left pocket-keys, knife, pen, gum.
right pocket- phone.
back pocket-wallet and a small land fish.
does nobody in the pit understand simple economics? Obama has this huge plan of taxing the rich, and giving to the poor. question- who owns all the banks, airline companies, wallmart, restaraunt chains, and automobile factories. answer- RICH PEOPLE! and the rich people have to pay to keep thier business afloat. my dad owns his own business and hes always paying and going through money faster than he can think. if you take from the rich, they arent going to have money to keep thier business afloat which will mean loss of jobs and countless other negative effects. so while the rich have worked to get where they are, they will be cheated out of the money because somebody wants to drop out to smoke weed all day. God help us all.
so my dad has a bunch of albums and i found CCRs greatest hits. original from like 68 i believe. it still plays and is in great condition. anyone know if this is worth anything or if there is a website i can go to?
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just go buy it.
i just bought led zeppelins greatest hits on vinyl and its 40 songs and its amazing. i havent stopped listening to it since i got it. i never knew i could be raped so hard in one night. im still in shock. GO BUY IT! its only $60 (U.S.)....
i just marked my first 2 now. if i get one back in the future, i will sht a brick....ouch.
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My brother freaked out after he looked at the eggnog bottle's ingredients and found no eggs.

I stopped eating Hot Pockets a long time ago, they're just awful. But Jim Gaffigan has a great bit about them

haha yea thats where i got the death pocket term from.
*AHEM* so, i would like to know how hunting is 'slaughtering'. hunting is a way of survival where i live. its out in the middle of no where, and when money is short, you will go hunting, or starve. of course, its not THAT bad for me, but there are people around that depend on hunting as a major supply of food. i even know some people who do not have running water. does anyone know how much better deer, or rabbit is than meat from a produce store? theres no growth hormones or chemicals, no waste gas in transporting the meat. i can walk into my backyard and shoot a deer and save all that gas from the trucks and save the environment for all of the people that flip out about that. one bullet, which costs about 10 cents can give me enough meat to feed my family for 2 or 3 days. the animal will die eventually of natural causes, i only shoot the deer that are the biggest and most mature so that way, i get the most meat, and he might not have much longer to live anyway. why let it go to waste? i have shot around 8 deer. the longest time one has ran off is 4 seconds. and they didnt even know they had been shot. if anyone has played paitball, you might hear the shots but if the adrenaline is pumping, you wont feel it. the deer hear the shot and freak out and run and then they are dead.

car accidents. does anyone know how many people die each year from collisions with deer? its pretty high. in the state of virginia alone, there are between 900,000 and 1 million deer. and i see 4 or 5 deer on the side of the road in a 20 minute drive. so in all of the millions mile of roads, you do the math. and at an average of $500 to repair your hood, windshield and bumpers, do the math again. millions of dollars, millions of deer wasted. now why cant we save that money, shoot the deer, and eat it. ever see a deer wobble? its most likely because he was hit by a car but was lucky enough to make it. 'aw poor little guy' right? well how about you take him out the humane way and eat him. when was the last time you hobbled and werent in pain? give me 4 seconds and a clear line of sights within 300 yards and weve got a meal. does anyone else have any other point they would like me to clear up?
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I am a girl.

i thought u were just an ugly guy. i had to say it. perfect oppurtunity
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i was thinking this exact thing with my 400 degree hotpockets.


Why are those ****ers still hot as **** even like 4 minutes after cooking?

haha its 400 on the outside, but in the middle its frozen as a brick.
so my mom got groceries, and i was looking at a box of death pockets and it said 'now made with real cheese and eggs'. i saw this on several other food items. it made me wonder, 'well, if they are just now putting real eggs in them, what the hell was i eating before?!?!' and i am now going to eat nothing but steak and potatoes for the rest of my life out of fear of eating some unknown garbage. whos with me?
i have been snowboarding for 7 years now, and for the first year all i did was fall on my ass. id go with skiing for now until you learn how NOT to catch an edge. if youve ever done this, you know how much it sucks. and wear a helmet. i wore one from the time i started, to 3 years ago when i ate sht, and got a concussion and didnt know where i was. now i dont wear one anymore. oh, JOIN THE SNOWBOARDING GROUP! get some promo out there.
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lol wut

