Hey guys. Out of curiosity, when was the Rules and Resource Center Sticky unstuck?

Lots of good links in there to amp and guitar manufacturers

Never noticed until I came here and was not logged in.

You can swap power tubes no problem but sticking something metal into a tube socket even with the amp turned off is essentially being 'inside the chassis' so you either need to drain the capacitors of all voltage yourself, or take it to a tech.
fireboxx4 - why did you put new power tubes in?

I would suggest that you get an amp tech if you are going to retention tube sockets. That can pretty dangerous. Simple though if you know what you are doing.

Rule #1, before working on the amp, make sure power is OFF. If it has a standby switch leave it in the on position and just cut off the power. Unplug the amp from the wall. Tube amps contain lethal voltages. Indeed, it is possible that even after the amp is unplugged high voltage can remain. If you are not familiar on how to discharge capacitors you should find a technician who can help you.
Nothing has changed for me. I'll come back after Christmas and fill in any gaps though. tubetimedan had the original Pics of mah gear.

Hey Craig

Congrats Greg

Happy Holidays all

H A P P Y * H O L I D A Y S
Wicked clip def a Mark IV
Seems a tad high to me but it also matters where you live.

I'm in the midwest and recently paid $490 for my two channel Single Rec Rectoverb and $450 for a Mesa Traditional 4x12 with Vintage 30s.

I think you also said that they are relatively new? If that is the case then yes that is a good deal. Nothing wrong with an order Dual Rec rev F or G though if you can find one for the same kind of money or less.
Glad you got what you needed for your studio.

Splawn next OK?
I was going to say hell no......but KailM has more experience with these than I and I would say it is fair that I was not running single coils nor 5751s

Ooops. Sorry. Didn't see "iii". Yeah, the 5153 has great clean tones for sure.
I'm going to throw in the Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 combo (hybrid)
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I'm down to once or twice a week and Friday night I had my share of gin n tonics. Tanqueray + lime flavored diet tonic water + lime + splash or two of diet 7 up.
let's just say he didn't take good care of it. Guessing the circle things are from a pipe? Love Eddie BTW.

talk about burn stains...did you ever see one of eddies original 5153 evh's
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Thank you!

Never had that problem either with my Rectoverb.   I don't run the Channel Vol that high either

You are the same guy asking about boosting or tightening your recto right?  I didn't realize it was a clone.   Wondering how different it is? 

EDIT:  Nvmd.  Different dude.

  My rectoverb is super super tight with an OD pedal.   Like dead stop quiet palm mutes. 

Next time I'm down there I will note my settings the way they are now and report back.   Crushing. 
Sounds great.

Can't go wrong with that.

Next you can focus on getting a nice modded Marshall flavor in there
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Gutch220 - I see the message in my 'Sent' file 10/07 at 10:41am CST so check again.   
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PS:   I don't need speakers
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chinese ones

...but older English ones don't have unicorn dust sprinkled on them. These sound good. 
The cones are the same and the machines that make the 'hard' parts are the same ones used in the UK moved over to china. Plus chinese people are not inept retards living in grass huts.
I came here because I consider you a friend and I see a lot of my friends posting in here.    

Thing is, all the recommendations so far are great as are the amps in your OP.

But...everything mentioned is so different.  

I mean, what kind of stuff do you/your studio do now.   Don't do that you'd like do.   Special catering needs.   What have artists ask for that you have not been able to deliver on?   Stuff like that.   For example, I'd take a Quickrod over a Chupa or JVM but maybe you'd be better suited with a Mark IV or Engl or Fryette etc.

Edit:  What tones do you feel you're missing kind of like metalminge is saying.
As mentioned, a tubescreamer type OD is what you want.   Gain on 0.

I use a Bad Monkey with my Recto.   Compared to a Tubescreamer it is slightly cleaner (less color) and has the added benefit of a tone knob which I find helpful.  Cheap too.   With the left over money you could look at some different preamp tubes.

I mean, outside of getting into guitar woods, pickups you use, speaker/cab, etc - your preamp tubes will help define your tone quite a bit.   If you are looking for something a bit brighter and more clear a Tung Sol 12AX7 in V1 might help.   They are too bright for me but I have my amp dialed in pretty good these days.   I like JJs (darker) and a 5751 in the PI slot (try an LPS 12AX7 there as well).  PI= Phase Inverter, it is the last preamp tube in the circuit and technically part of the power section.   Also study the user manual a bit and learn how the controls affect your tone - and dial your amp in based on what sounds good to you and not what you think it should be.

