I'll play around with it. Thanks much Sir Colin.
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Ah awesome, I am seeing them in February, can't wait!

And I have heard they are good. Low wattage though aren't they?

They weren't horribly low wattage but it was still pretty easy on the ears. Their live sound and EQ were absolutely phenomenal, no instrument above the other.
I would rather use a stereo pedal (I'm thinking of the Ernie Ball one I think?) because of the volume control. Is a boost pedal necessary in this case? Headrush has a level pot.
You could go with a lot of different amps if you're going into that range. I would honestly go with a Roland Cube, or maybe an Acoustic Lead G20 if you're cool with solid state. If you're trying to get vintage I would try going Epiphone or Fender.

Went to see Bloc Party on Sunday, they ruled.
Find yourself a Sunn Sceptre. One channel, Two normal inputs, two bright inputs, native tremolo, does literally any clean you could ever want, and takes any pedals like a damn champ.

Most versatile amp I've ever had the pleasure of playing.
Alright folks, I have a (sort of) interesting predicament here. For those of you unfamiliar with the Akai Headrush E2 pedal, its tape echo mode can be bounced between up to five different amps, meaning that you can have the original signal echoing through one amp after another. Now I'm trying to do some tweakage to my pedalboard to see if I can find a sound that I'm liking more than my current one, and this idea popped into my mind:

My current rig has a Morley AB switch splitting the signal into two separate amps, one Marshall TSL60 and one Acoustic B100. After Guitar -> Tuner -> Morley, the signals go as follows:

A signal -> Modded TS808 clone -> Big Muff -> Whammy -> Crybaby Classic -> Headrush -> DigiTech Delay -> Loop Station -> Marshall

B signal -> Bass Big Muff -> Acoustic

In this rig, I'm using the normal delay settings on the Headrush to make an ultra-wet reverb sound. The idea I have is since I have two amps, why not try using the tape echo feature somehow bouncing between the amps to make it really crazy? It would sound hella interesting using that at the same time as my DigiDelay.

However I'm already using the inputs on both amps. So naturally I want to try the FX loop. Though I know how to set up a basic one, I don't use FX loops at all, and here is where my question is: is it possible to run an output of the Headrush into the FX loop of the B100 while retaining the line signal that's going into the TSL? I've been thinking of ways to do this, but I'm stumped on it. Ideas/Advice?

Thanks in advance for the time.
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I don't get one?

Is anyone else too burnt out to play D3 again, at least for a while? I played religiously for about two weeks. It's kinda like having nothing but pizza for a really long time and you have to get some exercise for your gluttonous ass.
Jet Set Radio Future people.

On the real, Jet Set Radio Future.
I just have Steam, Firefox, Winamp, Skype, VLC, File Explorer, Control Panel, and Kindle for PC pinned to the taskbar, which is docked on the right. Only thing on my desktop is Recycle Bin.
I've been meaning to ask this question: does anyone else think that Witcher/Witcher 2 are a thousand times better than Elder Scrolls/Dragon Age etc.?
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the only job i've ever had was working in a shop in syria

this one kid came upto me and didn't have any money so offered to pay for some food in blowjob form


At Party City I was working the masks section and this 40 year old lady picked up a generic white mask and told me this story about how her sister bought one of those masks to cover her face while her fiancé busted a nut on her during sex.

Not really ****ed up but it was basically the best day of work ever.
Any Smashing Pumpkins song.

And most Lil B songs.
Quote by blake1221

Both of their albums have solid musicianship and songwriting, in all reality. His voice just seems to put off so many people.

This is an absolutely subjective statement that I disagree with.
I don't like Pierce the Veil.
Yes indeed.

Cream - Wu Tang Clan
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Honestly dude. It's a website that compiles critic reviews. You are basically saying that your standards are way "better" than 100% of critics out there. Which maybe true, but who gives a ****.
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Is reach worth getting if you don't have gold.

That really depends on what kind of a gamer you are. I would say yes, if you enjoy your 360 and have a modest collection of games for it. For me, every game that I would ever be interested in playing on the 360 is multiplatformed and usually available for PC.

