anymore for anymore?

[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']So loud it makes me deaf later in life.

I love it.


Some manufacturers say "Oh, well the ten on these are just as loud as the 11 on yours".

you know what I say?


hahahahaha win right here

anyway off to bed now night all


umm drop b is just silly

pantera - 5 minutes alone

whatever that tuning is - do that.

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thats pretty impressive but can he play it with no hands?

didn't think so

can you?

funny if he was UG and saw this thread

what a legend

this is the guy covering Wrathchild by Iron Maiden

sorry if it's old but WOW
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umm could be some geeks that don't actually play guitar that go on this site for the forum

lol @ tom's smartprice juice
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I put my music on mute.

well well well


+1 to 11 lol
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Loud enough.

for what?
i like my music full blast most of the time

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i swear there was a threwad like this a couple of days ago...


this exact thread name and everything

.......have i achieved time travel?
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Mine called me a c*nt


mine can't talk?

and +1 to search bar
i've seen waaaaaaaaaaaay too many
just play cowboys from hell?
this thread fails.
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Wanna pass even a good test?

Pee in the bowl just a bit and dip the cup in the water. You would fail normally due to a low-temperature cutoff, but if you really want to pass..... swish what was in the cup around in your mouth for 15 seconds. As bad as it is, it works.


i voted come clean. so do it (you fail)
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losing picks (although I got them in a box, they sometimes get away)

cables... amp, two guitar cables, a fan, my recorder, internet cable my computer and one of those sticks with three electricial sockets...... all these cables in one pile... it's a complete mess

bands who play NOTHING else than power chords... and still get famous

rappers... seriously all the good guitarists you see today(Jimmy Page, Buckethead, Paul Gilbert, Slash... and so on) these guitarists spent YEARS practicing, practicing and practicing... it's hard work. but nowaday's any low-life gangster/drug dealer can walk into a studio and make "music"... it's disgusting!

people who say shred doesn't require skill or that it "has no emotion"
don't get me wrong, I like to shred, I like to play blues, and I like to play with emotion, but when someone says ignorant things like that, it pisses me off.

wasps when I'm recording. how the hell can I record with a wasp shi*ting on my face?!

snapping strings...

my amp... MG but I'll get a new one soon

people who say: "can you play enter sandman?

a commercial that claims that coldplay is the biggest band in the world

people who ONLY listen to Metallica

douchebags... the kind of people who make fun of/beat up/mock people for no reason

when guitars have the input jack on the face of the guitar instead of having it in the side. (although stratocasters wear it nicely)

this girl i know... she has 60+ songs on her cell phone... ONE Lynyrd Skynyrd song and the rest is green day/fallout boy/bullet for my valentine and so on...

my bands screamo singer... "brahaharargagarragr! bruggrgrgrgaaaragaar!"

when people just wham on the open strings on a guitar

the open door thing

commercials for techno CD's like "ultimate dance mania 69" "summer dance trance 16"




I hate when musicians use drugs.

commercials that are pointed at naive teenagers... by this I mean stuff like "order this ringtone right now!!! only 30$ a week!!!

there you go

lol at wasps

also strings breaking but nothing you can do about that
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Spending hours on UG, accomplishing nothing with guitar.


loosing picks and tuning the swine
what's an essex?

ham slapping WTF

umm i'm currently watching a gta san andreas zombie mod

this guy's tried to make a storyline to it, which is pretty pointless

here's a vid of my mate making a rustlers burger

it's quite funny
pics or didn't happen!

on topic, happy birthday!

try and have a good one
meh i assumed - can never be bothered with wiki
i play guitar?
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I've only heard of X-Fest

is that a porn film festival?

wouldn't surprise me lol

TS who playing v?
hahahahaha this thread > nothing
there's none i've had that's made me wana throw up to be honest

my search continues
the stig? i agree

i feel that this thread is going places
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it's B.I.G

you mean gilbert?

look at the size difference
hahahahahahaha sorry bout late reply was having tea

i'm Ben
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I'm using an invisble mode thingie I found in the control panel.

you swine
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anyone know what wikipedia or google is?


i looked no results - we all know that UG is google for idiots

anyone else thinks it's tupac then?

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Jimmy hoffa.

how come it says you're offline?
surely someone must have some idea by now?

it's not me...
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I love walking home at the early hours of the morning...nobodys ever around, its just awesome.

i have no idea why but that me smile

i work on a bar, so i get that feeling alot, glad to see someone else appreciates some of the stranger things/feelings in life

by the way just added you on msn tom