Yeah, got out of a relationship recently so I'm not in the best emotional state. Started carpooling with a random for free parking through uni site and I got matched with a 9/10 girl. Really beautiful and we get along really well and have heaps of laughs. Only problem is that she has a boyfriend -_- . What makes it worse, is that she always tells me about how they're always fighting and she's always unhappy which puts me in a compromising situation where I don't want to ruin their relationship for my own potential personal gains lel
Thanks for a legit reply! I'll be sure to check them out however I cannot upgrade the OS due to the graphics card being too outdated, I tried already Appreciate the long reply and I'll be sure to look into them.
Haha I've already beaten both those games back in the hay day. The problem with this mac is that the OS is so old, majority of steam games aren't compatible without an update Ah well, it was worth a shot. I'll probably get an old emu and try and play something lol
oh damn, thought somebody might have some creative ideas but oh well
Flash games won't run because the adobe flash can't update because the OS is too old lol running a 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo and 2 GB of ram and a intel GMA X3100 :/

EDIT: I'll have a look on steam, but was just looking for some alternative suggestions such as maybe some must play NES or SNES games that may be worth looking into or something, thanks so far though
Hey guys, I'm on a shitty mac laptop running 10.5 and I'm pretty bored and was wondering if anybody could recommend me some games that may run on it. I was thinking my best bets would emulating old games or something? Any ideas? Please no pokemon, visited that series too many times lol
Hey guys, my friend and I did this for some fun, check it out if you have a chance . No backing track or anything.
You seem to make a good point there megano28 and I'll try and use some of what you've said to help me move on. As for why we broke up, she says it just fizzled out for her and that she was done being a relationship. However, she still loves me she says. I dunno, I find it a bit confusing at times as well.
Do you have any tips for moving on? I've tried hanging with friends, doing hobbies, and trying to meet people but they all seem like temp ailments. When I am alone at home, things get pretty tough and it's when I tend to relapse into her. I know time is the biggest part but I am wondering if there's anything I am missing that could help.
I do understand that you're right and that the best option would be to cut myself off but I am just so stubborn that I cannot promise you I will do that. I'll see how I go but I do greatly appreciate everything you have said and will consider what to do with what advice you have given me. Like you said, I'm afraid the only way I will learn is through my own mistakes although I hope it does not come down to that.

Thanks again, you have brought some temporary peace to my mind
I said I'm always tempted to and then said we shouldnt be talking about these things and ended the conversation there. I honestly don't know what to do, I want her back and feel the window closing. You could be right and it may be better to cut my losses but it's so hard for me to admit.
I spoke to her today via text and i ended the conversation because I felt my feelings were going to get out of hand. The most notable text from the bunch was 'I know its so hard, sometimes I think more little slip up wont matter. But thats terrible and I know it.' If you still think you're text is gewd, I'll send it off.
As painful as what you're saying is, it does sound like you know what you're talking about and that you may be right. Well here's a draft of my text to her, if you got a better idea please tell me because you sound like you know what you're doing more.

Hey ****, I want to talk about us one last time if that suits you over coffee. Are you free tomorrow?

P.S what do I do if she says no, thats the whole reason I am even asking you what to say to her.
Sooo what do I do? Do I just do nothing, or should I send her an ultimatum text so she knows I'm staying strong (If so what do I say?)? Also what do I do if she texts me? Or is that relative to the situation.
Hey guys going to try and compress a story and would love some advice

GF and I broke up a month ago (8 months together, she broke it off because she felt she was over being in a relationship), had sex and stuff for about three weeks because it was clear that we were both still in love with each other. Tried to stop talking but it has been difficult and usually one of us has caved. We last made out on Friday and we both always talk about how we broke up too suddenly, and that we still have some love to give but that she's scared she'll get back and feel unhappy and will go through all the pain again. I, myself, am a hopeless romantic and still love her and want to play with the idea of giving us another try, but at the same time don't want to shove the idea down her throat because I do not know if it's a great idea until we go through the motions. The last time i suggested it, about 2 weeks ago, she pondered it for a few days but came back with a no, which she found extremely difficult to do.

My question is, do I just give up and cut contact or do I offer her to get coffee and potentially talk things over or would that lower my chances if anything. This is both our first breakups/first love and we're both 20.

EDIT: I'm weakminded and may text her anyway lol
Hmm fair enough R.S, thanks for clearing that up for me
Hey guys just curious, (sorry if stupid question), if I buy PSN+ now, do i get every game every offered free? Or only the ones that are free from the time I signed up? For example I would get Kingdoms of Amular free now, but would I also get Deus Ex which was available previously? Also, I am a fairly light PS3 gamer now, but would the value be justifed? Would really save from having to buy a new game whenever I feel like playing PS3. Also if I downloaded a game on PSN+, and I disconnect my PS3 from the internet, do I lose access to that game?

Yours truly,

Hey guys sorry if this is spam, if so close this thread and warn away! My girlfriend's friend designed/drew this picture for a competition in order to win tickets to Grooving the Moo and she's so close to winning but is currently coming second in likes. Would mean a lot if a few of you liked the photo. Once again if this is against the rules and considered spam, I will delete this and cop a warning.


P.S. try not to UG print it too much lol
How about you get a friend to ****ing knock her over, like make her eat shit! huehuehue, then you come over and be like 'aw mei gawd r u ok?' and then be like 'did anybody ever tell u you look like so and so?' and then 'pardon my manners but im so and so'. how can it fail?
I turned 19 on the 22nd, happy birthday bro have a good one x
Dont know how to embed or anything but I want to share this
Hey guys looking for some training advice.

