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Does anyone have any experience with the Boss BD-2 Keeley Mod? I'm leary about paying $60 or whatever for something that I can't return if I find out that its not for me. Is the mod really worth it? If I'm paying that much Iwant there to be a night and day difference over a stock BD-2.

You'll certainly notice it.
IMO it's not really worth the effort unless you're going to do it yourself considering that you could sell the pedal, take that $60 and put it towards something like a tubescreamer.

That said, if you do it yourself there's always a risk of killing the pedal :|
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is it possible to have two different brands of pickups in one guitar? i would like to put a dimarzio x2n and a seymour duncan invader into my jackson V but every time i hear pickup recommendations its aways for the same brand i also don't know very much about the wiring and installation.

thanks in advance for any and all help

The only time as far as I know that you can't mix brands, is if you mix an active an a passive, as actives require different pots/jack. Whilst it can be done, its apparently quite difficult.

Those should be fine, although invaders and x2n's aren't really known for being great neck pickups...
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okay first i dont live near any stores so i want to get a list of suggestions before driving out just to try stuff i dont know no comments saying "go to a store yourself" or " go with what you like and not others"....i want your opinion on some i can try out...or if you have the exact same music choice than feel free about giving me suggestions on one to buy...what i aim for in an amp is to get the tones of old bmth, we came as romans, the word alive, chelsea grin maybe...i know they are all somewhat different genres but i want something that can do it all....i was looking at the 6505 combo for 600...but i want to know if there is any other tube amp out there that is just as good for less...i really could care less about the cleans...i could always get a clean boost or an equalizer...sooo pleasee help...oh and my guitar is 2 ibanez rg's with stock v7 v8(going to switch out but first new amp) i currently have a fender frontman 25r and it sucks for post away please!!!!!!!!!

I'd highly recommend a blackstar stage combo.
My HT-60 when cranked in drop A# is ****ing brutal, certainly tight and heavy enough for parkway, ADTR, BMTH etc.

But if you can get a 6505+ then go for it, it's THE industry standard metalcore amp.
That said however, bear in mind that the 112 combo is made in china unlike the head...whether or not that means its worse...Im not sure
Quote by n1ckn1ce, just upgrade the Electronic and hardware.

Wow the superstrat model looks awesome
Any thoughts on better hardware?
Gotoh floyd/tuners?


After reading this + a number of other reviews, I'm seriously hesitant about going near these kits
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Not looking into amps right now, thanks for the reco though. So you think the selling the RR3 and buying the Iceman (which I haven't played but I'm sold on specs and will make the finally decision after taking it for a run) is a downgrade?

Personally I owned a RR3 and sold it...
Biggest mistake i've ever made.
The thing was ****ing amazing, I just couldn't deal with the floyd as a noob.
Honestly man, it sounds like you're overthinking things a bit.

I'm genuinely suprised Ibanez wouldn't just give broderick what he wanted, but then again, if they had to open up new supply lines with untested vendors/integrate new machinery/techniques for manufacturing just for one guys guitars, as good as he is, it's kind of understandable. Then again, From the looks of the Jackson's broderick is only interested in licensing seriously high end axe's which are hard to move and would thus make a company like ibanez who have thrived on mass production/sales unlikely to want to mass produce them.

I've played both Jackson and Ibanez neck throughs and they both seemed outstanding to me, even on their lower models. At the end of the day on the note of the iceman, there's plenty of guys on here who own them and sware by them. The best thing to do is just to go to a store and try one, if you like the feel/tone of it then buy it! The reality is that it'll have some kind of warranty so if on the odd freak chance it warps (which isn't really common as far as I know), you can just take it back and get a new one.

Also, There's not much point in buying an iceman when you already have an RR3, yet you have a piece of shit 15w marshall. perhaps consider a new amp?
Try washing your hands after uhh...
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Hi, I live in Australia and due to a few reasons, particularly the insanely high price of guitar gear over here, I've been interested in future purchases online... Was wondering if anyone from Aus has had good experience with any online sellers? I know of Thomann but no others that offer a wide selection and ship to Aus...

