Camping on my mates farm and dropping acid and possibly candyflipping with three of my best mates next Saturday to celebrate the end of term/world not ending/Jesus' Birthday. Pretty pumped as I've only done acid once before and that was in April when I candyflipped, what should I expect to be different between just acid and candyflipping?
What's everyone's favourite papers for rolling joints with? I've only really used Rizla blue king slims (I use regular sized blues for rolling cigarettes) but having used OCBs and Raws some friends have I feel I could be doing a lot better.
I've done 2c-i a number of times, just always in doses of 25mg or less. I find with that amount it's really enjoyable and pretty harmless drug. You get mild hallucinations that are never 'too much'. Great for parties
Do any of you know how the free Chlamydia screening from high street pharmacies for under 25s in England works? I' need to try and sort it out tomorrow at my local one but I can't find any information about how it works or how long everything takes on line and would just like to know a bit more before I go.

And yes, feel free to laugh at my stupidity, I'm pretty certain I'm fine but better to be safe than sorry. (Well, I'm already sorry but still :p

Thanks for the help guys.
One Night in my arse.
I'm thinking of going for a nexusflip on fridya (2C-B and MDMA) what's the best way of doing it, I hear taking the MD about an hour after the 2c-b, or the 2c-b right at the tail end of the mdma are that two best ways of doing it but I can't decide what to do, which will give the most 'intense' trip in terms of visuals etc.?
Took about 50mgs of aMT the other night and had a great time, no trip report unfortunately because I was feeling pretty lazy. I was looking to get some more and I was wondering since it's legal over here in the UK, would any of the websites selling it as a 'Research chemical' (like research-drugs dot com) be trustworthy when it comes to this?
I heard something from a friend about not taking E too often because the way it overloads serotonin receptors can cause depression in the long run, unless you wait a few months each time you take it. Is there any truth in this? If I'd taken some on Friday should I not take any until nearer the summer time then?

And can you guys recommend me a good .000g scale?
That's what I thought seeing as they only ever mention illegal drugs being IVed, or legal drugs being taken for like major treatments on their websites and whatnot, still, better safe than sorry so I thought I'd ask
So, I've asked this before but never got a definitive answer, I'm giving blood Sunday, and I smoked some weed on Monday and Tuesday, and I was thinking of taking either some E or some 2cb at a party tomorrow, as far as I can tell neither of these are gonna come up on Sunday and won't affect me or my blood, any one have any experience to reassure me/correct me?
Quote by Gofer boy
Does anyone know how giving blood in the UK works in terms of the tests they do on your blood samples? More specifically, am I going to get asked about or tested for drug use and will recent drug use get my blood rejected or get me in trouble for something?

As far as I'm aware I should be fine, but I don't really have much of an idea about how any of this stuff works so I thought I'd check.

Someone answered about how it works in America (thanks by the way ) but I was wondering in anyone from the UK had any experience.
Does anyone know how giving blood in the UK works in terms of the tests they do on your blood samples? More specifically, am I going to get asked about or tested for drug use and will recent drug use get my blood rejected or get me in trouble for something?

As far as I'm aware I should be fine, but I don't really have much of an idea about how any of this stuff works so I thought I'd check.
Okay, that probably means I'm going to have to wait a while then, probably won't have a free house for long enough, never mind.
How noticeably would the pans, the kitchen and the flapjacks smell of weed?
I'd like to try it but not if it means risking mum and dad finding out about it.
Would that work with hash as well as regular weed?
Dillinger announced two shows in Europe, one in London and one somewhere in France I think, just bought my ticket for the London one.
Yeah, I love Peanut Butter Tool Time and The Touché Amorés! I've seen TTA before but I wasn't into PBTT last time they came to England so I'm so excited about this tour.

And I think a large part of it is that she's part of my social group too now, so it'll be hard to hang out with them and not be friends with her to a degree (even though I'm not hanging out with a lot of those guys in lieu of other friends as part of my getting over this girl), and also because outside of our general relationshippiness she was a generally a great friend in terms of talking about stuff and helping me and many other people out with problems, she'd just be a great friend to have.
It's probably my favourite on the new album, I can't wait to see them next year with Touche Amore.

