That's probably my favorite Zep song...definately the favorite drum track.QUOTE]

Bonzo's Montreux?
That album (Coda) was sub-standard, but I can't help but love that track
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So it's going to be Stratovarius without Tolkki?

Well, I'm interested in who (if anyone) they get as a replacement guitarist, but I think having Jens will be a great start.

I believe his name is Matias Kupianen or something..
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they hate us becuase we get to grill in august

we can grill whenever we freaking want!

^^ CrabSoldier X
pull me under - dream theater
worth fghting for - judas priest
breaking the law - judas priest
trust - megadeth
in a gadda da vida - iron butterfly
la grange - ZZ Top
In Flames

ive put about 14 people onto Iron Maiden by now...
i got my friend toni into: maiden, judas priest, stratovarius, sonata arctica, dream theater, iced earth and blind guardian

and recently, a friend of mine mentioned that she quite liked a heavy metal band...
she walked away with almost 2 pages of recommendations
my friend john's second cousin is adam gilchrist (aussies will know the name... or they better!)

me.. my great, great (i dont know how many greats) grandfather was a murder victim... the culprit was nas never discovered..
i dont wanna stop - ozzy osbourne
^^ so, can you tab it out in text?
i would love to see more SS tabs up on this site..
In the name of god - Dream Theater
Scenes from a memory, i agree with the people who said that

also, has anyone mentioned 'operation: mindcrime' by queensryche? that is amazing!!!
At the Judas Priest concert in Brisbane, the first support band's singer was talking about getting a "competition for the best mullet" going...

so this guy just to my right shouts "Yeah, we're having one for the smallest dick too, if you wanna join?!"
Username: Led_zepaholic
Price Range: Max is $1000
Genres / Bands I like: Classic Rock, Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal/Melodic Death metal/Blues/Jazz
What I want: Something which can range between blues and heavy metal
Additional Information: Electric over acoustic obviously. I MUCH prefer hollow bodied guitars. Acoustic capabilities are preferable, but not essential
I remember hearing about how WASP used to throw meat out to the audience, and during one show, one of their members got knocked out because a fan threw a cooked chicken, which caught him in the forehead

(might not have been a chicken, some kind of cooked meat...)
little games - the yardbirds
stormy weather - the pixies
storm bringer - deep purple
Out of interest, does ANYONE remember this show?
it was on when i was only a really small child...
this is in australia by the way...
i looked them up on the internet the other day, but there is no information about it...

its about the three partially leather clad, motorcycle riding penguins!

the leader (i dont remember his name) was a medium sized penguins, with a blue sports bike

the tall penguin (rocky) rode a tiny red sports bike

and the tiny penguin (i believe his name was bluey) rode an ENORMOUS green cruiser!

so does anyone remember it?
this show isnt my imagination, because other people from where i lived, remember it
all but one song from tim minchin

not perfect
dark side
rock and roll nerd
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good idea....but I think I'm the only person who hated that movie haha

youre not the only person who hated that movie...
tamam shud

^^aussie psychedelic/acid rock/free jazz
gotta love the grunka lunka's

'grunka lunka
deecret ingredient
you should not ask about the secret ingredient'

something like that...gets me every time!
i hate it when people at my school say hello....

really pisses me off....
only you can rock me - UFO
hell rider - judas priest
heaven tonight -yngwie malmsteen
bad to the bone - george thorogood and the destroyers
all i really want to do - bob dylan
she's always a woman - billy joel
she talks to rainbows - the ramones
^^ "money - pink floyd" was already posted on the last page

money talks - ac/dc
may 16
robert fripp from king crimson.
Krist Novoselic from nirvana (bass player)

also roger earl - drummer for 'foghat'
Boyd Tinsley - violinist for the dave matthews band
Tony Kakko from Sonata Arctica -singer
Mince Fratelli - drummer for the fratellis
sorry to both samanthawebb and pantera456, but "hey hey what can i do - led zeppelin" pre-dated both of your posts, so can we go from there? thank you
hey hey what can i do - led zeppelin
thats wrong, little mama - B.B King
in the name of god - dream theater
killing floor - bruce dickinson