People just need to stop being butthurt. Then Racism wouldn't cause any problems, or wouldn't even exist. And I think TS had every reason to be more suspicious when the guys following him were black, due to the huge prevalence of violence and crime amongst black males
I listen to death and black metal
I have long brown curly hair, dress mainly in black with metal jewelery, headbang a lot and from time to time do drugs. I'm tall, intimidating, and have mild depression.
So, yes, I fit the stereotype pretty much perfectly.
Anette Olzon. Unfortunately it won't happen because the band works much better with her (despite not sounding as good)
annd Elias from Sonata Arctica. I want Jani back :C
Jari. Maenpaa.

Five hundred times.
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you cant have 2 pornz at the same time unless you are a hermaphrodite

and of course the first thing that went through your mind was
"I HAVE to tell the pit about this!"

EDIT: I walk on lighted streets bro, I know your pain
Louis Molepske > 2003 > Literature > Literary genres > Erotic literature > Sex Manual > Safe sex > Anal sex

that was surprisingly difficult.
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Clit removal.

Or (different type of circumcision but still) simply cutting the outer "lips" off.

Quote by splamron

Is it uncomfortable being circumsized?

You laugh, but have you seen female circumcision?
the biggest gripe with the movies is that they left out my favourite character.

Admittedly hes only my favourite because of BFME2 but still. He was awesome.
silhouette by Opeth
A Fair Judgement, by Opeth
Colma by Buckethead (the creaky door opening is creepy)
Coma by apocalyptica
The old house on the hill chapter 2: the thing in the cellar, by Dragonland
Most Burzum
Hog bitch stomp By buckethead
white stripes, muse, foo fighters, paramore MAYBE, and dimmu borgir (well, they'll be remembered by the metalheads)
Starchild has been my favourite song by them for a while, one of my all time favourite songs in general too. Beautiful death has amazing lyrics, while winter madness has an insane solo. My favourite solo on the album is actually the one in battle against time.

Jari is in my opinion the greatest guitarist of all time. Apparently the release of time is close now... despite more tech issues.
First and foremost, Jonas brothers fans.
They simply don't listen to reason, if you say one thing that isn't proclaiming the jonas brothers as your new gods they will attack you. I asked a fan a question once, wondering what it was that made them so good. She replied "they have great songwriting talent and lots of people can relate to their music"
Now, I'm not sure on this but its my belief that songwriting talent usually involves creativity and talent, neither of which they have.
I replied saying that lots of people can relate to "masters apprentices" by opeth, and asked if she likes that song. Predictable answer was "ew no, you cant even understand that."

Secondly, Metallica fans.
I mean sure, I don't hate metallica. They're not at all bad. But as soon as you mention megadeth being superior, all hell breaks loose. And they somehow deny that kirk hammet's solos mainly consist of pentatonic scale wawa rape.

Last, facking Hendrix fans. I don't think I need to explain this one.
V for Vendetta

Mozart? yes plez!
Quote by Stranglehold
Shame. What a retard. Also, she Slayer carved into her back....does she crush beer cans and initiate walls of death out of nowhere too?

wow, you ARE an asshole
Gravenimage by Sonata Arctica.
size doesnt overly matter
What matters:
I feel dirty for posting in this thread
Start by asking her what music she likes. If she mentions the jonas brothers or hannah montana/miley cyrus, quit.
Tornado of souls- megadeth
Four seasons- winter- Vivaldi
Conquer all- Behemoth
Deliverance- Opeth

thats just the list of songs I'm learning. Although the solo in conquer all has skip that
InB4 metaldud ownage
Behemoth- conquer all
If you're the dominating type
I can believe it hasn't been said already
Children of Bodom- In your face
Opeth- Ghost Reveries
Behemoth- Demigod
Sonata Arctica- winterhearts guild
Racer X- scarified
Eric Clapton- Pilgrim
Jimi Hendrix
Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band
B.B. King
Eric Clapton
Robert Johnson
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin
Kirk Hammett of Metallica
Jeff Beck
Carlos Santana
Jack White of the White Stripes
John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave
Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits
Buddy Guy

In my opinion, Those are the only ones that even deserve to be IN the top 100 list, and none of them in the top 25. These lists never work, peoples opinions completely ruin them.
For example, i think Jimi hendrix should be around number 70. Most of the world will disagree with me.
pissing in their garden is completely and utterly pointless.
It will not affect the flowers.
They will not notice.
It will not affect them.
Thus the whole purpose of revenge is missed.
What You SHOULD do, is put bits of meat or something in your lawn, soaked/ stuffed with something that makes dogs SICK (not fatal) so it vomits all over their house or something.

Admittedly this could backfire if it vomits in your garden. If it does that, light it on fire.
uhm not so good, but one time me and my gf were making out on my bed, with ensiferum playing loudly. Anyway things had just started heating up, when a certain line popped up.
Ensiferum Fans will get it.
The song was "warriors quest" and the line blasted out just as her hand was moving down.
I lol'd so hard i couldnt breathe. completely killed the mood.

Also a story from my friend, he was doing it with some black chick and halfway through her mum walks in, and screams WTF, she was closely followed by her Brother, then her GRANDMA. At this point my friend just screamed and legged it out of there. Somehow he survived.

Go with a kilt man
Well there was Bathory, in 1984 (or 86, cant remember). And i think even earlier there was venom, whose harsh vocals couldve started screaming.

Theres probably even earlier than that though
guys stop being stupid.
TS theyre all just jealous. Take your acoustic in, make sure you learn about a girl and feel good inc and everyone will love you.

seriously though, dont be a douche
i found it amazingly awesome up until Rand got that awesome uber sword. Then he put it back and walked away. Things went downhill very quickly from there in my opinion. Mostly due to Rand being an idiot and not just getting that uber powerful sa'angreal thing and owning everything. Also because Jordan seemed to spend far too much time talking about what the women were doing for it to be interesting for me. I want more rolling rings of fire and earth.
guitar hero world tour, is SO much better than rock band
V for Vendetta: awesome
lol im amazed no one even noticed dimbag
Blues. Robert Johnson sorta stuff.
layla by clapton (unplugged)

inb4 i cum blood

EDIT: rodrigo y gabriela songs are always good. Or, if youre a god, trace bundy.
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Yep, All eyes were on me!

but i had the all eye in secure places!
(moving away from germany)
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Then quit STALIN and give us some more!

You beat me there