What do you call a fish with no eyes?

A Fsh...
Does anyone have an mp3 copy of 'wasted years' off the Flight 666 DVD concert?
That and/or Powerslave.
Yes, as has been said, it would be better to use alternative sources.

However, yes. does ship to Aus. I know cause I ordered a Dream Theater DVD (Score) from them, since nobody else had it.

Unfortunately, now I find it all over the place, and wish I hadn't ordered it online...
C'est La Vie
I expected the riff at 3.45 in the czar to be alot harder to play... but its actually insanely easy...

then, all the best riffs are..
It was Shane Dundas' fly.
i recently conquered 'the czar' by mastodon!
Quote by Mean Mr Mustard
So who else wants to see Crack the Skye as a DVD, played seamlessly live? And then another set of older songs, I think that would be really awesome personally.

When do they NOT go too far? hahaha
I love those guys!

But yes, that one was definitely going too far..
Mr. Hate - The tubes
the thin line between love and hate - iron maiden
nobodies fault but mine - led zeppelin
dont wanna be left out - powder finger
Kid is back - Juelz santana
back in the saddle - aerosmith
You crack me up - huey lewis
tell me how do you feel - ray charles
to the mountains - satyricon
mountains - manowar
i'm not moving - phil collins
dont stop believing - journey
big jack - ac/dc
big gun - ac/dc
A lot like me - the offspring
dont do me like that - tom petty
dude looks like a lady - aerosmith
she's got balls - ac/dc
big balls - AC/DC
kicked in the teeth - AC/DC
skin of my teeth - megadeth
pull me under - dream theater
got me under pressure - ZZ Top
Kill the king - Megadeth
You shook me - Led Zeppelin
jealous lover - rainbow
jealous guy - john lennon
fly like an eagle - steve miller band
gotta get away- rolling stones
take away my pain - dream theater
Take this life - In Flames
Still life - Iron Maiden