VERY WELL MIXED!!! i like it, drums sound so much more "full and not thin" Bravo my friend! Its Definitely from demo worthy to EP worthy!

karstaag666 throw a parametric on the drums boost around 60 and 8ish k hz

post a revised version!
Its called this roller coaster ride

[EDIT]  I wrote the lyrics when my girlfriend miscarried

My friend and i worked on this song together, (im on vocals btw)

C4C, even though we did this 2 years ago!

My project = Ohana
Mixed at home, 

Doesnt really feel progressive or death :/  its not bad, just representing of like a thrashy genre. When i think progressive i think of polyrythm or polymetric sections, when i think of death metal i think of blast beaty arpeggiated parts with with gutterals and really high vox.

Not bashing just sincere crit!
MT power kit, FREE VSTI, Better than DKFH cuz thats what this sounds like, replace midi vst and voila, thicker lively sounding drums (check velocities too)
Amt electronics - P1 or P2 as a preamp it emulates the Peavey 5150  ( Or the E1 or E2  emulates Engl Powerball) throw in fx loop on pre. on an amp of your choice. Dont over do gain on it because the next step fills in the gap. This will be your main Tone stack/ Gain Stage. (Alternitively skip this step and use the drive on your amp.) 

THEN, run in front of the amp the Horizon Devices - precision Drive, This will boost , tighten, gate, and articulate parts of the frequency that are important for those tight metal tones (not the harsh bull sh!t like a metal zone or the equivalent) 

This setup consists simply of two pedals into an amp when plugged in accordingly. The precision drive eliminates the need to run compressor-->Overdrive --> noise gate.

Its a simple way to obtain sick ass tone, but at a smaller investment. (Not to mention the AMT preamps have a built in Cab IMPULSE RESPONSE, that means you can go DI into a pa if you absolutely desire to not even have an amp! ive done this a few times because well technology of the solid state has come A LONG way since i was a kid playing in a 2007 metal core band with a crappy line 6 spider 3) lol 

Give it a shot if you want something thats BALLZY but yet not a pain in the ass to haul like a tube amp!
Well i didnt see anyone talking about it so i guess i will!

The Horizon Devices - Precision Drive , Manufactured by MXR

Built in Dynamics for low end flub, Noise gate for when used as a boost!

Very Tight

This song is about a tough time i endured this summer, and i enetered it for a guitar center songwriter contest.

My friend Jorden and I recorded mixed and mastered this song.

Please give feedback,

Comment/ like/ follow/ share on the page of the link above!

thanks guys!

trying to win a guitar center contest, uploaded an original

This roller coaster ride.
Recorded by my friend Jorden and I

Im on Vox and Audio engineering,
Jorden is on guitars and bass

Video was done on windows movie maker (lol)

please vote/follow/add points ( i really don't know how it works yet)
Not quite 100 songs here but i had uploaded since this. sooo. yeah. commence flaming.


it is what it is i suppose. Youtube has some of it but alot of it was -like i said- for critiscism from individuals of all musical genres. All these elitist scolding for choosing this site as my home? wow!
I can see how supportive this community is as well.
Quote by Wormholes
Well tbh if this site was the only place you hosted your music then obviously even you didn't think it was good enough to keep.

My dude,

UG was an excellent place to get crit learn and better my skills as a songwriter and audio engineer.

Been to sites like and one for synth/edm style stuff.

This site however was my home. Joing years ago posting some tabs and sharing my music, mixes, remixes etc. I have some of it, but most of it is now gone.

I actually appreciate all my stuff regardless of how bad it was mixed or written over the years.

because in the long run it really shows my improvement from point a to point b.
I guess... i justr ead the email...

Holy ****.

7 years of hard work and many computer reformats ....

Its all gone..

Im done., hanging up my UG boots. later guys.
Quote by Guodlca
If I recall correctly, UG removed recordings from all profiles due to the feature not being used very much.

This sincerely breaks my heart.
Ive been uploading music since 2008 i had about 100+ songs originals and covers simply for recording/mixing/mastering C4C, and now they are all GONE! what happened?
most of these songs are irreplaceable. and it definitely showed my progress as an audio engineer!

im so sad!

Quote by Akkeli
Very nice! I liked the dynamic structure of the song. We actually intended to cover this song next as well
I would like to hear the bass at 1:30 just a bit more. But it might be just me.
You did great job capturing the haunting, intense feel of the song. Lavender town is such a creepy place...

i always try to have the bass at a certain level now cuz i used to go way overboard with it. The one thing i like the most about my mix are my heavy guitars, they sound freaking massive because i compressed using settings for a drum kit rather than settings normally to sustain a guitar. I did this for the staccato/percussive sound.
Very nice, your mix sounds so clean. And the nostalgia factor! please let me get a copy!
Nidoking go!

Nidoking used thrash

Super effective!

Thats my lavender town djenty mix, crit?
Quote by archangels
Nice. I really like the left-right pan effect on the first guitar.


