Heaven and hell - Black Sabbath
Straight to your heart - Bad English
Through her eyes - Dream Theater
Look through my eyes - Phil Collins
Look what you've done - Jet
What have you done - Within Temptation
Until - Sting
Heaven can wait - Iron Maiden
Wait in silence - Angra
Bleed - Meshuggah
Out in the cold - Judas Priest
Cold as Ice - Foreigner
Balls of ice - 3 inches of blood
Big me - Foo Fighters
One in a million girls - The Tubes
Bad to the bone - George Thorogood and the Destroyers
Dream Theater - December 3rd at Brisbane Convention Centre
AC/DC - Feb 26th at ANZ Stadium
The Wicker Man by Iron Maiden
Blood red skies - Judas Priest
Red eyed fiend - Sonic Syndicate
Kiss a girl - Keith Urban

(couldn't think of anything else)
glasgow kiss - john petrucci
Reporter in Brisbane was talking about how Jimmy Page played at the Olympic ceremony, and said...

"Jimmy Page, famous guitarist for The Who..."
Quote by Imperial Throg
well at least theyre both better than Rob Half- oh wait a minute

How is 'Breaking the Law' by Judas Priest not in the metal list?
Powerslave by Iron Maiden
We belong to the night - UFO
crocodile rock - elton john
Between a rock and a hard place - Rolling stones
Rock me baby - Billy Thorpe
Devil's party - INXS
No sympathy for the devil - Rolling stones
Nothing left to say - Entwine
My lucky day - Bruce Springsteen
Day tripper - The Beatles
The Last Night - Skillet
Riders of the last day - Tarot
parallel - bad religion
Across the universe - David Bowie
flight of the rat - deep purple