I remember reading a Satriani interview were he mentioned that theory is like a ruler
A ruler doesn't tell you how long or short to make a line, or what to do with it, it just gives you a set of numbers for you to understand what you're doing

Or something to that effect

I only really get bored with music when I'm stuck in a rut or keep playing the same styles
Whenever it gets boring or I'm tired of playing the same stuff I just put the guitar down for a while and go back when I miss it
Great thing the guitar
I've been quite lucky to meet a lot of musicians that I really look up to because most of them are from small-ish acts or weren't too famous at the time.

I think the most famous person would probably be Frank Turner. He was opening up for Biffy Clyro in 2007 at this tiny venue not too long before Puzzle came out. I'd only caught the last part of his set because me and my friend were late getting there but we saw him later on just chilling at the merch table, went up and had a quick 'Hi there' kind of chat. Nice guy

Favourite was meeting Dallas Green with my little brother though. Was so tongue tied but we had a laugh posing for a photo while my Dad tried to figure out his phone camera
Don't think I have to be honest
It's not my 'go to' genre anymore but I still love listening to and writing it and stuff
Quote by MihneaSechely
What kind of acoustic did John use when he played the Nokia Theatre?

For most of the set I'm pretty sure it's his signature OM but for 'In Your Atmosphere' he seems to play a dreadnought style guitar
Both made by Martin
I was probably one of those losers lol
I was incredibly shy and don't think I was ever too popular in school, had myself a good group of friends though, got to college and found myself a lot more confident/popular (dunno if they're linked), and I've just finished my second year of uni
Still keep in touch with my good friends
A lot of the people that were 'popular' in school are either on the dole or pregnant/have kids, a few of them are good hard working people though, and good on them
Quote by AgainstYou
I think Born and Raised is his best album, but the reason I came here was to announce that I've discovered how amazing edge of desire (from Battle Studies.) It's my favourite song by John and I think it makes me forgive him for how lacklustre of the album was.

Agree entirely
Edge of Desire is an amazing song
I feel like I'm in the minority here but I didn't dislike Battle Studies, there are a few tracks I skip past but there's a couple on all of his releases that I do that with
"I thought it was a fart Sir... I thought it was safe..."

Yes I have, although thankfully not in public, I genuinely did think it was a safe fart... thats the worst, that feeling of betrayal by your body...
God damn!!
Quote by FN77
If anyone is going through withdrawal from not having any Mayer blues songs, try getting into Peter Green, if you are not already. He had very nice tone, definitely someone who influenced JM as you will hear, great solo in the song from the link.

Good call
My mum used to make me listen to Peter Green when I first started playing guitar, haven't listened to him in a good long while though
Can definitely hear elements of Peter's playing in John's style, more so the stuff off Continuum, I'm Gonna Find Another You is very similar to the track you posted
I listened to most of the previews, namely the ones I've already heard live versions of, just to see how they translated to the studio
I must say, I really can't wait for this album, it just feels like a comfortable record
I skipped a couple of previews because I want to experience the album as a whole listening experience and be surprised by a couple of the songs I haven't heard yet, if that makes sense
haha I love my friends, the only time one of them has ever gone what might be considered 'too far' is when he photoshopped me and this girl I liked onto softcore porn and brought it into college

Looking back it's hilarious, at the time... not so much haha
All sorts really, experiences, TV, sometimes just a story I have in my head
A lot of the time I don't actually know what I've written about until I'm about halfway through writing lyrics, which obviously provides a bit of extra inspiration

Me and a friend wrote a song at the start of this week, we've played the music in band practice a lot and he'd came up with the chorus (which I wasn't too keen on at first) but I wrote down a couple of verses and when we read it back it just described a relationship scenario pretty similar to the one you described Svennson
Clarity by John Mayer
Last semester I always used to wake up, open the balcony door and just chill eating breakfast with that song on repeat
It was a nice moment of calm before the day kicked in which is what I'm pretty sure the songs about
Really enjoyed the new video
Was originally a bit sceptical about what they were going for but it works really well, It's gonna interesting to watch how it all unfolds
I know this is nothing compared to some of the illnesses already posted but, when I came home for the Christmas holidays last year I came down with a really bad chest infection
For about three weeks it was really difficult for me to breathe which obviously got quite scary, ended up having to go to hospital on boxing day
Quote by UraniYum
My streets getting burnt down so I can't really talk. Wish me luck!

hope you're ok
stay safe

Quote by magnus_maximus
My friend from Wakefield says so, some boy got shot in the face by police there as well...

