as in next week. Throwing down a couple of 'em for my wedding deposit
It's not like I support it, but I don't trash it either. I hear a lot of the "it's the most selfish thing you could ever do in your life" and what not. It hurts. A lot. I've lost people close to me and I've seen how it devastates families and friends.

But I see it from the other perspective as well. Last year something happened to me. I am scarred for life, without a doubt. My fiance's sisters claimed I lied about the whole thing and let the world know about it on Facebook in an extremely harsh manner. I already felt horrible about it happening and they made me feel like I completely deserved every bit of it. I thought about ending my misery.

Yes it is situational, yes it's going to eff up everyone around you. There's only so much someone can do to try and help sometimes. I felt helpless when I lost my friend back when I was only 15. I felt helpless for months after that incident happened. It's hard to really come up with an answer when both sides are right in a sense..

I guess basically my answer is, it depends on the situation T.T
Dude.. Mega Man X is SO freaking good. It makes my nonexistent dick rock hard! Totally didn't play it on the console though. Hooray emulators and usb controllers!
If you have 20 minutes to spare:

Pretty much how I feel about some video games now a days...
Life truly sucks sometimes. I know I've hit a few patchy parts along the way, and I know others have as well. Hugs to everyone! Hope everyone's having a good day so far!
Quote by Demon Wolf

..... awwwe.
People I tip: Wait staff, hairstylist, bartender (if they're a friend), delivery folks, and on the rare occasion I am in one, taxi driver.

I get tips occasionally working as a secretary.. which I find weird, but I won't argue it.

I hate that people who pump gas expect to be tipped. I can surely pump my own gas! Apparently some stations in America don't allow anyone but employees to pump. Bah, infuriating.
I have a problem of playing things, get excited for a new game, and forgetting to go back and finish. For the past few months I've gotten so many new games. I try to justify it because I get double discounts haha. I was dying to get The Darkness II ever since I played the demo. Flipping. Awesome. Got the the first boss and haven't touched it since. Why? I was too busy playing people online in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Soul Calibur 5, Street Fighter x Tekken, Dead Island, and WAY too absorbed in Saints Row The Third. Bah..

I told myself I have to finish Saints though. It's just way too good. I still have to finish playing Twilight Princess, Okamiden, and The Darkness II before all of the stuff I reserved comes out in the up coming months.
I definitely don't feel like going back a few pages to quote the two fellas talking about Okami..

BUT YES. I love Issun and his pervy ways. I highly recommend finishing it. It's a beautiful game in every way. I aim to go back and play through it again when I finish my replay of Twilight Princess. Few of my drunk friends broke my Wii by tripping over the Donkey Kong drum wire. Hooray! Lost all my save data and I was right before the last temple. Womp womp.

But anyways, yes. Beautiful game. I was so excited about it when I mentioned Ammy, that I went back and decided to finish Okamiden since I needed more! Chibiterasu is pretty darn cute. I'm curious to know how it played on the PS3 though. I feel like I would have so much more fun using the Wii-motes instead of the thumb sticks. But maybe that's just me.

Also, totally making a human version of Ammy for a future convention. My fiance is going to dress up as Issun
Quote by Death_switch
My favourite character is the onion kung fu master from Parappa the Rappa.

Ohh, another favorite is Amaterasu from Okami. Beautiful story and artwork for that game

Edit: And beautiful music! Can't forget that since I have the soundtrack haha
So out of all of the games you've ever played, who is your all time favorite character?

Chun Li from Street Fighter. She is adorable and kicks some mean toosh. I've dressed up as her a few times as well. Plus I hate M. Bison with a fiery passion. He's always such a jerk when I fight him, no matter what game he's in.
Steam has such good sales! Although, I have nothing in my Steam library other than gifted games or free ones. But that's only because I get a discount at work haha
.... I probably would have laughed and cried at the same time.
Worst thing ever?

Going back to a game and not remembering what you were doing. I did that last night.. Since I purchased my 3DS (limited edition Zelda one, duh!) in December, I haven't touched my Lite in quite some time. I kicked on Okamiden and I can't remember ANYTHING!

... So I played 太鼓の達人 (Taiko no Tatsujin) instead haha
Quote by vitchb
Up until a couple years ago I thought men had periods

Some men act like they do..
Hahah so I'm just talking out of my buttox then. Don't listen to me ;P

I'm glad mine healed just fine then!
I thought it was Oasics too haha. I think I learned that it wasn't in high school since I was discussing getting new running shoes with my track coach. He obviously laughed and corrected me. I felt like such an a-hole haha.

"If someone hits you in the back of the head while making a funny face, it's going to stay like that FOREVER." Totally believed that one. I also thought that if I sucked the blood from my cuts, it would go back into my system like I never lost it.. I was a weird child haha!
Repeats: The chocolate milk from a cow and the chewing loud.

1) To stop eating while laying down: My mother convinced me that my mouth would look like an alligators if I continued to eat in such a way. I have really sharp canines, so I believed her and stopped.

2) To keep me a prude: If you let boys touch your boobs, they'll grow bigger and you'll look bad (trashy).

3) The stars were people on really distant planets trying to send messages through flashlight clicks.

4) All water led to the ocean so when we went to the beach I didn't want to go in the pee and poopie water.

