fade away and raidate - blondie
i want to break free - queen
dont think twice, its alright - bob dylan
dont wanna miss a thing - aerosmith
i want you back - the jackson 5
back in the USSR - beatles
back in the saddle - aerosmith
get back - the beatles
down where i am - demons and wizards
where do broken hearts go - me first and the gimme gimmes
broken - sonata arctica
morning has broken - cat stevens
lazing on a sunday afternoon - queen
reigning blood - slayer
where do the children play - cat stevens
right now - van halen
time is right - motorhead
in my life - the beatles
its my life - bon jovi
your love is forever - george harrison
live forever - oasis
who wants to live forever - queen
out on the tiles - led zeppelin
out in the cold - judas priest
night fall - blind guardian
we belong to the night - UFO
living after midnight - judas priest
only you can rock me - UFO
Quote by System4321
Really really really good live. Loved them. Shame they had a short set. Would have loved to have listened to these longer but nooo that loada shite gorjira had to play instead

where was this and when?
dont stop me now - queen
Quote by Thefallofman
I think the reason I can't get into Thorogood is that most of his songs are cover of blues songs that I've heard performed better by numerous people. After listening to Bo Diddley and John Lee Hooker, Thorogood sounds kind of fake to me.

Most Thorogood fans aren't much into the blues (clearly, since most of the crowd when I saw Thorogood had never heard Buddy Guy before) and are hearing these songs for the first time. Add that onto the fact that he's got a great frontman persona and the title of "the world's best bar band" and it's understandable why he's successful. He guarantees a good time, and plays good songs. He's getting blues songs out to the masses, and he's a fantastic showman so I'll always have respect for the guy.

fair enough...

i myself am a blues fan...and i love hearing his versions of classics.

that being said, you raise a very fair point, credibility very much in tact
lonely for your love - bad company
aint no son of mine - genesis
i want "another one bites the dust" by queen, blasted over the stereo system
fox are a bunch of c***s for cancelling the show!

any new info on the sequel to the movie? or has it been trashed?
you're gonna go far, kid - the offspring
some1 already said alice cooper...

i think keith richards...its halloween after all....
there may have already been a george thorogood thread, but if there has been, its completely out-dated now...

(please no search bar related comments, i did 'employ' the search bar, but i really didnt feel like trauling through pages of threads to find out whether a george thorogood thread pre-dated this one)

so...who else is a fan?

my dad came home with the george thorogood greatest hits album about a week ago now, and its completely addictive!!! thorogood and the destroyers....
who do you love - george thorogood and the destroyers
just listen to 1 headphone! wear a long sleeve shirt or a jacket, and put the headphone through the sleeve, and place the headphone on the palm of your hand, then you can rest your head on your hand, and you can listen to it, and still look like youre paying attention!

also leaving 1 ear free, so you actually know what the f*** youre supposed to be doing