Shot in Wakefield?! no way :O

I managed to find a link to the Leeds unrest and apparently it's subsided however there are so many rumours circulating about which areas are flaring up, it's impossible to keep track, even the mass media are absolutely overwhelmed with the scale of it all
Jesus whats the world come to? :/
hi guys

I've heard rumours of similar riots occurring in Leeds
Just wondering if any of you can confirm this cos I've got to go through that way tomorrow to look at some houses in Barnsley and I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty concerned :/

Thanks again for the feedback guys

@EthanEvil: yeah thats something that dawned on me as time went on after writing it and recording the demo, who knows, maybe I'll keep it as it is, maybe I'll change it, if I get any new ideas for the chorus I'll re-consider haha

@GoodVibrations: thank you so much man, that means a lot and I really appreciate it I'm trying to upload my demo/rough version but alas, I'm having format issues lol
yeah I'm the same, like, the writing process for me was a very personal experience but at the end of the day, I'd like to think most people can connect to the subject of mortality and such, morbid as that seems haha

Once again, I really appreciate every bit of feedback I've had so, thank you so much
- Joe
Is that really Matt singing in Caustic?, in some parts I could swear it sounds more like Paolo
maybe thats just me though
I really like this
Theres a really sweet and sincere simplicity to it and just reading through the lyrics made me smile. Always a good thing
I do kind of agree with yoman297 about that 3rd line though but I totally understand that without hearing lyrics in context they can often seem out of place

I'll agree with pretty much everybody on this thread though, I would love to hear a recording of it
All the best
- Joe
Hi, thank you for all the feedback guys

@BassFishin: yeah I realised that after I wrote the song, 'The Last Song' was just kind of a working title that I never really got round to changing
I've thought about changing the title to a quote from the 'I merely slept with a Commie' episode of 'Two and a Half Men' cos it has a similar theme but I was unsure if it would seem pretentious or go over peoples heads

@leilalauren: thank you very much I have a very rough version that I basically recorded in a store cupboard at university so, I might put it up later today

@Allen Hopgood: I'll put up the rough version I have later just on my profile so if you get the chance to listen to it, further feedback/critique would be much appreciated

@lmcd: thank you, I'm glad you like the bridge, it's probably my favourite line I've written in the song
I'm pleased that you don't find the lyrics cliche, mortality was on my mind a heck of a lot while I was writing it so in that respect the subject matter is quite authentic

As I've said, I'll put the demo/rough acoustic version up asap in order to give a better idea of the song
And once again, thank you all so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it
- Joe
Hi, this is my first post on the S+L thread so I hope it's ok

This is the first song that I've ever fully written and not immediately wanted to through away and basically I would love opinions/criticism of it
The song is kind of a concept about mortality, reaching the afterlife and realising you've not lived your life too well but that it's now too late to change it (kind of a cliche topic I think)
Anyway, here it is:

Verse 1
I never really had the voice to tell you, how I felt that day
(When the world came crashing down, when the world came crashing down)
When they told me you were leaving, they told me you were gone
And I was scared and I was shaking I was numb

Chorus 1
So I'll sing this like you're listening
Sing it loud and clear
Sing it like it's the last song we will hear
Sing it like you mean it
Sing it cos you care
Sing it like it's the last song we will hear
The last song we will hear

Verse 2
God knows I've made my mistakes and God knows if you've got what it takes
(To forgive, to forget, just to let it rest, to forgive to forget, please just let it rest?)
To understand the consequence of a life spent living on the fence
And I am scared and I am shaking I am numb

Chorus 2
So I'll sing this like you're listening
Sing it loud and clear
Sing it like it's the last song we will hear
Sing it like you mean it
Sing it cos you care
Sing it like it's the last song we will hear
The last song we will

And you've reached the point of no return, no oxygen, or bridges left to burn
Just a bitter taste of what could have been

Chorus 3
So I'll sing this like you're listening
Sing it loud and clear
Sing it like it's the last song we will hear
Sing it like you mean it
Sing it cos you care
Sing it like it's the last song we will hear
The last song we will hear

- Joe
I quite like your original chorus man, you should try and incorporate that back into the song in my opinion, then you could call the song "A Dangerous Game" or something?
It's all up to you though, I'm no writer by any means
All the best
I think it might be because the signal is coming straight from your pre-amp into the computer rather than through the speaker driver in the amp

I don't think anythings at fault equipment wise
I feel like the song picks up exactly where the self titled left off to be honest
I know lots of people are saying "It sounds too much like AVA" but to me, thats only because AVA is the self titled Blink album expanded and built upon a huge amount
There are a lot of songs on the self titled that I feel could've been AVA songs which isn't surprising considering thats what Tom's writing style has become now
My train of thought is that, at the time of the self titled, we couldn't say "Oh 'Lost Without You' sounds like AVA" because AVA didn't exist
Now that it's been 8 years or so since the last album, and Mark, Tom and Travis have all done other things, all it's really done is provide new reference points for everyone to judge (and in some cases criticise) this 'new' Blink 182
I've listened to it a couple more times and it's definitely grown on me
A few of the riffs seem similar/remind me of some of the riffs in Shattering, maybe thats just me though
Quote by asator
Actually I'd say this is a total throwback to what they used to sound like. This is exactly what this band should be doing. I can deal with this a lot easier than all the pretentious bullshit they've been doing for the last 5 years.

really? hmm I dunno, something about it just sat funny with me I'm not sure why though
ah well, maybe it just hasn't had time to grow on me yet


seems pretty cool so far, some blast beats, bit different to their normal stuff in my opinion
can't decide if I like it though
haha, sure I've just read something exactly like this...
Quote by Fuku-san
Let's try something different.

