Can't help you out with the tabbing. I'm hoping to find some Taking Dawn tabs myself...

However, I recommend you get yourself "TuxGuitar", its a free alternative to Guitar Pro, and plays all guitar pro files. Even the new versions of GP.
Once in.. I think 8th grade, my Maths class was singing the 'Everyone has AIDS' song from Team America, and the teacher turned around and said "I'll give you AIDS in a sec!"
Yeah bro I dig them. Just heard them today because Youtube recommended them to me after watching some Scar Symmetry clips .
Goblin c.ock.


'The the'
BNW is definitely one of my fave Maiden albums. Blood Brothers was the song that got me hooked on Maiden, and remains one of my favourites!
Quote by awesomeo4000
Brisbane show last night had a pretty freakin' awesome setlist.

- A Nightmare to Remember
- A Rite of Passage
- Hollow Years with intro solo
- Keyboard solo (Rudess' sound cut out so Portnoy did a short impromptu drum solo)
- The Mirror
- Lie
- Wither
- The Dance of Eternity
- Solitary Shell with an extended instrumental section
- In the Name of God
- The Count of Tuscany (encore)

Sh*t yeah, Bro! It was an awesome night!
Portnoy's impromptu solo was awesome!!
I was sitting in the gold section like 10 metres from the stage, but I took binoculars so I could watch Petrucci's solos up close.

Edit: I can't believe nobody has said that yet...
I want an app that cooks my dinner for me =[
dancing days - led zeppelin

EDIT: Beaten
under a glass moon - dream theater
One last time = Dream Theater
When you wish upon a star - Jiminy Cricket
I wish - Stevie wonder
Wishful thinking - John Petrucci
All I'm thinking about - Bruce Springsteen
What have you done - Within Temptation
Look on - John Frusciante

EDIT: Sorry 'Arterial' (Guy below this post), had to change my post from the super awesome 'From the sky' by Gojira, because somebody called 'Wizards?' beat my post.
Wheel in the sky - Journey
The Great Debate - Dream Theater
This Great Divide - In This Moment
Seventh son of a seventh son - Iron Maiden
The Gun - Sonata Arctica
War Machine - AC/DC
prophets of war - dream theater
Art of war - Sabaton
American Made - George Thorogood and the Destroyers
Prayers - In this Moment
Living on my own - Queen
Thats the way - Led Zeppelin
And The Story Ends - Blind Guardian
Open arms - Journey
Rain - The Beatles
After the rain - The Angels
Talk to me like the rain - Bruce Springsteen
Times like these - Foo fighters
With arms wide open - Creed
Die with your boots on - Iron Maiden
Boots of spanish leather - Bob Dylan
Leather rebel - Judas Priest
Hell in a bucket - Grateful dead