Also, even if you arent living here, any help regarding online stores and postage would help a lot. Thanks

I've ordered a number of pedals from the US via ebay and my Schecter Loomis from a guy up North in Aus over ebay. Providing you buy from a reputable seller, paticuarly US powersellers with thousands of 5 star ratings you really don't have much to worry about. Just make sure anything posted is insured, if anything the most likely thing to go wrong is australia post will **** up.
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build an know you want too. My last two builds were explorers.

Saw the pics on your profile, they both look amazing.
Did you do the bodies/necks from scratch or order them?
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I will most likely get one my self soon enough.

here's an explorer style one...

edit - for those strats you'll need to use stacked single pick ups or dig out the cavities a bit.

Hmm interesting, although that explorer shape looks a bit ****ing dodgy :/
Must say the V looks pretty cool.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has built one of these before.
So UG, I've been playing guitar for a good 5+ years and will be finishing school completely this month, giving me a solid 4 months to do pretty much anything I want. As such I'm contemplating building my first guitar but need some advice.

At this stage Ive decided to build a fixed bridge HH guitar with either an explorer or strat type body, with a rosewood fretboard (preferably). Now I'm not keen enough to build it from scratch, my plan is to buy a finished neck (Happy to do the headstock myself) and an unfinished body, as well as the electronics/hardware etc.

I'm not paticuarly concerned about actually putting it all together as I've got a pretty good idea what im doing.

What I want to know UG, is where can I find a decent neck and body online for less then $250/300 or so?
I'm constantly getting buzzing/humming when I plug in my guitar with the signal cutting in and out. As such i've rewired the jack a number of times but not properly as my Epi Les Paul has some little white plastic connector that has wires running in one side and out the other.

I'm trying to work out what the hell it is and how I can get rid of It as I can't replace the ground from the jack as it runs through this plastic thing.

Its taped to the bottom left side of the cavity in this pic
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That's not a factory wiring job. Looks like someone already rewired that one. I'd recommend fixing it as-is. What's the blob off to the side? Unknown. It's covered in tape.

I rewired the grey wire because the wires running to the jack were way too short.
But its a temporary fix.
So after attempting to resolder my guitar jack for the 4th time, ive decided I've had enough with the shitty electronics in my 2.5 y/o epi LP custom. As you can see, the wiring is pretty ****ing appauling, at least IMO.

Im thinking that the best way to resolve this mess is too buy new electronics and wire it in ie. 4 pots, 2 caps, new switch and a new jack...

Ive also been having problems consistently with my pickups - when I switch to my neck sometimes it sounds like a heap of the gain is missing + the signal sounds week.

So, I guess it comes down too:

A) Is it worth getting new electronics?
B) If so, what brands should I go with/Will brand make a huge difference. Im tossing up ordering an upgrade kit off of GFS ($25 AU) or buying dimarzio pots etc. off ebay ($100 AU - Might be able to get cheaper from US)

Also, can anyone tell me what the little plastic white thing is that I taped to the wall of the guitar in the bottom left. 4 wires feed through it, some from the switch to the pots/jack.

I need to get photoshop >.>

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inb4 Super Saiyen shoop.


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Predictably, you Americans have attempted to recreate a British TV show again and run into controversy...again.

Anyone else seen their version of it, and found anything wrong? Or not seen it and have an opinion on the subject matter?
I've seen a few clips, and to be honest, it's a little bit weird. As much as they defend it saying it "tackles real life issues", it's a TV show and therefore won't do much except glorify exploitation of minors.

1) The British Version was FAR more explicit...they bleep out the ****ing f word for christ sake and show no nudity in the american.
2) How can it possibly be child porn when they haven't actually shown any sex??
3) The American version is ****ing appalling anyway, I've never seen such a horrible remake

Who honestly cares if it gets banned, its not worth watching.
Go rent the UK season 1 again people, after all, the US story and script is EXACTLY the same...The only difference between the first British and US episode is the changing of british characters names to stupid generic american ones eg. Sid to Stanley???

