I was wondering what relation a certain person is to me.

My great great grandfather's brother's grandson. what relation are they to me?
pic i did of bulbasaur yday

wanted to draw it in my own style

Bumpity bump bump. Did this today

Should evolution be thought in school?

it already is??

how else do you guys think i got my bitching charizard

What is the least manly song you know how to play and do so to throw people a wobbly?

Mine is this, my band and i throw it into gigs for the laugh

Gets a good reaction suprisingly enough

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So you want someone to draw pictures for you in a retro cartoon style if they've majored in said style?

Based on what? Are you a writer? Do you have some sort of story in mind? If so, most artists are going to want to see a synopsis.

If the artist can do what you want, what's it matter whether they've only dabbled or not? Or is this a graded project with a specific outline?

You're being very vague and it's not going to attract much interest.

i'm not recruiting an artist, i'm looking for recommendations on artists for a project for my course
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So if someone could do it well but didn't major in that style, you wouldn't accept their work?

well the idea of the project is to discuss and analyse artists who primarily use that style, so if someone only dabbled in it less than occassionally then it wouldnt really count in the project's parameters
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You're gonna be pretty hard pressed to find someone who isn't able to draw this

i get that its simplistic, but what i mean is that im looking for someone who majors in doing this type of retro modern style
its to see how one style of cartooning can be interpreted differently by different people and the return of, what would now be now deemed. retro style of drawing
I'm working on a project and need artists with similar styles of art and cartooning to that of Butch Hartman, Shane Glines, Darwyn Cooke etc. So basically looking for that retro-modern look cartoons

All help would be greatly appreciated

examples of what i'm talkin about

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No, that is not what I was stating, at all.

I would never consider people who do not believe in the Bible, or even those who haven't read it, to be illiterate.

I have known lots of people whom do not read the Bible and they were lucid, intelligent and awesome.

actually i think you'll find that that is what you were saying, you clearly stated that of the seven billion people in the world perhaps a grand total of 120 havent read the bible. By that, one can safely assume your logic is that seeing that everyone bar those 120 have READ the Bible then they are literate. Which means that by your logic there are only an absolute maximum of 120 illiterate people in the world today as everyone else has READ the Bible

I enjoyed tearing you to shreds
Quote by AllJudasPriest
Actually the Bible is the most widely circulated, most widely read and most widely published book in the world. It tops all of those categories in the book of records. Of the seven billion people on the Earth, maybe a grand total of 120 have never read the Bible. Furthermore, since more people have read the Bible than not, then more people than not know that demons originate there.Yeah, because as I demonstrated, you cannot believe in one and not the other.

Are you saying that there are only 120 illiterate people in the world?????????
oh lordy

GHOST POWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, which is sad because I loved the books.

The Lovely Bones, not that the acting was bad, but the movie looked like something a guy on LSD would come up with. I can only imagine what the book is like.

Paranormal Activity 1&2 were both painful to watch.

My Soul to Take. What a waste of 3D. The sad part is, the plotline had so much potential for a good horror movie, but they messed up big time.

i too love the books and felt completely let down by the film
Eden of the East
books about cartooning
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Got a copy of the book for my birthday. Its pretty cool

Just got it too, all his lil comments are fantastic
shall do boss
Thanks so much
that is awesome
Can anyone tell me the name of the song in this video? I think i remember it from being in some Disney Cartoons of old if i'm not horrendously mistaken

Here It Is
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I have this weird quirk that I sing when I draw. For example I'm drawing Batman and quitely mumbling ta-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-BAT-MAAAN!

PS: I also blurt out sound effects when I draw explosions, clashing swords, plasma blasts, you name it.

what happens when you get to a romantic situation in your drawings????
Have any of the Pit ever tried writing a song to go with a picture you were drawing at the same time or vice versa? and if so, did you find that one would dictate the outcome of the other?

I recently tried it by starting with a bass line in 8 bit that i felt was for a fight scene and that turned what i was drawing into a fight scene

Here's mine

Post what you've come up with and how you felt one influenced the other
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Does fruity loops use VSTs? If so: for melodies.
Search KVR and there will usually be a lot of good freebies.

I used to know a drum vst... but you can just turn the bit crusher all the way to 11.

Thank you very much it's working great
''would very much like to know how to achieve 8 bit music on Fruity Loops
I have Fruity loops and am looking to make some 8 bit music for a comic project i'm working on...anyone know how to achieve the 8-bit sound on Fruity loops?
we entered jedward
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Just watch Fox News if you want to see "Lie To Me"

oh yu lol
with regards to the whole river shooting the silence behind her thing, wasnt that the point of the message on the moonlanding? that humans would be subliminally influenced to kill the silence and seein as it was a message from the silence then would that not give humans the power to see the silence and remember that they're there long enough to kill them

also kiddie timelord gonna be awesome arc

what if the silence had influenced the doctor and amy into doing the babymaking shuffle whilst in the tardis?
or what if the child is a human/timelord/centurion hybrid?

also Amy Pond....all is good in the world when that piece of ass is around
read a lot of comics
scott pilgrim, every spider-man available, avengers
webcomics i read, "so you're a cartoonist?" "questionable-content" "Stupid fox" "coin collection"
And i write a webcomic called "open to misinterpretation"

also for the TS

Science of Superman
Zooey Deschanel
Emma Stone

that is all...
Sir well done

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I believe it's Emma Stone > Emma Watson > Emma Roberts.

for me it's Emma Stone>Emma Roberts> Emma Watson

Fook yeah

Yes they're big.....and so are the photos
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It looked like the lass that played child Amy to me. Although I aint seen the last series in a while so I might be wrong. So she could've shot herself...

But if it was child amy wouldnt present amy remember?
TS you give us Emma Roberts as your favourite emma

I counter with the previously posted Emma Stone
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A guy can't write some ****ing poetry?

not when a girl wrote it first
Fuck me, I hope not.
I want River to fuck off, and stay fucked off. She is my only major gripe with Moffat-Doctor.
Everytime she says "Spoilers" I feel like chinning someone.

The beeb won't let us use the iplayer. After everything the English did to us!
Now excuse me while I scream about "Black and Tans" for 2 hours.
go to

From a fellow irish Whovian

Also last night.....WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

would love to see a twist where the girl amy shotwas actually her own child who was born while they were travelling through time
"that's actually a good point" oh lord lol