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They may still rank as one of the better defences in comparison but considering Arsenal and Liverpool and Tottenham's defences that isn't saying much.

Arsenal haven't conceded yet . With the pole in the goal I feel a lot more assured this season
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I'm getting pretty excited for the upcoming season! I hope liverpool actually keep aquilani, he looked up for it against guangdong. It is still preseason though (and guangdong), and maybe he was just playing well cause he wants to look good for other clubs.


And depth with the likes Kuyt, Meireles, Maxi, Henderson, Skrtel, and the other youngsters on the bench. Or even Aquilani in Gerrards position while Gerrard plays on the right wing. its nice to have options haha

Meireles should be in that starting lineup .......... If you guys sign any more midfielders I dont know where they'll play.
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Modric's Transfer request

This is one of the funniest football related pictures ever

Someone likes r/soccer
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*Picture I overuse*

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And I thought it couldn't get any worse after this seasons dodgy yellow kit

I like our home kit though

Yeah our home kits pretty good. Nicest one I've seen so far though is Newcastle's

3rd kit
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That's our away kit?

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I hate this whole "its blue, its not liverpool" thing. I was getting really sick of red white or black all the time.

Yeah you guys could have this for an away kit ...

Happy with your little bit of blue aren't you ?

The only thing nice about this kit is the 125th anniversary badge
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Our third kit for Euro...

...ah shit.

All the fans are up in arms because it has blue in it.
I personally quite like it.

The club wore blue and white as a home strip 120 years ago or something like that


Like your Away one better

Anyone down for some Kino and or fifa11 (ps3)?
Barca players have God tier control

Edit: This is woefull so far

"Those who rule the sky, will conquer the Earth" googled it to find out where it was from.

You were the second result google churned out

search was very unfruitful where is it from ?

it sounds oddly familiar
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Just tried to play Fifa on the xbox my brother gave me the other day and I got what I think is the ring of fire.

No Fifa for me

You should have traded it in for a ps3 its network may have got attacked and shut down on the only free weekend ive had in weeks buuuuuuuuut as the ads go "It only does everything"


What man would not buy a game console with a built in grill?
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Hence why Edinburgh is the most logical choice. >_>

One of my favourite places on the planet
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Shinji Kagawa cost €350k and scored 10 goals in half a season. Torres on the other hand probably makes that much in two weeks.

Hes a solid player great buy for the germans
Is it odd that the hottest soccerettes seem to support Newcastle and Liverpool?
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A West Brom home game then a night out in Birmingham?



Not very tempting
Quote by Death_switch has become so bad since the layout was changed. Not only is it much less clear and more difficult to find the articles you want but it has also brought with it some issue that prevents them from loading. Honestly I don't understand how a company so big can allow such a shoddy website to exist.

Helped me find the soccerettes page just fine........ and what a find xD
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I agree completely. Except I'd bring in Akinfeev and Mertesacker

I doubt their respective clubs would sell them but Id love to have Mertesacker and many other germans aswell.... Marin and Kroos to name a few

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We can definitely bring the best out of Rosicky, I'd say Bendtner as well, but I don't like his character.

I love Thomas but he isnt effective enough for us . As for Bendtner you best stay away unless you dont want BCFC score
Arsenal should have a summer clearout

Benthead, Rosicky, Denilson, Squallaci, Almunia and Fabianski all have to go

and bring in

Hazard, lloris or Nuer and Mexes

Hopefully we hold on to our other players


@ the meetup idea: it would be pretty far me
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Doubt he'll leave IMO.

Him, Bannan and Albrighton will stay for years yet.

Scottish and if he has the ability you and Cadj thinks he has then Fergie will have him. Doubt Bannan would say no
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Villa is the poshest club in Birmingham

Bet that was hard >_>

Also Bannan will play for Liverpool or ManU in a couple of years or atleast till he gets a proper season ....... you heard it here first

And in other news

Messi gets 50 for the season
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Bendtner is shit and I hate him.

Yes ....... great game
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I mean, this is why Arsenal fans have such a hard time. When such a blatent penalty like that goes 'un-noticed', with the ref looking STRAIGHT AT IT.

Oh wait, Arsenal are the guys in red?

Why are you so angry ?
Game of the year in the making xD
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Anyone of you got a decent stream for the Arsenal game? I'm abroad and can't get to sky, it seems I'm missing a hell of a match...
Oooohhh Babbbyy !!!
Nasri is just sooo much better than Bale
Game on ... ahaha
Yeah Get In!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Giiiiiiiigs! you chump.

karma it was a penalty
That was a penalty
Nani you little shit

Anderson demonstrating his brilliance ...... not
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I feel all dirty now.

I watched the FA Cup game, then managed to get myself in the doorway in the pub, so I could turn to different TVs around the 80th minute.

What happened to warrant 8 minutes added?

Carrol and carragher died and was resurected
We can never catch a break eh wtf
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You always say that, you gooners.

You were robbed by a team at their lowest form for years.

This team just beat Man city so I doubt form had any bloody thing to do with it.
**** that we were robbed. Diving shit
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Gtfo Liverpool were never in this