I'm not going for a rebound relationship, I don't want one and neither does the new girl at the moment, just a little casual thing so it's not really a case of being rude to her, plus she's well aware of my whole situation as well.
Another problem is that once I'm over this girl, I would like to be friends with her again, how do you guy from avoiding someone as much as possible to instigating a whole new friendship without coming off as a dick or just bieng plain awkward?
To what extent should I focus on other, because I've already hit it off with someone else, and she's definitely not relationship material, would the fabled rebound be a good move to getting over someone else?

And for most of the school day I just surround myself with other people, it's really only the lessons we have together and the occasional times our eyes meet by accident that really really suck.

Oh, thanks for the advice, and awesome sig!
Now I know you guys always say the best way to get over someone is to avoid all contact with them, BUT what do you do if you have to see the person on a daily basis? I posted my story in more detail a few pages back, but basically I go to school with a girl I just split up with so I can't avoid her (I even have to sit next to her in some lessons) and getting over her is difficult.
Good day Relationship Thread. Earlier this week, on Wednesday the girl I had been seeing for about 7ish months and I broke up. It was a mutual decision because, for various reasons, things had gotten really awful between us, we never had time for each other and just ended up arguing all the time and it wasn't working out.

My problem is that, although I think we made the right decision, I am still going to have a hard time moving on and getting over her and would like advice as to how. I know it's often said you should avoid contact with her, and I'm talking as little as possible to her, but we go to school together and have some lessons together so that's pretty difficult. I just don't want to end up feeling shitty if she moves on before I do and things get messed up between us.
No word yet, the Fighting Cocks don't even have the listing on their website yet. And no I wasn't, never been to Kingston before, I'm only going in January because the Borderline's one is on a Tuesday.
I managed to get tickets to the Ki, Addicted and Deconstruction ones and I can't wait. I heard something about special guests supports, any word on who it is?
La Dispute UK tour 2012


24th - London Borderline
25th - Bristol Thekla
27th - Kingston Fighting Cocks
29th - Glasgow King Tuts
30th - Manchester Moho


1st - Nottingham Rescue Rooms
2nd - Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach

Nothing on the website yet, but picked this up from someone on Facebook, some of the venues have the listing up, tickets on sale friday. I'm going to the Kingston one probably, bit of a trek but I'm not allowed gigs on school nights these days.
The Arusha Accord?
Oh dear lord this has got to be the most incredible song I've heard for a very long time, I'm genuinely in tears.
Well, I signed up to Twitter just so I could follow them and get us one person closer to finding out the surprise announcement.

*Crosses fingers for reunion*
I heard something about the two London shows in November (the Ghost and Ki ones) being filmed for a DVD, anyone know anything about this. I'm going to the Ki one, I would've liked to have gone to both but Ghost had sold out by the time I got round to getting tickets.

And someone's made a mildly amusing edit to the Wikipedia page for Ghost here, which I think some of you may enjoy.
General information:
Age: 16
First name: Luke
Gender: Male
Location: Essex, England
Been playing for: Almost 2 and a half years
Which instruments can you play, except Bass: Trombone, and I dabble in keyboard, Ukulele and Guitar from time to time.

Bass Guitars
Current Bass\es: Schecter Stiletto Elite 5, Squire VM J bass, and ablack bass (possibly Hohner iirc) that's about as old as me and I got from my school for free because it was so beaten up.
Favourite Bass you own: The Schecter
Favourite Bass you've played: A 1978 Rickenbacker that cost £2500
Dream Bass: The ery same Rickenbacker, and maybe a Custom made Conklin

Current amp\s: Just the practice amp I got when I started, getting a Peavey Tour 450 soon though
Favourite amp you own: Only own one, and I don't even like that.
Favourite amp you've played on: A lovely nice 1000watt used Warwick at my local guitar shop
Dream amp: Orange possibly, or Ampeg with an 8x10 cab.

