for anyone who feels like browsing through this for weird line-ups (I know there are quite a few), feel free:

Been there twice, had a kick-ass time.
watch through the wormhole, if you haven't already. It will make you understand how little we actually know. If not, it'll definitely blow your mind anyway.

OT: no idea, pretty sure there's nothing there. (btw Through The Wormhole is narrated by Morgan Freeman so that alone is reason to watch it)
I thought there were numerous projects involving HUD lenses (mostly military I believe) so I don't see why this couldn't become possible in the near future, but it's not available yet.
Iron Tribal - Mobthrow

Different parts of that song always bring different games to my mind, so I figure it'd go well with games
For oriental you might want to try out Yoshida Kyoudai (Yoshida Brothers). They incorporate shamisen (traditional Japanese string instruments) with modern instruments, makes for a pretty cool sound imo.
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I hope I'm not the only one that gets those references

No, no you're not..

OT I prefer her on top as long as she's good at it, behind is nice too and so are a myriad of other positions not necessarily horizontal.
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The original Hell March is classic stuff too - Huah!

I'm convinced James Hetfield must have been on a Red Alert binge when he was writing 'Just A Bullet Away'

yeah I noticed that too, though Hetfield really can't compare to the awesomeness that is Hell March
Basically anything from 3 Feet Smaller, heard it in FreakOut! Extreme Freeride (some skiing game) and NFS is responsible for introducing me to Rise Against, and other heavier kinds of music. also this:
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When I was about 3/4 at nursery, I pissed sitting down once, then told the nursery lady.. and her response was "Well, that means your a girl then, next time you go to the toilet you can go in the girls"

Scarred for life

So no I don't. Unless I'm evacuating brown town at the same time...

wow that must've been one sexist woman :')

I sit down at home so there's no chance of sloppy aim and it means I can be lazy and sit. Never in public unless I have an urgent need of bowel movement and then only if the toilet looks respectable, possibly with a toilet paper seat/standing crouched so I won't have to actually sit on it.
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No, he's saying what if it turned out your sex was female, what would happen psychologically, how would you react? Would you still be of the male gender?

That, is a complicated issue and I don't think anyone could really answer that unless they had experienced it. How I read this is; "If you found out you were of the female sex but felt you were a male."
You'd know from childhood you were physically a female, or at least you'd be educated enough to know before puberty I expect, but if your own idea of your gender is that you're male then that would probably lead to identity crisis and other issues.
It's just not something that you 'find out' later in life, it seems to me.
I think that it would be a very integral part of your life as soon as you can comprehend what's going on, which would make it a long process instead of something that you'd just find out along the way.
I am a man.

I have male genitalia.

If I had the chromosomal makeup of the other sex that would make me female, and that would mean I had been born a female, with female genitalia.

thread makes no sense to me. (googled out of interest: men with female chromosomes and even then the men still have male genitalia)
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This made me laugh more than it should have

Cocaine is a hell of a drug man..
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It's a giant baloon with an ungodly amount of cocaine stored within.

No balloon, just such a mass of cocaine that it has its own gravitational pull keeping it together. Craters are caused by Rick James and Courtney Love
I'm not sure as to what the problem and possible solutions might be, but I suggest actually posting the specific errors, and just as a thought have you tried running in safemode? Not expecting that to help much but you never know
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The Titans

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holy cowbells that art is amazing O.o

OT I don't really have anything for you
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This is the ONLY correct answer.
I live in Holland, our weather's crap, but never extreme. RIP for those that have lost their lives in the storm or its aftermath.
A rideable-sized tiger that has learned anger management. I would make a saddle and ride it everywhere.
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Embargos are macabre. Sad Nell, listen O, not to no nets. I'll lend a Serb a camera, so grab me.

I see what you did there, and might I say bravo good sir!
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I remember most of these but the name, man, they slip my mind.

This. Although I saw Alpha in there from the original Power Rangers, so this poster is now a win in my book for nostalgic reasons.
You should be able to tell the difference between an E and a C with your ears, if you can't then you should train your ears until you can. Surely there will be some useful information available on this site somewhere.
I don't want a fag, gimme Clay Aiken, that's how I roll
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But I love Tyrion

I remember when Nymeria bit Joffrey and Cersei was complaining to Robert about it, he just said something along the lines of "SHUT UP WOMAN."
I love that man.

Damn that lovable dwarf.. you're right, about Tyrion and about Robert. Mark Addy played him wonderfully imo.
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This cow, even more so in the books.

This is also true, can't we just get a family photo of the Lannisters up in this?
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What's this from?

Game of Thrones. Watch it, love it. Hate that little blond shite as much as the rest of us.
^I would, water would be nice in this weather.

Nope, not all cops are assholes, but the officers involved in this story clearly do qualify as such. This debate about police overstepping their authority will probably go on until the end of time so I'm not going to comment in the matter any further, but from what I've seen and read in this article I do feel that the involved officers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of any applicable laws.
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The first is much better, I always felt embarrassed when I watched Evolution, even though it was probably aimed at my age (6,7, 8 year olds?).

Storm is my favourite character in it, closely followed by Rogues I think. I was always hoping that I would discover mutant powers when I turned 11 too haha.

there's a pretty mad series where the war between mutants and humans gets real intense and it's all future-y right? Anyone remmebr that?

Damn I do remember that! (btw I agree with you on the rest) I forgot the name but yeah I remember lots of lasers, robots and rogue being with the rebels. (and kinda old)

good days..
Borgore, Skrillex, Rusko, Cluekid (Frogs on Acid), Chrispy

start there and see what you like, don't be afraid of remixes either! Skrillex has done some amazing remixes on several tracks and is making an album with Korn. Skrillex even made a listenable version of lady gaga's Bad Romance.
Well, the two songs that got one of my friends into Alter Bridge were Metalingus and Ties That Bind. Though if you're up for it, take a listen to the entire Blackbird album. Just go to youtube and give some songs a listen..

personal faves (random order):

Ties That Bind
White Knuckles
Wayward One
Still Remains
Down To My Last
I live in Holland, only weather we get is when the dams break.
I've never been there, but I am going. For the line-up see

As far as I know, Hungary is cheap as hell. I've never been there but some of my relatives own a house there, and I have some friends who've been to Sziget already and they say it is cheap. I suggest you take a look at the website, because they have some links to other sites that may prove useful.
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N64 then get goldeneye and never leave your house again

I'd love to join, but I'm in the middle of my final exams.. I am sure as hell joining the group though!
only the dutch...

zijn idd té lekker, eet smakelijk!
Happy b-day Carmel! I got you a living cactus^^