Listening to their album "American Soldier" now!

I have to say, it is brilliant!!!
Very cool concept to do an album on too!

electric funeral - black sabbath
just feel better - santana
better by you, better than me - judas priest
One last time - dream theater
In the name of god - dream theater
you not me - dream theater
hey look, no cryin' - frank sinatra
Cheers for the suggestions guys, but it does have to be from australia unfortunately...

which really sucks, because there is SO much i could write if it was worldwide!!
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any topic? then do that bull**** theory that metal makes those a-holes bring guns to school and shoot everyone

thats another thing i was thinking
i was going to source the judas priest case

...but that wasnt in australia
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That sounds pretty crap.

Do it on Dreamtime or something.

of course it's crap... it's a school assignment....
heres the deal...

for my legal studies class, we need to do an independent study...
we can pick any legal issue, so long as it is within the last 50 years, and in australia

i was hoping to do something to do with music.. classic rock/metal mostly...

i was thinking of doing copyright laws, but one of my friends stole that idea already..

any ideas pit?
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I tipped them over the Eels.

I hope Roosters up the Raiders though.

im not a big raiders fan, but i kinda hate the roosters to be honest... not even sure why...

ill go for the roosters whenever they verse manly!

Go the Rabbitohs v the Eels though!
Rabbitohs ftw!!
rumble in brixton - stray cats
you could try...

tonnes of zeppelin stuff, if people at those parties werent so f*cking close minded.
I used the searchbar, but it came up with nothing... (i admit i couldve searched harder though)

but i was wondering -as the title says - which song/artist inspired you all to pick up your guitars

mine was 'since i've been loving you' by led zeppelin
karin axelsson - pre hair cut
big gun - ac/dc
1 of the chicks who works at the 'Big W' near where i live... her name is "Blerta"
I wish they would do a full set list in Brisbane..
but i wouldnt pay $130 to go to soundwave, just to see them play a few songs
what have you done now - within temptation
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You know who would play him well? HEATH LE---
Oh right.

The girl I love, she got long black wavy hair - led zeppelin
Goodbye & Good Riddance To Bad Luck - AC/DC
out on the tiles - led zeppelin
Come Clarity - In Flames
Iron Maiden!
Rocky Mountain Music - Eddie Rabbitt
1. Age? 17
2. In school - what grade? year 12
3. What instruments do you play? guitar, kazoo :p
4. If any, how long? 7 years for guitar, kazoo doesnt really count
5. Are you male or female? Male
6. Virgin? ja
7. How often do you masturbate a week? None
8. Do you drive? No... for the reason that no-one will drive me to the place to take the test... cr*p eh?
9. Have both parents? yes, but theyre divorced
10. Do any drugs? I once snorted sherbet..
11. How often do you do them? ^^ just the once
12. How long have you been doing them? It was in year 10..
13. Ever been in trouble with the law? No, but i once stole a chocolate bar from the shop when i was 5...
14. If so, what for? -
15. Single or taken? Single! Thank god
16. Pregnant, or have any kids? yep, im pregnant :S
17. What would you do if you were super admin for a day? give the job to someone who cares
18. Do you ride dirt-bikes or motorcycles? Have done
19. Ride minibikes? No
20. Skateboard? Not in a while
21. When's your birthday? May 16/1992
22. Where were you born? Nambour, Queensland, Australia
23. Favorite game system? Dont care
24. Favorite genre's of music? Classic Rock, Heavy-Prog-Power-Melodic Death metal
25. Least favorite UG'er? Dunno
26. Ugliest UG'er? Dunno
27. Favorite UG'er? Erin Lynn
28. Hottest UG'er? Dunno
29. Any siblings? Sister
30. How many, if any? 1
31. Do you wipe your butt standing up, or sitting? ...sitting...
32. Do you use a washcloth, or just soap while showering? soap
33. What's your hairstyle? however i find it in the morning
34. Have a myspace, what is it? yeah, but i 'forgot' the password.. XD
35. Are you in a band? not as such
37. *********? sure, why not..
38. What's your favorite holiday? Death
39. Favorite time of year? Autumn for temp. December because I'm not at school
40. Favorite food? Hmm... Spaghetti Bolognese?
41. Do you have a job? Nope XD, im a professional moocher
42. Do you want a job? No
43. If you have a job, do you like it? -
44. Ever been fired? No
45. If so, what for? -
46. Did you noticed that I missed #36? No, I dont pay that much attention to this crap
47. Did you check to see if I actually did? Yep
48. Did you noticed I missed #16? Piss off
49. If you could go ANYWHERE in the universe, where would you go? Hmm... Ireland!
50. If I paid you $450.00, would you suck on my biggest toe? I'd stick a shovel to your head, and make you give me the money WITHOUT sucking your toe
^^ gus g is awesome!!!
firewind as a whole is awesome!!! but alot of their songs are too similar, i'd make a comparison to dragonforce, but thats a bit harsh...

the other guitarist, bob...or whatever... he is awesome!!!!!!!! seeing him playing keyboard at the same time as his geetar...whoa!!

and apollo is awesome on vox
neil peart!
^^ fair enough i each their own...
but 'judgement of heaven' is awesome! and lord of the flies!
and 'sign of the cross' was one of the 1st songs i ever learned
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is this what you were looking for?

Hmm yes it is, but the name was definitely 'adventure' not 'avenger' when i watched it!


whoa.... dude.... I'm so sorry... That doesnt qualify as a childhood I'm sorry...
^^hmm yes pingu had its moments

no-one at all remembers adventure penguins?
Quote by Ardius
Not as good as Blaze though, the only Blaze songs Bruce does well is The Clansman and Sign of the Cross.
I prefer Blaze's vocals on Futureal, Man on the Edge and Lord of the Flies.
Continuing the theme:
Blaze does Afraid to Shoot Strangers and Fear of the Dark a bit better than Bruce.
Paul does most of his songs better than Bruce.
Bruce does Sanctuary, Wrathchild and Remember Tomorrow about as good as Paul if not a bit better.

yeah i agree with all you just said

still... the intention wasnt to make a comparison...
bruce did it well too, is all that i meant
^^ Lord of the Flies is my fave Blaze era song

that being said, Bruce does it awesomely on the 'death on the road' dvd