Do you use effects?, if so, which?: Currently just Falgner and Distortion, but looking to get a lot more stuff.
Which effects do you own:
Favourite effect: Boss DS-1 distortion pedal (Made for guitar, but it suits my needs until I get more money), and a Boss Flanger pedal.
Dream effect: Possibly A really good synth pedal but I'm not sure

Genres you play: Most things really, for my grades I do all sorts of Jazz and pop and funk and whatnot, I play i a metal band ad a rock bnd, and I like to larn Bach cello suites too.
Genres you enjoy playing: All of the above.
Genres you enjoy listening to: Depends what mood I'm in, mainly metal, hardcore ad classical, but also some funk and pop an Bhangra, and a little bit of jazz.
Favourite genre to play: Depends on what mood I'm in, probably metal because I love my band.

Favourite Bass forum thread: The FAQS, they're very helpful
Favourite Bass forum mod: They all do a god job
Most hated kind of Bass forum threads: Guitarist trying bass, what do I do now threads.
Which aspect of Basses you have the most proficieny in, (Playing and Technique\Building and maintaining\Composing and theory\ Gear: I'm best at playing and technique, and Composing and Theory, but I'm not amazing at either.
If I remember correctly, Mikael Akerfeldt originally joined Opeth as the bassist before moving on to Guitar and Vocal.
When i said 3 or 4 drinks it was because it was 3 different drinks: beer, vodka, and some weird apple liquor that was bright green but quite nice, can't remember the name though.
When I do drink, I do tend to over do it, but most of my major drunk incidents happen whilst I'm still slightly sober as opposed to when I'm legless. Last party I went to I'd had 3 or 4 drinks before I jumped off a trampoline and broke my wrist in 2 places, whereas I've been drunk trampolining having drunk 3 or 4 times that much and not done anything like that.
Bought a ticket to see Devin play all of Ki in November, I'm really excited, it'll be the third time I'll see him, and the first time not at a festival. The second date which is Ghost in full had sold out though so I'm keeping a look out for tickets to come up somewhere.
It's announced on the website now guys
Quote by sound-byte

Yeah, it was actually really good, they brought some random dude I didn't recognise for the singing instead of doing it themselves (thank God) and it was a great end to the night.
I saw Nile last night in London supported by Melechesh. There were meant to be a few other bands but for one reason or another they didn't make it, along with Melechesh's merch and sound guy. They were borrowing Nile's (very stressed looking) sound technician for the night. You woldn't have noticed though the sound for both bands was great (I was wearing ear plugs as normal for the sakeof my ears though)

Melechesh were pretty good, vey entertaining for a band I'd never heard of before buying my ticket, but Nile blew them off the stage. I wish Nile played for longer, they were on stage for just over an hour and their set list was:
2.Sacrifice Unto Sebek
3.Hittite Dung Incantation
4.Serpent Headed Mask
6.The 4th Arra Of Dagon
7.Permitting The Noble Dead To Descend To The Underworld
9.Lashed To The Slave Stick
10.Black Seeds Of Vengeance
11.Emerald (Thin Lizzy Cover / Gary Moore tribute)

Which was good mix of stuff, but I would've liked to have seen Cast Down the Heretic, Opening of the Mouth and Unas personally.

I met Karl afterwards because he came to the front of the crowd at the end, and I met some of the guys from Melechesh. On the whole, it was an excellent gig, and I'd definitely see Nile anytime they come on tour again.
"I've got to expel a chocolate cave demon"
Islington Academy, Sunday February 13th
Which is bloody annoying as far as I'm concerned because parents don't like gigs on school nights and the school changed my half term time to the week after it is normally, so I'll have school after it if I go.
I'm seeing these guys tomorrow, in 24 hours I will be watching their set.

I am SO excited
Sober by Tool
Especially when all the other instruments stop, and it's just Maynard going "Trust me, trust me"
Along with some others, like Hendrix's All Along The Watchtower, or Widower by The Dillinger Escape Plan.