My male musician friends tend to drive away the opposite sex by their shit personalities. The average musician attitude (Please note this is from personal experience, not the rule at all) is a superiority complex, I gave you this miracle music now blow me where I stand. Good luck with that Fabio.
Only if it's before nine for those that care, the bars I played underage always put us as the openers.
Were they the strings that came with the bass when you got it? If it's straight from the factory they just put average strings on it you want to change out if you can.

I'm a D'Addario fan, they last a long time and are a really good price, especially their tapewounds. (Less finger noise, warm mellow tones)

If you tend to use drop tunings get a heavier (thicker) gauge.

Battery Acid - Queens of the Stone Age
Proms have themes ? <.< My school was too poor, pretty much our decorations were clearance Christmas Lights.

I hate to break it to you, but prom is pretty much a feminine thing, there's no way around that, like weddings...

A lot of schools use the "red carpet" theme, as in hollywood/movies, which isn't so much girly I guess.

But I don't really know, my senior prom was just a chance to wear the only dress I own, though it's a black tripp corset cocktail dress with fishnet underskirt that didn't really match most the other prom dresses but oh well... I'm a poor example of my gender.
I skipped a few classes.

Yeah, I'm cool like that.

I didn't feel like getting in trouble at school, it didn't seem worth the headache since I had to see those same people everyday for thirteen years. I prefer public shenanigans with strangers.
"What's Ireland like?"
Well, it wasn't a serious question, it's a leprachaun joke between me and my friends. Cause I'm short and Irish, yaay... /badjoke

When my mom got into texting she would ask me what time I was working everyday, but then and hour later she would ask again because she couldn't remember what I texted back... "Mom, just look in your text history" "OHHH, haha"
We had Intro to Philosophy first thing monday morning, and our professor was so funny. To wake us up he would randomly throw in Freud's theories about how every behavior is based in sex, or put someone on the spot with questions like, "What keeps you from dragging your hot sister to the closet by the hair?"

If you mean insane, my American History professor rarely taught the material but usually talked about how hard it is to set a mattress on fire without propane... <.<
Yeah, the op was a while ago but if you could use more.

Age?: 18
Country?: United States
What instruments do you play?: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Tin Whistle(yay), just starting to self learn violin.
for how long you have been playing?: Piano 8yrs, Guitar 3, bass just past 1yr, tin whistle 4months, violin I got a month ago.
What inspired you to pickup the instrument?: Mainly just a love for music, and I started hanging out with musicians that inspired me to seriously practice.
how did you learn those instruments?: Mostly self taught, which is why I suck, I have a few instruction books for piano and guitar, mostly for chord reference though.
Did those methods worked for you?: I guess so, I would probably be a lot better if I got lessons but I have managed to learn quite a bit on my own.
Jars of Clay sound completely different on every album, but of course there's still Jesus on all of them.
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The English invented the English language so whatever way of spelling and speaking it they consider to be "correct" is the correct way of using it, imo

\:| They invented it? A bunch of englishmen were sitting around and said, "Let's start speaking like this 'ol chaps!"

English is a mix of german/latin/greek ect. ect. Almost everything in the English language comes from somewhere else, so it's no wonder it's still growing and changing.
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"market" becomes "mahhket"

Charlie becomes "Cholly"

"Harry Potter" becomes "Harry Potteh"

New England accents have always been like that, and some British ones too that I've noticed. (I don't know what which ones are called)
The internet and it's endless wonders are a part of it, everyone is influencing each other. So, languages change all the time, just look at an 18th century novel from Britain and look at a British novel written now, languages constantly change, that's why we need new dictionaries every year. I don't see the huge deal, YOU don't have to change the way you talk, you can say whatever you want.

And I grew up knowing that f ag is another word for ciggarette/joint. My dad's an old hippie though, that's what it use to also mean in America before everyone became homophobic.

And, oh yeah, words have multiple meanings, WTF O RLY? YA RLY! D:

I use to get penalized in highschool english for spelling realise the wrong way.
I believe only two species of penguins live in Antartica, the rest are in temperate/tropical areas.
Mostly I'm mistaken for a 12 year old because I'm five foot two, have the definition of a round face with rosy cheeks, and a light higher voice. (Not the squeaky high voice some girls have, just higher like little kids have) My boobs are kind of big for a twelve year old though...