Good luck,
Happy Thanksgiving my US comrades

I'm in Cali this week eating and drinking like a frigging machine.   Prolly gain 10 lbs.

Hope everyone is doing well.   Good to see you Kyle and Mike.
I agree with everything said so far.

Rectifiers in general and Mesa specifically is a great way to go.

There ARE other amps out there though you know.   I would never talk someone out of buying a Mesa though, just sayin'

Also, lots of great cabinets out there.  2x12 is a great way to go.   You could sort of build your own by buying parts seperately or going with something like Avatar.   Matching cabs are always cool though.

What do you play, how do you play it, whom do you play with and where are all good questions to answer.

I own a Single Rec Rectoverb.   Paid $490 for the head.   I run it into a Mesa Traditional 4x12.   Wouldn't trade it for the world.   I play metal on it all day long.   I also have a 100w Splawn Quickrod.   I pulled 2 power tubes so now it runs at 50w.   I play metal on it all day long.   Before that I had a 50w Valveking.   I played metal on it all day long.

Just sayin'
UG really knows how to drive people away their forums don't they?
That pic was taken the day it was done.   It doesn't look that bold and '3D' now but I like the way it turned out.

Was contemplating several designs including logos for:   VH, Splawn, ZOSO, stuff like that.
You will want to use the speaker out that is closest to the output transformer...but honestly, either will probably work fine.
ha ha...forgot all about it

i'd be up for it.  

you've got all the fun new gear.   i have nothing new   I'd love to check out some of your new gitfiddles though
Interesting set up.


Would to try that out some time  
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Modding one of my Rev Gs (yes, I have two now!) for adjustable bias over the next few days... Should be fun.

I'm literally just doing this so I can run KT88s because like... KT88s, man.

That's impressive dude!

Can't wait to see/hear how it turns out.   Pretty jealous actually.  
With all this said, I DO believe the VK base circuit is more apt to do metal than the Classic 30.   I'm telling you, that stock speaker is holding this amp back.  You have most of the rest figured out.   If you can't sell/trade toward a JSX, 6505+, Vypyr, etc then a replacement speaker is the way to go.

Here are a bunch of clips that have been compiled over the years if you were not aware.  I'm sure there are some newer ones out there since we stopped keeping track years ago.   The UG profile clips are no longer a part of UG sadly, but there are plenty of other clips to check out of various styles and various set ups.  Again, not saying the VK is a metal amp - but it can do metal.
I used to own a VK and I did all the tricks in the book for best metal tone

Dummy jack trick in input B
Bridge FX loop with patch cable or put an EQ pedal in there
Replace tubes
Somewhat closed up the back
OD in front (Level 10/Gain 0)
Replace speaker

The biggest improvement for ME was a better speaker.   I got an Eminence Man O War.   Big improvement.

To answer your question, I don't think going to a Classic 30 is really going to change much.   You are better off getting a new speaker if you can't sell and start over.   For a cheap metal combo the Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 hybrid is hard to beat.
There is a dude on rig-talk, napalmdeath, who is desperately looking for a Competition if you run into one.

He's wanted one for awhile now and he's not interested in a Quick Rod or Pro Mod.

He bought a Ceriatone Yeti thinking that would do it but he sold it like a week later and I think he is going to hold out for a Competition.
incrediblebulk0 I agree with the answers to your identical thread over at rig-talk.

Get the Peavey.


New or Used?
Home or Gig?
Genres and Cleans?
LOL.  You're not going to let me down dude.  Nothing wrong with Ceriatone.   I've only really heard good things about them.   I've just never played one and I own a Splawn so that's what I recommend when people are looking for that classic Marshall tone.   

I play a lot of modern stuff too, like Killswitch Engage, and most of the Ceriatones that I've heard are voiced too vintage'y' for me.   For example, I'm usually in Gear 2, OD 2, with a boost pedal and pretty hot pickups to get that super tight high gain tone I like.   Then, when I want to play more classic rock stuff and blues I knock it down and go to Gear 1 or the clean channel.   Scott Splawn is such a great guy too, and stands behind is amps and is always a phone call away.   Hand made one at at time here in the USA.

 I'm just glad to hear that you are not chasing a logo - you are chasing a tone in your head, and that's all that matters.   

Good luck, and my offer still stands if you ever make it this way.