But one question. I get it in balance and everything is okay. I lock the nuts and it begins to go out of tune even when it's locked. Could it be that the locking nuts aren't tight enough?
Hey guys,

I have looked and looked for a solution without any luck, and as a poor student, I'm afraid to take it to a tech. So I'm hoping I can get some ideas here.

I have an Ibanez RG920QMZ with an Edge Tremelo. I rarely use my whammy bar, and my strings are not new. It has always worked fine, but recently, I noticed the tuning was a little off, so I went to tune with the fine tuners and eventually all of the strings started dropping in tune and the more and more I tuned, the bridge dipped and I could not screw the fine tuners anymore. So I set all the fine-tuners back to neutral, unlocked the nuts, re-tuned, and got everything in balance, but still, it goes out of tune, and when I use the fine-tuners to correct it, it puts all of the other strings flat and the bridge dips.

Please help!