5) When I swallowed a seed by accident, my sister told me the watermelon was going to grow in my stomach. We didn't have cable and I learned years later that Rugrats did a similar themed episode.

6) Pretty much anything from Disney movies... haha
Have you been moving your piercing around or just letting it sit there? I have only gotten my ears and belly button pierced... but I was always advised to rotate it every once in awhile or else the skin will try to heal onto it instead of around it. If I forgot to, it would bleed when I knocked it. Maybe that's what's up? I don't know about infections or anything of that nature
I actually am making a half gaming sleeve

Things I'm adding on it: Link (obviously), Meta Knight, Amaterasu, a chocobo, a moogle, Cait Sith, Yoshi, Chun Li, Rush, Zero, Dante, Tails, Morrigan, Ryu Hayabusa, Knives Chau, annnnddd... that's pretty much all I could fit on a half haha. I may finish it off eventually and add anime characters to the bottom half. Squee :3


Here's my Phoenix on my (very cold) right arm haha

Fiance and I got matching tattoos of 16 bit Link and Zelda. When we hug, they come together. Dawwwww
I was just thinking that I should start up Disgaea for the DS >.>
I gave up on CoD as well. I loved playing online and beasting my friends, but.. it got old pretty quick. Not that I'm against all FPS. I work at GameStop so it's just annoying to see all the advertising for Black Ops 2 and everyone being like, "WHAT IS THIS".

Not going to lie, I never really got into Sim City. All I really did in it was destroy stuff with natural disasters and aliens haha
Technically it wasn't really a joke, just a really really mean comment.

My fiance and I were sitting in a fast food joint, eating dinner. This old couple (80+) were sitting on the other side of the room and were watching the news since the tv was above their booth. My fiance and I started to think of things they would be saying to each other while eating dinner. So I started to mock the old guy and I said, "I'm watching the stocks to know what to invest in for your funeral."

Yeah.. totally didn't realize how messed up it was until after I said it. Bah, my fiance tells people that story and I still get embarrassed haha. I usually don't crack horrible jokes, that's his department. He even admitted that was bad, even for him haha
I originally borrowed it from my library >.> I just recently decided to buy it because it was on sale at GameStop haha
That it is! Another good factor is: if you play long enough in the dark, you actually get a little jumpy.

Or maybe I'm just a huge wimp.
I wish I could answer you. I haven't tried any online play or co-op. In fact, I don't even know if the story mode has co-op hah! Useless.... I know. Sorry haha


The Google sayeth!

No split screen
Okay so I'm a little late on answering haha. It's weird that the only time I have to lurk in the pit is when I'm it work.. shh haha don't tell.

Dead Island in all honesty was boring to me when I first started it. The first section of the island you play is so generic. I can't say if it's better to play with friends or not because I'm a loser and play solo story junk. But other wise, I actually really enjoy Dead Island. It's a lot more fun when you choose the right character for your play style. I originally started with the gun specialist and she sucked. I went back and restarted with the close weapons combat chick and she's been a blast so far. (If you play with the rapper dude, he says hilarious stuff the entire story.) The zombies are either really big a-holes or hilariously stupid. I've purposely kicked a few in a pool to watch them drown. Another thing I like about the game is supping up weapons and electrocuting the piss out of giant zombies. If you hit in the right spot, you can electrocute and dismantle a few of them haha.

Buuuuuut..... That's just my take on it.
So after a 3 year hiatus from the pit.. I have returned! Not that anyone remembers me. But hello! So what's everyone playing now a days? I (like many of you) have a problem of buying too many games and not being able to finish any!

Current play list (PS3): Saints Row The Third, Dead Island, Street Fighter x Tekken, Soul Caliber 5, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and The Darkness II.

Upcoming releases I'm excited about: Lollipop Chainsaw (ridiculous, I know!), Metal Gear Solid Rising, Assassin's Creed III, Dead or Alive 5, Luigi's Mansion 2 (don't you judge me!), Diablo III, and... I think that's it for now.

Happy gaming all!
Usually I'm about 10-15 minutes early if it's something important like appointments, work, or school. When it's something casual like meeting with friends, I may be a minute or two late. Rarely, but hey things happen sometimes!
Like most things in life, there are positives and negatives. I think the positives out weigh the negatives though in this case. You definitely will have fun. If you get a crappy roommate.. it will suck for awhile but then you'll look back at it when you don't live together and make fun of them. And don't be stupid about partying. Don't be one of those kids that takes a semester off or drops out due to drugs or drinking too much. But best of luck to ya, make the most of it
Mmm I love M&Ms.. sometimes even the peanut ones.

If you could tame any animal for a pet what would it be?
This thread is gross lol.

I rarely get pimples but when I do they are mostly on my chin and only last a few days
Wow I haven't posted here in a LONG time. I miss my gaming boys
Lol Dr.Pain-MD. My boyfriend burned me a cd for a long drive and he hid Bill Nye in the middle of the cd with a bunch of serious tracks. As you can imagine I was like "haha wtf?" then blasted it
Someone very close to me has cancer of the blood (Multiple Myeloma). He's like a father to me and it is very devastating. His cancer can't be cured but it can be prolonged with chemo and transplants. If that all works correctly they can give him 7 years at most. I know how hard it is for me right now so I can imagine how it is for you. Best of luck man
We have them here but I haven't purchased them... yet lol