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so i was thinking about trading in SKYRIM to get another game and just re-buy SKYRIM if a GOTY comes out but look at this they offer me 25$ for it and sell it used for 54.99 it's ****ing bullshit. i make less than 1/2 for in store credit. not cash in my pocket but for something they paid a lot less for IE: they don't pay 59.99 for new games.

i hate what the price of gaming is turning into EB games is probably the worst ever. they pay you scraps probably nothing for new bulk buys of new games and charge us full pop and offer us not even 1/2 it's sooooo stupid.

Welcome to retail game store policies. I worked for GameStop (who own EB games now) for a REALLY short time and quit because A) They **** over and lie to their customers and B) **** that. I was instructed to usually give customers four or five dollars under the suggested store credit price, which was often not the 1/2 (or modest amount) that they were promised. Also they will not hesitate to sell used games as new if they are barely played (i.e. a week or two old). It's just corporate money grubbing and unfair treatment of employees and customers. Ever notice how whenever you go in to buy a game they shove subscriptions of GameInformer down your throat? That's because GameStop publishes GameInformer and they purposefully put out good reviews of hyped games so that their subscribers will be more inclined to purchase them.

This is why I stopped being a current gen console gamer. I will never get the full value of a video game because of GameStop, and after MGS4 and Brutal Legend were released, I've just lost interest in most console exclusive games all together.

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spyro, crash, jak, and the first ratchet are some of the best games ever made bro

dont even get me started on croc

Nigga marry me pls
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Lol no.

Ometh, the more posts I read from you, the more I like you. Thank you for being at least somewhat of a genre ***** with metal.
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The only reason why we don't give up is because we're scared of what will happen to us when we die. But what does it matter when nothing in our lives has value? When we die, nothing happens; Why would anyone be scared of that?

I'm happy that your wife means a lot to you, but i don't have a family i can rely on. My father thinks i'm a piece of shit, my irl friends think i'm a piece of shit, i've failed everything i've done academically for the last 4 years which means i'm unemployable because of a lack of qualifications and because my depression has made me a victim of being stigmatized, a good friend of mine who was nearly my father lost his bowels, his stomach, his liver and his legs because of an embolism and he's currently dying a painful death. My relatives are dropping like flies.

It leaves you wondering, what is the meaning of all of this? Everything that i have been fighting for is gone, failed, rendering all my efforts meaningless.

I'd rather just write my fate sooner than have to suffer with it all over again. From my point of view, what is the point in keeping busy, i mean, really?

My friend, you remind of a man that I know, a man that I am proud to call my best friend. He can't rely on his family either (his dad is an asshole and his mom is emotionally unstable and doesn't know how to raise him, and his sister is young, impressionable, and really selfish), and a lot of people treat him like shit because they don't like certain things about his personality. A lot of his other friends treat him like shit, though sometimes inadvertently. He doesn't go to school or work and sits around all day posting on IGN forums, and playing guitar and Magic: The Gathering. He suffers from clinical depression and bipolar disorder. He had planned on killing himself in high school had I not reached out and lent him a hand.

He deals with this shit on a day-to-day basis, and he feels like his life is utterly meaningless all the time. How does he get through it? He makes it a point to constantly remind himself that he has to make his life have meaning. He's gonna be moving out and going to school soon, and I know he's going to put 200% effort into it. He said that he won't let failure make him give up on himself. He is looking forward to the day when he can put his mind to something and have it pay off, he's looking forward to a fresh start to his life.

He's a wonderful guy, and I'm glad that he's made a lot of self-improvement in the past couple of years. I know that if you look inside yourself you can find something that you admire about yourself that maybe no one else has seen. And remember, adversity breeds success. Don't hesitate to PM for any reason.
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**** your elitism

Elitism is a beautiful thing. I love feeling better than other people because they discover certain artists/albums a million years after I do.
I don't want to sound like a snob but I can't say that I specifically hate any genre that isn't tailored for radio play.

A year ago I would have said country, but I have discovered a side to that genre that I really enjoy, namely Todd Snider, James McMurtry, and Deer Tick.

