anthem - rush
anthem of the world - stratovarius
different world - iron maiden
i LOVED that show when i was smaller! coolest show ever! then pokemon came along.....
my fave was the blue beetleborg though. he was the guy who could levitate s*** right?...if not, then i liked the one who did...
scene nine: finally free - dream theater
women are like toilets...

theyre either engaged, vacant, or full of shit...
shorncliffe, brisbane, qld
dream theater: chaos in motion
dream theater: score
led zeppelin DVD
led zeppelin: the song remains the same (that is some really whacked out stuff, but its great)
iron maiden: death on the road (and anything else really...thats my personal fave atm though)
genesis: the video show
every day glory - rush

EDIT: lazing on a sunday afternoon - queen
i actually doubt school kids of that generation would know who the original jimmy page i think youre safe! do it! do it! do it!

^^pilot inspector HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...i get it....
are really cant cut it back any more than this...

the rover - led zeppelin
paschendale - iron maiden
since ive been loving you - led zeppelin
honor thy father - dream theater
kashmir - led zeppelin
finally free - dream theater
in the name of god - dream theater
damien - iced earth
out in the cold - judas priest
revelations - judas priest
living after midnight - judas priest
paradise - stratovarius
YYZ - rush
garden road - rush
the show must go on - queen
innuendo - queen
freelancer - sonic syndicate
contradiction - sonic syndicate
suburban me - in flames
blood brothers - iron maiden
paranoid - black sabbath
i only have 'take a break'...but i thought it was pretty mad...
they kinda lose their appeal quickly though...
sun and steel - iron maiden
no more lies - iron maiden
through her eyes - dream theater
shooting star - iced earth
like a rolling stone - bob dylan
love zone - judas priest
love me do - the beatles
cant buy me love - the beatles
take this life - in flames
the show must go on - queen
show down - thin lizzy
shot down in flames - ac/dc
going down - jeff beck
land down under - men at work
my land - sonata arctica
lonely for your love - bad company
dont stop the music - lionel ritchie
dont stop me now - queen
baby please dont go - van morrison
a baby just like you - frank sinatra
just push play - aerosmith
we belong to the night - UFO (pretty sure that counts as CR)
Quote by steven seagull

All those songs listed contain chords, except perhaps the Simpsons theme

im pretty sure what he means is...he can play the riffs, and/or intros to those songs...


if he could play them all the way through, he'd have his new guitar...
five hundred miles - the proclaimers
brighter than a thousand suns - iron maiden
five years - david bowie
golden years - david bowie
i heard it through the grape vine - CCR