I do wear quite a bit of black, especially black hoodies, but not goth-style clothing (since it's expensive, I would dress that way if I could) and band tshirts/jeans. I have quite a few piercings - ears, guages, lip, ect. - too but now every third Hollister Girl has piercings... :P

So I guess I don't fit the "rocker chick" stereotype of microskirt, mesh tights (though I own some), leather jacket, pound of eyeliner, 6 foot 90 pounds. But people get in my car and Opeth starts playing through the speakers they give me a second look.
Sounds like what happened to Michael Jackson.

Only he gave the prostitutes Jehovah's Witness pamphlets...
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I don't know why but sleep deprivation gets the juices flowing for me.


Me too.
Hot pockets.

And complete silence while I'm laying in bed, just thinking.
I'm always more of a shindig fan with friends, parties fail.

I'm extremely phobic about being around a bunch of people I don't know, especially in a socializing situation. Plus I just plain don't trust people I don't know...

Once I almost went to a real party with my former guy friend I fell the hardest for. I hate parties, but I wanted to impress him I guess for some idiotic reason. We ended up not going because we couldn't get a ride, I had offered to drive but he knew that'd we'd be smoking and doesn't approve of driving high.

Instead, we smoked shit weed in a broken down camper with nothing but a candle to keep warm in the middle of winter. They told me I grew elf ears. Then went back to his friends house, ate the weirdest but most amazing tasting combination of foods including chicken patties, and fell asleep watching The Big Lebowski.

I was a stupid, stupid person back then. A whole year ago.
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Well that shut me up.

It's cool, just letting you know.
A Baldwin/Gibson Les Paul electric guitar, when I never play it at all.

I could have bought a new bass for the amount I paid for it...
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This is the bandleading forum

This started in the pit when that was posted.
I still can't.

(Yaaay threadcrasher! Sorry, I'm bored)
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put him on cowbell

Change the band's myspace password and delete him from the friends.

Oh yeah, that's just what douchebags do.

(Wasn't me who got deleted, but I know the guys who did because they just didn't have the balls to tell him he was out)
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Then I reached 8th grade and got a girlfriend.

I didn't and still don't swing that way anyways.
A boy with a coin he crammed in his jeans
Then making a wish he tossed in the sea
Walked to a town that all of us burn
When God left the ground to circle the world

And now changed to :

I'm tryin, I'm trying to
Drink away the part of the day
I can not sleep away.
My brother gave me a free 10 day trial that just ran out. I ended up getting to a level 19 Human rogue and level 7 Night Elf Druid. It really is so BORING, run run run run slash slash run run run.
But somehow addictive.

I might reactivate, I am an RPG junkie. I use to play Final Fantasy Online back in the good 'ol days on PS2.

If anyone wants to play my rogue is on the Whisperwind realm, (Can't remember the character name off the top of my head) I probably won't play again until after the holidays, I'm absolutely broke.
I live in the countryside of western New York, there were 40.5 people in my graduating class. 10 of us are in college.

Is there going to be ANYONE famous from this class?

Hopefully me, but, well anyone can hope...

Aaron Carter has family in a nearby city, so he stays at the Ski Lodge a few miles from my house every winter.

Every one of Bob Dylan's Albums for my dad.

He's slightly obsessed.

My Mom is getting Elvis.
Well, even if you changed the password, it's going to notify you about the million comments he may have left before.

You can change notification settings.
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what kind of tablet do you have? i've been thinking about a genius mousepen. i'm not really a professional artist or anything, drawing is just a hobby and i'd like to do it in GIMP.

wachu say? don't gimme dat wacom bidness, son.

It's just a little Bamboo one, the actual drawing space is about the size of a DVD case.
Just need shockwave and me and my tablet are ready for some drawin'.
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Wow that is the exact same face I make when I take a dump

Maybe you need more fiber. Or a lot less...

Nature is ****ing hardcore
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Not the best FF and the music is appalling but... it isn't bad.

You've gotta admit, taking down a huge dragon is just so much more satisfying than killing zombies.
Parting of the Sensory - Modest Mouse
I use to have the "Bow Chicka Woow WOOOOW" txt tone. One day it went off in the middle of art class at full volume, (forgot to put it on vibrate) and I never got in trouble because my teacher just thought it was hilarious.

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Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello is mine.

D: <- Jealous
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My friend has Navi repeating "Hey listen!" as his.

I have the "Ocarina tone" as a txt alert. It was that little ocarina sound that would play like if you unlocked a door or completed something.