/english of some sort.

Basically i'm the typical undecided HS senior.

Do tell. Overall, how difficult is it, and what was a good portion of the work that was done? (essays, assigned readings, etc)

male psychology majors get a lotta shit in school from what i've heard. just a heads up.
Major: "International Studies" specializing in "Security and Intellegence"
Minor: "Criminal Justice"
Try learning riffs from bands you like in that genre. Then try improv-ing in thoses riffs. Once you start hearing stuff you like that is part yours-part theirs, then try your own staying true to the styling of the metal genre (stacatos, accents, etc)

yeah get the sound in your head then try your thing then go for it.
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I guess i would pick Hayley and Taylor York.


Or Sara and Tegan.

Or the twins in the Veronicas
Hell yeah. The members of the new york dolls are all sexy womens.

I would if my favorite frontman didnt have AIDS. Queen Roxx!
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Arabic does sound sexy.

I would choose German but all the sexy chicks i know speak French. German has more authority whereas French may get you laid.
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Ron Burgundy
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