Few months ago, started gyming but wasn't too serious only going 2-3 times a week. Trainer at gym gave me a general 1 day workout plan and sent me on my way. Now that holidays have come by, I am determined to take it way more seriously and want to go 6 times a week. However, a one day workout plan seems very counterproductive. My goal is to gain as much muscle mass as possible (focusing mostly upper body). I am trying to write my own workout plan using some of the resources provided and have split it into 3 blocks chest/back, legs/shoulders, biceps/tricpes with some core exercises at the end of each workout.

After browsing I do not know what exactly to do for biceps and triceps in order to maximise efficiency as I read somewhere not to repeat exercises with the same motion as it is counterproductive.

Could anybody recommend a good bicep/tricep workout to go through? If I have not provided you with enough information please ask for more. If I am ringing a lot of alarms in your head and you would like to take interest in more and help out, a PM would be great and I would thoroughly appreciate it

NOTE: I am 6 foot 2, and about 80~kg.
What is zerg rush? And what roms would you recommend? Any guides would be great
hey guys I recently bought a galaxy s3 of Kogan and it seems to only update to 4.0.4 when using Samsung Kies. How do I get to update to 4.1? I am in Aus on vodafone.

Also is it worth rooting my phone? How likely am I to brick my phone? I have had a little experience with computers but never done anything with a phone. Is it worth it?
Yo hydra just saying those first pair of shoes you posted are sexy as ****. The rest were alright. If you know any shoe brands I should check out let me know

Currently own some Clarkes Originals, Vans and Nike runners
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cause i might need it haha. not really just to carry and its kind of a nostalgic(spelling?) feeling to. you know greasers punk and things of that such.

Am I the only one who saw this? I don't think you know what that word means.
Come from the country. Here in Melbourne, you can get paid 6000 a semester (maybe a year) just because you're smart and from the country. I think you can get paid double digits if you're top 1% of Australia and from the country.

NOTE: you get paid but still have HECS
Thanks guys, just one more question. Does the One X have no 4G support? Like they cant implement it with an update? I'm guessing that's one big thing S3 has over it.
Hey guys new in this thread

I am interested in buying an android smartphone after my brick phone giving up on me. I purchased a galaxy ace for a week or two but after two faulty phones I got a full refund luckily. Thanks to this, I have saved up to buy a high end phone and am currently looking at HTC One X and Galaxy S3. After lots of research, I found that One X suffers from short battery life and no 4G. The S3 on the other hand is superior in those fields but feels cheap and flimsy.

My question is: does anybody have a One X and can they comment on the battery life? The lack of microSD doesn't bother me just the battery life. I love the look of One X way more than the S3.

Also are there like...two types of S3? Apparently, there is one with 1gb ram and one with 2? I live in Aus and wonder which one would be on sale?
Quote by jazz_rock_feel
Type Galaxy SIII vs HTC One X into Google and start reading.

I have youtubed and read a few videos and articles on the two phones and gained a lot of insight. However, I feel the main issue I have with the phone is user friendliness and battery life, which cannot be accurately reviewed in a review IMO. That is why I am asking for any users who have used the phones to voice their opinion.
Well last time I bought a smartphone (it crapped out and got a full refund), they didn't let me try it before hand and ended up having to have it replaced twice before demanding a refund. Even then, if you had read the original post, the issues I have with the phone are more long term, such as battery life over a day, and the future proofing of getting 4G. I don't see why all the negativity?
Quote by RU Experienced?
If you can't make the correct decision on your own you deserve an inferior phone.

Well you cant really try phones before buying them and all my friends own iphones so I havent been able to try one out. Both phones are rather expensive and I would rather make sure that I got the most out of that money. Just wondering if the pit had any experience with either
Hey my brick phone crapped out on me after 3 years of good service and I am in the market for a smartphone. My parents have offered to help pay for it, so I'm looking at the Samsung galaxy S3 and the HTC One X. Although I like the aesthetic look of the One X significantly over the S3, it has no removable battery, apparently poor battery life and no 4G whereas apparently the S3 does well in these areas.

I am just wondering if anybody has any experience with either phone and could help me decide

P.S. Not interested in an iphone
I had a friend who told the class when he was 16 that he still removes toast from the toaster with a metal knife while its still on and had no idea what the problem was with it
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Weird, ok so this is pretty common maybe?

I don't know from my experience the brats of the school were fixed

Well it was more the fact that if you were a 'brat' at a public school, you could get the shit kicked out of you. I dont have a lot of experience at public schools in my secondary years, but a girl I met at uni told me that her little brother insisted on going to a public school and ended up getting beat up every day for two weeks until moving to a private school.

I went to one of the best private schools in my state, and it was pretty chill. As long as you weren't failing and bullying anybody you were good.
Quote by Pagan_Poetry
I went to a private school for a few years.

I guess it depends on how my kid is. If he/she is a brat like I was, private school will shape him/her up. If he/she is highly intelligent and I feel that they aren't getting the most out of his/her current school, then I will send him/her to a private school. If he/she falls in between these two, then I won't because it's expensive as hell and if he/she is doing alright in a normal school then why bother?

I went to a private school as well and from the of the public schools around my area, I think you mean the public school or more so the kids would shape him up
It's more for TS, what if he gets Ableton working and is convinced he broke everything else
Doesnt Asio4all disable all other applications sound though? Maybe print screen this page

Settings > Audio > Input/Output

So we can see what you're doing?
Go into the settings of Ableton and check out what sound drivers it's set to?
That's cool PM me if you want a friend, can't promise you much since I won't have my license until November