(I really hated the US version in case you couldnt tell)
Just buy a used JCM 800/900??
Megadeth and Slayer @ The Hordern Pavilion - Syd...8th October 09
****ing awesome gig
aside from slayer sucking balls
For all the shit these guys yet, they're easily the best live band I've ever seen. Caught em last night...****ing brilliant!
So after about 4 years or so as an avid metalhead practising everything from the likes of slayer to metallica to parkway drive, I've lately become rather interested in blues. So far I've worked on a few SRV songs (Pride and Joy and Lenny)...however I want to continue my blues work on the guitar!

So pit, any suggestions as to blues pieces to learn?
Not sure if posted yet, but Danny Trejo's character in Desperado is ****ing badass...

Truly awesome show. The writers are brilliant....

Need I say More?
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What do you guys think of the southern cross tattoo?

One of the hallmarks of the auzzie bogan.
For the love of god

Well I'm considering buying a 4x12 blackstar cab to run with my ht-5 to try and reduce the brightness that the 10" speaker gives off when cranked.

My question is how much of a volume difference to my ears will I notice from adding the cab and I'm talking in practical terms, not in theory.
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Today I was listening to my iPod at school when Battery by Metallica came on, and I sat there thinking, "Holy shit, those gallops are farking fast! I'll never be able to play it!"

Later that day, I went home and started working on it, and achieved about 80% speed within about half an hour. Which shocked me.

How have you guys surprised yourselves? Music related or not!

I looked at the paradise city end solo tab last friday, suprised myself when I shredded all the quick parts perfectly after like 3 days practice

Also TS, try learning the battery solo
Dick in a box?
Seems like so many people do ocean...

What kinda vai should I look at? I really need some softer stuff
Before I begin, for those of you Non Australians - The HSC is the major final exam in the last year of school for students. I

So I'm currently in year 11 and about to enter my HSC year, at the end of the year I believe I need four pieces to perform. So far I'm considering doing:

*Eruption - Van Halen
*Midnight - Joe Satriani
*Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Diablo Rojo
*Rush - YYZ (Needs a lot of really talented accompanists :/)

I think that maybe I need a bit more variety, any ideas guys?

I mainly play rock/metal and have been playing for about 4ish years. The songs above should give you an idea of my skill level.
Use Peerblock bro, seriously

Also - This is one of the only times that living in australia ****ing rules - Like no anti piracy legistlation here!
Hey Guys

So tonight I picked up some car audio stuff off a mate of mine. I got a

12 inch Kicker Comp Subwoofer (300w Peak/150w RMS) and a Pioneer 2 channel bridgeable amp (Max power 760w Peak)

I just wanted to make sure that they can be run together, My mate ran them together but im not sure how he set them up, can you reduce the output on the amp or something?
Oh theres a car thread??
Never Realised :/
Hey Guys

So tonight I picked up some car audio stuff off a mate of mine. I got a

12 inch Kicker Comp Subwoofer (300w Peak/150w RMS) and a Pioneer 2 channel bridgeable amp (Max power 760w Peak)

I just wanted to make sure that they can be run together, My mate ran them together but im not sure how he set them up, can you reduce the output on the amp or something?
1) You kinda can't prove you caught it :/ It's gay - I've caught plenty of picks and stuff in my time. Hate to disappoint you
2) No ebay links, mods will close this if you dont remove it
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i have an mbox 2 which cost me about $400 australian. it also came with protools LE which is a great recording program.
you dont need a super fancy soundcard for it either because the mbox acts as the soundcard (for 0 latency). the only downside to protools is that it can only be used with the mbox, however the mbox itself can be connected to record with other programs such as cubase.

as for speakers, i use a pair of rode headphones (about $100 australian) which are really great. if i want to show a room of people the recording that was just done, a pair of computer speakers can be used easily like headphones.

but yeah, look into an mbox. handy little things, but might be just above your price range, still have a look

and as for programs also try cubase 5, quite nice little program too.

and if you just want something to loop your guitar chords or something so you can solo over it, look into a boss rc-2 loop pedal

Thats cool too but GR also has all the amp models and effects which is incredibly useful to me!