Good company - queen
i feel a change comin' on - Bob dylan
just feel better - santana
better by you, better than me - Judas Priest
Human Stain - Kamelot
run to the hills - iron maiden
Band on the run - wings
Kentucky woman - Deep Purple
No more lies - iron maiden
Mr Jones - Counting crows
dream of mirrors - iron maiden
broken - sonata arctica
could somebody please tab:
- 'When the storm subsides' by 'In this moment'
- 'Jack of diamonds' - 'Sonic syndicate'
- 'Damage control' by 'Sonic syndicate'
- 'Contradiction' by 'Sonic Syndicate'
and 'My escape' again by 'Sonic syndicate'

i don't have guitar pro, so finding these tabs is pretty much impossible.
so please, if anyone can help, text format would be HUGELY appreciated

God of Thunder - Iced Earth
angel of death - slayer
Rock of ages - Def Leppard
out on the tiles - led zeppelin
cant use joining words like 'the', and so on...

so from ultimate_taffy's post...

out of the shadows - iron maiden
Hands Without Shadows - Michael Angelo Batio
I wanna hold your hand - The Beatles
I left my heart in San Francisco - Frank Sinatra
Closer to the Heart - Rush
Owner of a lonely heart - Yes
you won't listen - B.B King
Listen like thieves - INXS
out on the tiles - led zeppelin
sleep walker - megadeth
i have the rebith album and ToS, great stuff!
alright now - free
from my sleep, to someone else - adagio
I'm on fire - Bruce Springsteen

EDIT: devil inside - INXS
hearts on fire - hammerfall
blood on my hands - demons and wizards
get back - the beatles
march to the shore - in flames
gears of war - megadeth
war - judas priest
prophets of war - dream theater
living with war - neil young
living - alice cooper