In which song can you find these words :
1) tit
2) infidelity
3) serenity
4) German sodomy ?

1) The Calamity
4) Pull Harder

sadly they're the only two I know off the top of my head haha
My ex's parents seemed to like me, her dad could be a bit sketchy with me at times but, he was quite funny
Maybe it's just mum's that like me... lol

As a serious answer though, I'm fond of We Came to Dance by The Gaslight Anthem whenever I'm driving home late at night
And whoever mentioned Radar Love as well, good choice, always makes me think of Waynes World haha
I was wondering what this thread was about when I looked at the title
Pleased I clicked it cos these guys sound amazing
Thanks Kyle
Quote by axemanchris
I love early Metallica, and Bob Rock is right up there with Mutt Lange in my books for producers. I was so stoked when I heard the "we're returning to our roots.... a real metal album.... Bob Rock....." I mean, I almost wet myself.

And then to hear it. Man. I get what he was after, but there is a difference between sounding like a band jamming in a garage for the first time and a snare drum sounding like a tin can.

I think if he really wanted that sound, he should have taken a few great mics, set them up in an actual garage, and hit record. Make sure the mics are set back far enough from the sources to get some mic bleed and capture the sound of the crappy room. Bring the tracks back to a studio and mix it up like he knows how. It would have sounded like a real band in a garage, except the mix would beat the s**t out of everything in the "rate my mix" threads. As it was, it sounds like it was mixed by a ten year old on a boom box.


Haha, yeah I get what you mean man, I think part of the reason I sort of like St.Anger is cos when I was getting into Metallica a few years back, one of the first thing's I bought by them was the 'Some Kind of Monster' documentary lol, (not my wisest purchase admittedly but It's a good watch)
The tin can snare drum tone always reminds me of a really shit snare we had in the practice room at my old school, I guess the shoddy mixing just reminds me of crappy band practices I used to have when I was just starting out playing and stuff and that initial feeling of first playing music lol (...that sounded less gay in my head haha)

(Edit)P.S. Sorry for the swearing, i'm not sure if I need to edit it out or not? Just send me a reply or something if I do and I'll censor the post
Quote by barden1069
St Anger ololololol

I actually don't mind the mix on St. Anger, as Bob Rock said, the idea was to make it sound like a band jamming in a garage for the first time except from the fact that band was Metallica
With that as a reference point, I think they did exactly what they set out to achieve, my problems with them creating 7 minute songs using just 3 riffs...

In terms of my favourite mix, I have a few but the one that continually stands out to me as something I'd love to one day, not replicate but have a go at, is the mix of John Mayer's 'Room for Squares' album cos (to me at least) it sounds like a big, 'full' mix but I always get the feeling that theres a lot of space and depth in it.
Maybe thats just me though haha
I quite like the sound of the new songs, other than In Waves being a tad too long
I'll wait till the album/ another song comes out though before I make a full judgement haha
Nice to see even a world class band like Trivium can still slip up on tunings
Oh and was anyone else pleased to see that Nick has two kick drums now? haha
I'll agree on the video being a bit boring, would've been nice to see some performance footage considering this is the first official video involving the new lineup (other than Shattering, didn't include that earlier with it not technically being an album son)
At the same time though I think this is the kind of thing Matt's wanted to do for a long time with regards to tying the musical and visual aspect of the band into a complete package, its almost conceptual in a way
It's pretty cool, it's the sort of thing I feel that a lot of 'older' rock bands used to do
The 'In Waves' video trailer is available today according to their Facebook page
Fanclub only though...
Frankie Boyle mentioned this one on Mock the Week ages ago

'Drug fuelled sex heart attack'


Peacefully and in the presence of a loved one(s)
I used to be self - conscious about pretty much every aspect of who I was, appearance, the way I acted, everything. It was ridiculous
Thankfully as I've got older I've gotten more confidence in myself which has definitely helped me get past being self - conscious about most things
Every once in a while though if I'm having a bad day, or sometimes even for no reason at all, all the little old insecurities come back and totally get me down which sucks but looking back, it's usually all only temporary