*bannable fruit*
i googled it and saw it was $995. ill deal with it at that price.
this is what i get for asking the pit...
so i got a record player that is from the 70's, and it still works great, and a receiver that is probably from 95, and for some reason, the volume for the record player doesnt get very loud, but when i listen to the radio, it will blow you away when the volume is turned halfway up. did i plug something up wrong or am i just going to have to deal with it?
i had a dream i got bit by a viper and i then commenced to beat the sht out of it. this was like 3 nights ago. and i was bieng chased by bigfoot.
Quote by natel0083's not like anyone will be paying attention 8 minutes in.

if i hear a note, i cant go, 'oh thats an 'A'' but if i hear a note, i can match it. like tuning the guitar with the 5th fret sort of thing. is that even what were talking about? but i can tune a guitar from scratch and be VERY close
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I prefer cowboy boots, myself.

so i got a MOTO ROKR today, and i downloaded a bunch of songs from windows mediea player on to it. but i cant make them ringtones. is this supposed to happen? ive tried everything to make them ringtones but nothing works. and id hate to throw this phone against the wall. i do like it.
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Alright fvck you, you..... Virgin?!?!

my turn. i see you like hockey in your avatar. fvckin yankee. im not really sure what this is accomplishing. im pretty sure nothing at all.
the south is stereotyped by the civil war, pro-slavery stuff, and louisiana and mississippi. and texas... but what do you think of when you think of florida? i think of hot girls on the beaches of miami. not a drunk hick sipping on moonshine while spitting into a spitune. *pting* and yes, i know i spelled alot of that wrong, but hey, im from virginia so feel free to stereotype me.
what are some websites for buying vinyls in the U.S.?
i would love to see them brought back completely. they still make some albums on vinyl though. i just bought led zeppelins greatest hits. its 4 albums and costed 54 bucks. brand new. vinyls sound so much better than any other type of music like a cd or tape. you cant beat the sound of a vinyl with an easton.

EDIT: is there a vinyl group? because if there isnt somebody should make one. id join.
wow. 800 miles. she better give you some serious head.
so for xmas i got a record player, and i found this old surround sound receiver(yamaha). i went out and bought 2 regular speakers, and a center speaker. so the chord from the record player into the reveiver should go into what? its jus a white and red plug thing. and i think i have the speakers hooked up correct. what setting should i have the receiver on? its got video, and aux, and all of these wierd settings.
well i think im gonna try a glass of milk with a shot of vodka, while counting sheep and listening to music. and punch myself in the face to top it all of. thanks guys
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Whenever I can't sleep I stab myself repeatedly.

EDIT: But that only works if your weiner is long enough to reach your butthole.

i think i speak for the whole pit when i say 'what the hell'
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cup of tea, watch tv till you get physically exhausted and nod off

i hear tea has caffiene in it though. so that would kind of defeat the purpose of trying to fall asleep.
do those nostrils come with flame throwers?
so its currently 3 20 AM and i cant sleep at all. its burning up in my house and i just ate a hot pocket. (ill regret that in about 20 minutes) what are some things you guys do to fall asleep faster? any tip would be greatly appreciated.
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rampage just knocked out wanderlei silva, iwould like mir to win biut i dont think he will tho, i gotta go for forrest all the way. cheers for u.s.m.c.to_be for actually speaking about mma tho

i like my women light enough to break in half. but seriously, if you care about what other people think so much that its keeping you from dating, you might want some new friends. but 10 or 15 isnt too much. nobody is perfect. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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Wrestling is fake.

this isnt wrestling. its mixed martial arts. theres actually blood, and real knockouts, and theres not 5 million drunk rednecks screaming for him to hit the guy with a chair. i dont want mirr to win. forrest griffin and that other guy are fighting too right? who won between phillipe and that neuvar guy or whatever it was. it was a lightwieght or somethin
we cant do another thread about platypus
bending takes alot of practice. i couldnt bend at all for a long time. but now ive gotten pretty good at it. dont try a 2 step bend at first. try some quater and half bends to get the general idea of what its supposed to sound like and how far you have to bend. for a whole step bend, you just have to know how far to bend, almost like a second nature reflex type thing.
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Just don't be spitting man

haha. alaska to hawaii without spitting? i doubt it. but there are some people that can.
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This reminds me of that gigantic thread from a guy called captcacklefanny or something like that. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

the one where he tries to catch his wife cheating at a show and he notices the tube in his amp?