i didnt mean to say creatative haha. He uses an e-bow.
This is just simply amazing. He's an italian acoustic guitarist.
Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hello?
You: hi
Stranger: hi stranger
You: my names kenny
You: and i like to **** sheep
Stranger: my name is james
Stranger: wow what a coincidence
Stranger: me too!
You: omg
You: what a small world
Stranger: you should try goats! they're AMAZING
You: they get lil itchy sometimes tho
You: ever try
You: ...
Stranger: this is true
You: black panther
Stranger: ooOoOo.. no but i'm intrigued
You: its the best type of panther
Stranger: they're stench is so exotic
You: they say
You: once you go panther
You: you never go back
Stranger: cool
Stranger: my girlfriend has a whale's vagina
You: lucky
You: my girlfriend has a dolphins dick
You: its so annoying
Stranger: i'm sorry to hear that
Stranger: hello
You: hi
Stranger: hi
Stranger: 20/m u?
You: 69/g-ma
I need to know.

I do not know the name of this song or who it is by.
And i play it on piano everyday. It is amazing.
Does anyone have any idea of what it is.
I'm selling my 5 moth old perfect condition Peavey 6505 4x12 300 watt slant cab.
I already sold the head so i need to get rid of the cab also.

Im looking for $300 plus shipping. Which is a really good deal.

Peavey 6505 4x12 300W Guitar Cabinet Features:

4 - 12" speakers
300W handling
1/4" and XLR jacks
High-density plywood construction
Recessed handles
Heavy-duty casters
16 ohms
30"W x 32-3/8"H x 14-1/8"D

I was wondering how much my 5 month old Peavey 6505 slant 412 cab would be worth. How much would Guitar Center give me for it. I really want to get rid of it.

I want to sell it to GC because it would be a bitch to ship.

frozen thanks for the appreciation in the sig
so messed up
So i was jus catchin up on my dinnertime spongebob and it made me wana look back into old episodes. since the io tv didnt work. looking back at old episodes. and then i was watchin this one......
and i noticed somthing..
i was completely high also.

jus kidding, but yea im gonna wear jeans, a nice button down. and a smile on my face.
I'm just go go in there with a big white tee that says PANERA in sharpie.
Showing my love for the company
but if hot babes work there...i dont wana look gay buy over doing it
Seriously i gotta kno haha
I have an interview at panera bread 2maro
im 17. What should i wear?
i dont wana walk in all dressed up like a douche
I neeed some help..ive been googlein for a while..and i dont kno wat lotta stuff means like
opaque and w.e lol
like u can see it when u turn it...kinda like a halogram
but not diff colors

clear tho
THis is kinda random...but does any kno where i can get
clear reflective ink.

like transparent ink or w.e
but not like spectrum colors..jus clear

Get some xanax
i wouldnt say good..but it highly gets ur attention
seriosuly the most ****ed up movie ever
Ok, so i saw this movie Ken Park the other day...
this movie is seriously the most ****ed up thing ive ever seen in my life.
its more ****ed up then porn.

United Kingdom
The movie was not shown in the United Kingdom after director Larry Clark punched and attempted to strangle Hamish McAlpine, the head of the UK distributor for the film, Metro Tartan. Clark is alleged to have been angry over McAlpine's remarks about 9/11. Clark was arrested and spent several hours in custody, and McAlpine was left with a broken nose.[1]

[edit] United States
The movie has never been issued in wide release in the United States. It has not found a distributor since its initial showing at the Telluride Film Festival in 2002.

[edit] Australia
In Australia, the film was banned for its graphic sexual content. In response to the ban, a protest screening was held which was shut down by the police.[2].

[edit] New Zealand
In New Zealand, the film was classified R18 and limited to film festival screenings or viewing for a tertiary film studies course

has any1 else ever seen this crazy movie?
Plain and friend says he knows 100% its true story.
but i dont know.
i guess ill just sell the head on much u think ill get the head for
since sellin the cab will jus be a pain since its huge
So i have a peavey 6505+ stack that i got bout 6 months ago.
It's an amazing amp but i haven't been using it as much as i thought i'd be using it.
Im prob not gonna gig anymore so im thinkin bout sellin it.

I bought it from GC...
Whats the best way to selll it?
if the bestt one is more then that ...i might as well save up..not a big deal
Im lookin for a nice clean chorus pedal for my 6505+ stack
i want it to sound very deep heavy chorus...gnr, metallica

suggestions for which pedal, setup, etc??
i have the 6505 cab and its pretty good ...but im lookin for maybe another cab that would be even better...maybe a 2x12 or a 4x12
ez widers
double wide
upstate im guessing?
how do u play wit an online band
yes the loop station is so worth the money....easiest high quality loop around
look at the youtube vids on it
Boss RC-2 Loop Station

witout a doubt