If I had to pick a genre I would say glam metal, but I do enjoy W.A.S.P.'s s/t and Motley Crue.
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Yep, that's how I discovered Dinosaur Jr.

Same here, and now Dino J is in my top three all time favorites.

I purchased Lou Reed's The Blue Mask and Given to the Rising by Neurosis a few weeks back, and I must say I was extremely impressed with both.
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I need to get this. Been meaning to for years.

Playing through Planescape: Torment make you be okay with never having sex in your life ever again. It's that good. If it weren't for the lack of emotional gravity that I have experienced from other games, it would be my favorite game of all time.
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well i've already beaten olga (gross bitch >_> and now i just don't even know where the fuck to go

Basically, you have to go all the way back down to deck A and go down to the engine room from the east side of the map.
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Genre's dead, yo.


Honestly people, play Planescape: Torment. Pls.
Start covering Periphery songs.
Most definitely not Carmel.
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Especially in your OCD possible restraining order case, TS.

Okay, then. I concede. Pic removed.

If I were going to be reprimanded for this, I'm sure the thread would have been locked a million years ago.
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I'm trying to go get pictures of the Metal Gear, and I'm in aft deck port or some shit like that

I try to get snake to be all like "freeze" and scare the shit out of them without alerting the other guards, but they just shoot at me and i have to hide somewhere, wasting so much time

If my memory serves me correctly, Aft deck is in the very very beginning. Are you in a long hallway? Deck-2 port side maybe? There's this sort of finesse to hold ups. You kinda have to do that shit fast unless it's just you and the guard you're holding up.
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You are reading this thread, right?

Yes, including your reply, which made zero sense to me.

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Maybe I'm just romanticizing this way too much but I'd like to think she at least got it on a subconscious level so all my work wasn't for shit.

If you are implying that your subtle hints towards your teacher got her to think about you in THAT way, then you must be one suave, good looking mother****er.
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Well I'm not a creep like TS (sorry bud, I still you though)

It's all good. I posted a picture of my old high school teachers on the internet, I think it is safe to say I am creepy as ****.

EDIT: I just saw the pictures and I couldn't resist! It's funny because she used to have dreads. Back in the day she followed the Grateful Dead around on one of their tours. Her words.
I love women, I love women, We all love women, we love women
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Exactly. It's a minefield.

Add in the fact of vulnerable and emotionally immature children - it's quite common for throwaway innocent comments to get misconstrued, and then reported to the head as sexual misconduct out of anger that a teacher doesn't reciprocate their emotions. That's why it's so gross to find it funny/flattering that a child has a crush on you - if it was me, concern would be the only appropriate response.


I appreciate your words, and I agree with nearly everything that you have been saying. I didn't really make this thread to discuss the nuances of whether it is appropriate for students to find their teachers/professors attractive. Clearly it isn't "appropriate," but that's not going to stop kids/teens from being themselves. It's kind of an unspoken thing. I would never tell that specific teacher that I find her attractive, especially since she's married, no less the fact that I respect her profession. I'm just saying, she's pretty dang hot IMO, and my friends agree. No harm no foul.
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I imagined this in a David Hayter voice.
12:00 a.m. – Bleach
12:30 a.m. – Fullmetal Alchemist
1:00 a.m. – Durarara!!
1:30 a.m. – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
2:00 a.m. – FLCL
2:30 a.m. – Cowboy Bebop
3:00 a.m. – Bleach
3:30 a.m. – Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
4:00 a.m. – Bleach
4:30 a.m. – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
5:00 a.m. – Durarara!!
5:30 a.m. – Cowboy Bebop

Official lineup. Overall, not bad. Probably won't tune in seeing as how I've watched all of these except for Bleach. But Bleach sucks.
Tupac isn't dead though...

Didn't any of you watch the Coachella live stream?
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So. Fuck mgs2. I just keep going in circles and getting caught.

What part are you at?
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The pit is the most dangerous place on Earth, man. It's like 4chan but for guitar nerds and 14 year olds. That makes it even worse.

Explain to me how this is dangerous.