wtf to all of you who think that was an appropiate punishment. thats bigger overreaction in history.
yea i cuss all the time at school but the difference between me and you is i dont give a f uck. i get in trouble so much it doesnt even matter. any conformist as s hol es who think cursing is bad can go f uck themselves.
yea i agree esps rule u should buy one but you would have to look around cuz guitar center isnt licensed to sell them.
yea you have to stretch em real good or they will pull the trem out of place.
the only good song in ur can play perfectly section is breaking the law. the rest of it is sh it.
gears of war by megadeth is a good one. also some older disturbed has killer rhythms.
buy a shred neck
well one of my all time favorite pedals is the ibanez tube screamer but it costs around $100. however the boss super overdrive is pretty nice and only costs around $40.
Courtney Love Is ****ing Satan!!!!!!!! She Killed Kurt Cobain!!!!!!!!! Pm Me If U Agree
**** anyone who says its satch. hendrix is very overrated but the most is definitely eddie van halen. he wasnt even the first person to use tapping and his was really cheesy sounding. randy rhoads's tapping was a million times better. and evh wrote that song jump with the synth so yea he sucks.
wow u guys dont listen to much music. mine is either inagaddadavida by iron butterfly or cowgirl in the sand by neil young
nothing should be censored. censorship is the single largest downfall of western society.
ok first wat kind of guitar?
Jimi Hendrix-21
Jimmy Page-20
Kirk Hammet-20
Rhandy Rhoads-19
Stevie Ray Vaughan-21
Eddie Van Halen-20 HURT
Dave Gilmour-20
Brian May-20
Joe Satriani-19 HEAL
the pickups are high output so they pick up excess noise and create buzzing. i suggest u buy yourself a noise suppressor pedal. that will fix the problem nicely.
lol thats gonna be a pretty small tube amp. theyre a lot more expensive than that
why do u need an EQ pedal if ur getting a mesa?
yea but hermans is so much cooler
wow u guys are retarded. who the hell cares what book u read in 4th grade????
wow ur a dumbass. tubescreamers give u vintage bluesy tone. the metalzone is pretty nice but i prefer the metalcore
metallica played everything in standard tuning up until the black album where the started dowtuning songs such as sad but true
thats the nicest wah pedal you can get and pedals hook up using regular guitar cables that your guitar uses to your amp
when you go on a week long vacation only to complain that youve lost your callouses
yea new amp would be good. the pickups are probably fine. a nice distortion/overdrive pedal might improve your sound too.
yea like he said its pretty much all power chords. fifths and thirds
heres wat u do. take it out to the middle of a field. then smash it, shoot it, and burn it. then go out and buy a mac.
name it the austrian death machine
who the fuuck puts pictures of their food on a guitar web site????
BUY IT!!!!!! mesa boogies are the best sounding amps ive ever played on and they create insane metal tones.
omg stfu. they are not f-ing emo and so what if they are? what do people have against emos? and mcr rules.
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dude everyone needs to fricken chill out... stop spaming our thread if you don't like them...leave us alone. we like what we like and you like what you like so knock it off okay! when you ****tards come in here and insult us and tell us to listen to real hardcore then you wonder why we bitch and moan when our threads are closed but yet when we post in your threads and bitch and moan we get banned...go the **** away! god!

seriously if u dont like a7x then go to the thread of whatever ****tttty band u do like. its probably some fuuuucking weird assss stupid goth bullsshhhhiitt but go there anyway cuz u arent wanted here.
there is an excellent podcast for guitar theory by desi serna. its very thorough and its free.
i was in this same exact situation when i got my ibanez rg350ex but i guess i just got used to it. i still hate the floyd rose but i took the lockers off of it and set the bridge up to compensate for alternate tunings and its a lot better now. i think u should stick with the jackson tho.
bc rich warlocks are great guitars for that price range and so are epiphones. but whatever u do dont buy a squier or some ****ty off brand.
yea ive never tried them but im very happy with d'addario nickel wound.
yea ive never tried them but im very happy with d'addario nickel wound.
i believe the extreme has nicer hardware
definitely the classic
ive never heard of that and im positive its not the same as a pinch harmonic