I assume it will work everywhere, I can see no reason preventing it to work.
Hi there, fellow musicians !

Apart from my black metal solo project, I've recently got into Dark Ambient, recording dark drones, atmospheres and melodies with my MIDI keyboard.

Band Name : Instant Pyrolysis
Genre : Industrial Dark Ambient
Location : Beauvais (/Paris), France

You can check my sound out on myspace :

Also, if you like the music, there's a related Facebook page and a ReverbNation page :

In addition to my first album, "alone_", I'm currently working on a 2-songs split-CD with a talented musician, Mike from Melankolia (

I hope you'll like my music,

With my darkest greetings,
I think RG are more metal, but I haven't played on a PGM yet.. I've got a RG320 (FM) and it's really cool to play.

i'd suggest you get a dictionnary and pick up the words that fit to your music.. Write them down on a sheet of paper... then try to merge them
For the first list, where the hell is Alexi Laiho ?

Anywayz, for the last list, i'm afraid Lamb of god isn't Black metal lmao (@ph3n0m > lol LoG with corpsepaints ^_^)
i've got a squier strat "made by fender", well it's my dad's one... and to tell the truth, it's a really good guitar, when you look at its price... The're 3 single pickups, and they're good enough...
The luthery isn't so good, though.... But it does its job, I swear it =) !
Oh, there's a new song up on the myspace page, the third one :p ! Enjoy and please do comment =)
nice sound, i've added ya
Hi there, fellow guitarists

I've recently started my solo musical project.. .OF course I still need some practice before doing something great, but I think it's not so bad...

Check this out right now :p ! (for those who like this music style)

Don't hesitate to add me &/or comment on the myspace page,

See you,
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angels don't kill is really easy

I do agree, I've re-listenned to this one, it's very easy
Well, i'm a kinda newbie in recording stuffs.. I'm gonna tell ya exactly what i'm looking for...

This is my story :

I'm both a fiddler and a guitarist. M y Violin is "electrified" with a small piezo mic. i'd like to get some stuffs so that I could record myself with a good sound quality, for I aim at publishing the music I record on Internet [mostly folk songs and metal riffs].

As for the guitar effects, i'm gonna have in a few days a ZOOM G7.1ut. On my comp, I do have Cubase LE (btw in fact i'd like to ahve each channel recorded separately on my computer, thx for having me notice that ). The money I have for this project is about 370€ (maximum).

And i'm gonna buy a Shure SM58 in order to record my voice too.

Well, take care, things are getting complicated now ^^ :
i'm playing in a band as a guitarist & singer. We're playing folk/pagan black metal stuffs. So there is 2 guitars, a singer, a drummer and a flutist (who is actually ampllified with a SM58-like mic.. we can't have another one atm).
So I'd like a lot to be able to use my recording stufs both for my "solo" project and for my band (so that we could record demos or so...)

This is it ^^ ...

as I said earlier I'm a kinda newbie with recording, so I'm basically lost in all the informations I may find... For instance, I've had a look at this thing : but I dunno how many instruments I may record at the same time, you see ? some line inputs might be linked together, or so ^^ .. so I just don't know what to choose... :X

I hope you'll be able to give me some cool advices :p

EDIT : I wanna use these stuffs on my laptop, so I need to ahve either a USB or a FireWire output on the recording device... I only have a mic input on my laptop ^^

Ty by advance
ow okay.. sorry for my misunderstanding ^^

tell me do you think this would be better ?
Ow okay thank you very much :p

(sry i'm french) >>willieturnip>> you mean it's a good mixing table right ?

and btw I assume the cables are provided with it ? ^^
Hi there

I'm sorry because my questions is probably very stupid ^^ but nvm :

I'd like to buy this :

In the description you can see that it's supposed to have a USB output.. but I cannot find it on the 3D-view (see right column of the page) ... where is it hidden ? ^^

Ty by advance,
Yeah I think you can half the note duration by selecting all the notes (Ctrl+A I guess) and then click on the minus (or plus, i forgot) symbol of your numpad.

However measures shouldn't be complete now, so you'll have some work to make them fit. maybe change the score signature from 4/4 to 2/4 for instance ...
And you might try "At Vance " neo-classical solos
I guess he's done it by himself, cause this "song" actually wasn't composed for guitar
Yeah Avenged Sevenfold plays dropped D.

If I remember well Three Days Grace often plays Drop C ... (not only for Animal I have become)
Rammstein sometimes plays Drop C too
i might scan you the violin tab in a few days..

tell me if you want to (this song is supposed to be copyright-free)
I think this is Pachelbel's Canon. Classical music ..
I might have the score for violin somewhere but i can't use my scanner now -_- ...
However I'm sure you might find it under its real name on Internet
Lol hahaha nice tab

I guess it's G# lol but who knows ...simon I agree with your point of view rofl
We just can't actually have one ... nobody plays metal bass at the university -_-
But don't worry we'll do it
Hello everyone ...

You got a new guitar player from France.
Well, to introduce myself I'd say I've been playing violin for 12 years about, and I started playing guitar something like 1 year and a half ago. however , thanks to my fiddle skills, I've got a "pretty nice" guitar level.

by the way this website is really awesome
Morry > if i were you, I'd try some Rammstein songs .. of course there a lotta power chords, but there're some nice rhythms that are sometimes interesting to learn.

You may also try short solos (Deep Purple - Smoke on The Water (short solo version))

Yeah, neither for me

"The URL contained a malformed video ID. "
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personally, i put my music library on random and let it roll. i solo on anything from the beatles to system of a down to metallica to the faint. that way i can get a bunch of different genres in while training my ear for key changes and practicing playing in different moods.

About the same for me ... it's very interesting to do that

There's also something I sometimes enjoy doing : I choose 4 chords, write the mdown in Guitar Pro with a rythmic pattern, and then I start playing over it...

But i particularly enjoy soloing on black metal and on pop/rock, but reggea is perfect too
Hi everyone !!

I'm pretty new here, but i've already posted one tab.

Well, i've created a band in my university :
- drums
- keyboard
- guitar (me, french guitarist / violonist)

I'm looking for nice tabs by bands I may not know, and easy to play. The thing is that we're at first looking for songs that we can play together very quickly.
By the way I don't know how to play shred-like riffs yet ...

So if you have good ideas of bands I could find the tab (guitar pro ... cause I would need the score for the keyboards).... Symphonic metal, pagan black metal, symphonic black metal ... anyone will fit.

We'll probably play some Dimmu Borgir, by the way.

And notice that it's not a problem if there is more instruments in the GPro file, we'll mangage to modify it so that it'll fit our needs,

Thanking you by advance ..

Adrien AKA Valenten