Pokemon fans this one is for you, havent posted new materials on this site lately, so give me a crit!

new clip. What i did this time is simply compress the instruments accordingly across the mixer with minimal individual eq except cuts where it counts ie:3khz, lowered the volume on everything individually so everything peaks right below the 0db point(i didnt even notice my drums were clipping like a mother) I finished by mastering using Izotope ozone and hell it makes a difference compared to the stock mastering suite it comes with.
Sounds great, not familliar with alot of deadmau5 stuff but it was clean playing none the less. saw alot of orbs. i also redid mastering on the spectrum song if youd like to hear the new clip!
Heres a clip of a song im covering called Spectrum by ZEDD, i need some serious C4C as far as quality or mixing or mastering etc.

i can never seem to get that pro metal sound.
Heres a small 13 second demo of how my mixes are coming along these days.
Its kind of a metalcoreish hbeatdown hardcoreish riff (imagine for the fallen dreams vox or bury your dead's matt bruso over top lol)

This riff started out as a tone test, i created a new patch for Pod farm and wanted to test it recorded.

ALL GUITARS ARE QUAD TRACKED , means that tehre is 4 seperate rhythm takes (not copy and pasted) Hard panned 100 l and r, then 75 l and r for a rich deep yet big heavy tone.

Bass was double tracked and done by using Open un palm muted notes on the same guitar using a bass patch i made on Pod farm ( I was lazy and did not want to break out my bass since its buried under other guitars) Dropped the pitch an octave and upped 60 hz slightly

Drums are made using Anvil studio 2012 to map out the drums, and superior drummer for sampling the drums. A lot of work went into the superior mixer over the Drum Kit From Hell Alot of people say it sucks but with work it can sound awesome. The transient compressor makes the snare ring a little more. Used the sonor snare.

Compression was added here and there and there was a TON of Subtractive eq in the Master Eq. I used Flux Bitter/sweet II in the master. And as for the final over all master, i used a "cd mastering" preset and tweaked parameters to make it loud.

Sub Bass Drop for fun . Boosted 40 hz and time stretched it a little.

I might add Vocals for shiggles.

click anywhere here | and as always C4C!
Quad tracking can give a tremendous depth to your tars, im telling you. 100 and 75 on both sides every riff/part recorded four seperate times (no copy and paste, but four takes). bass is an exception i go double on the bass.

heres an example of my quad tracked guitars i did tonite
Quote by Spambot_2
If you don't actually want something open source, LePou's LeCab's free and pretty good.

i have that plus virtually every other amp sim / impulse loader and 1000s of impulses , what i want is an OPEN SOURCE VST LOADER. to load an amp sim, to load kefir or lepous programs in signal chain very similar to what pod farm does. i think Revalver does as well but i havent used that in forever.
Is tehre an open source program for loading Amp sim and Impulse loaders? I have chainer but it kind of sucks...

EDIT: i currently run pod farm, but i feel as though the impulses are still a bit fizzy
Quad track for best results. 100 on both and 75 on both. Big djOnty guitars
OK, i got here a bit too late, but i want to assure that guitar ring tho not the best is def a great amp sim. pod farm is now my go to cuz i have the pod toneport ux2, but Guitar rig is definitely not terrible, for one it has great GREAT bass tones.

some examples of old recordings i did using guitar rig

an original

ABRB air force one (sloppy but no fux )


Heres one of my favorite orginals


One thing thats also important is having a correct single chain. ie: on the third song the chain was Gate---compressor---Screamer like overdrive--- Van 51---- V30 cab impulse response ---and most important to clean up tone and EQ with filters on high and low to cut out hiss and boom. Like someone said before massive amounts of distortion/drive/gain on the amp is not exactly the best idea due to excess noise. My signal chains get ridiculous on pod farm but its the work that goes into recording and getting a pristine sound. No need to get mad on here, listen to what people have to say and implement the ideas or guidelines. Recording a studio like soung doesnt happen over night. Heres one last song to get an idea of where i am after struggling for 6 years to get my mixes to sound right. Its a song by a local band im recording.
Quote by selibucaz
I dig it, what program did you use to make this???

It was battery for the drumming and i used fm8 for the synths

Both are under native instruments

A total of 8 tracks were created, all tracks compressed to some point, used pod farm 2 in the master for a very subtle reverb, and cut out 3k hz with the Q not too wide or thin.

I submitted this song to in hopes they add it to the site

I stayed up all night arranging this from scratch. I heard someone coin in a term called "Djentstep" so lets just go with that lol. Polyrythmatic patterns just because. :3

Enjoy a melodic piece remixed by me!

SO i have been making patches for some time now and i think i have a decent post-metal sturgis esque tone for recording! its tight full of mids, punchy and my newest go to patch besides the millions of djent patches ive made.

Feel free to try it and leave me some feed back!
Bass drop 1--- ( for today esque)a simple sub bass frequency that drops in pitch

Bass drop 2---- (i the breather esque) a certain sub frequency 40- 150 m Simply a quick fade in and fade out of volume with no change in pitch.

hope that helps
youtube my good sir, thats how i learned how to set my floyd rose special for a 7.
i found that demo soo comical but yeah strong guages need to be lightened for a shorter scale