where the streets have no name - u2
heaven - ava
all i need to say.
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ah, they're just like I remembered them

so tom has ALWAYS marched around onstage like that? funny, i never noticed it until he started that band of his that rips of U2 and steals riffs from screeching weasel...
you guys are all getting me wrong.

im not saying tom should shred, or be some crazy ass guitarist. hes ALWAYS been mediocre and thats fine, he plays in a pop/punk band and simple riffs and power chords have always worked for him.

what im saying is, if your a mediocre guitarist who creates sweet sounding creative riffs that show at least a decent amount of talent, why would you all of a sudden stop? your all missing my point, im not saying every song needs a crazy riff. all im asking for is one or two riffs from tom thatll show his true skill. sure, feeling this is a great song. but when you use those same exact chords for half the album, i dont care how great the songs are, im still gonna be disappointed. which is why i dont like ava. half of it sounds the same.

the untitled album was his best songwriting in terms of lyrics, ill agree to that. but the only songs on that album that had really good guitar playing in my opinion are Always and Asthenia (and if you count Not Now, you can throw that in too)

anybody who actually reads what i wrote with a somewhat open mind of tom NOT being a god should be able to at least see where im coming from. him playing for 20 years IS relevant. its like lifting weights for 20 years and still only being able to lift 150 pounds.
oh come on guys, obviously you dont have to play insane riffs on every song to put out a good album, but the fact that tom has NO hardish riffs from the past ten years says something. he obviously doesnt give a **** about playing guitar and just likes to make money in the easiest way possible. forget the pathetic band that is ava, lets just look at the last blink album:

feeling this
i miss you
easy target
all of this
not now

all of those songs use the same type of easy chords. i dont know what theyre called, its like a power chord but he mutes the middle string so that hes just playing an octave. you can sound good without having much talent, true. but when every song is the same and its so easy someone who cant play guitar could learn it in less then a month, thats pathetic. toms been playing for what, 20 ****ing years?
one of toms hardest riffs id say is m&ms. funny how the longer tom plays guitar the less talented he gets
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Yea, big time. Personally I haven't liked the sound of any distortion pedal I've ever tried, including the DS1 and DS2 and with really good amps. Whether your using a 10 watt practice amp or a mesa boogie, I grantee the amps overdrive will sound closer to Tom's tone then any pedal.

Ah well, personally I like the sound I get out of the pedal. Maybe it doesn't sound EXACTLY like Tom but sounds pretty close to me, and from what I read I'm not the only guy who bought a pedal to get Blink sound. Thanx for the info though, might get an overdrive pedal.

thats a good thing dude. i thought you were trying to get his exact sound but now i realize your a REAL musician who wants to be yourself. props to you dude
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If you play a Strat you can get a pretty good Tom Delonge tone if you use the bridge pickup and turn up the treble on your amp. His tone is really, really easy to match.

Here's what I'd like to know - You know how a lot of the songs on Enema of the State fade out into this really cool almost orchestral-sounding noise at some parts? A good example is the very end of "All the Small Things." Is that a fancy studio trick or does he have a pedal that does that? Or maybe a synth?

Lol, that sound is SO studio made. Undoubtedly it was the amazing late producer Jerry Finn adding cool effects to the feedback. Rest in peace, best producer ever.

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Is there really a big sound difference between pedal and overdrive distortion?

Yea, big time. Personally I haven't liked the sound of any distortion pedal I've ever tried, including the DS1 and DS2 and with really good amps. Whether your using a 10 watt practice amp or a mesa boogie, I grantee the amps overdrive will sound closer to Tom's tone then any pedal.
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I have a question. I just bought a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal because Blink is very distortion heavy, and most of the songs I play are by Blink. It's the first pedal I've ever owned or used. Can anyone give me some settings that make it sound like Blink?

sell it. all tom ever used for distortion was his amps overdrive, he just used a footswitch to turn it on and off for when he needs to switch to clean and back to distortion.

my advice is sell it, and get a footswitch for your amp.
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we dont take too kindly to ava bull**** 'round these parts, son.
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does anyone have modlife here? i was somewhat interested of getting it when blink started talking again but i didnt want to spend however much it is per month if i didnt even know if they were gettnig back together, and a person on youtube who posted them cant do them anymore so i was thinking would it be worth getting just to stay in touch? what are the advantages and stuff like that? how much does it cost? any help would be great

i had it for over a year since it came out, waiting for it to get good. it never did and i recently canceled. TOTAL waste of money. the modcams are rare, and rarely ever good. you can never have a convo with any of the members, and demos/remixes are RARE and SHORT (and usually get put online anyway)

not worth a ****ing penny.
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I have a guestion. Does anyone here own an Epiphone Tom DeLonge signature ES-333? And if you do is it a good guitar for the price($500)? I REALLY want one. I'm a HUGE fan of Blink and AVA.

ive played it, its a decent guitar. but it really is not worth the money, you could get a much better guitar for the same price. my opinion, be original, dont copy tom, and get a les paul, sg or stratocaster. you can always buy dirty fingers humbuckers (the ones in his es-333) and have them installed on your own guitar.
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You don't get it.

Tom + Mark + Travis = Blink 182. Mark and Travis can add or take away from Tom's parts which is what made Blink Blink. And that's with Tom being Tom.

AVA + Mark + Travis = Some ****ing retarded mutant offspring magical space monkey bull ****. We're not stupid, so all of you can stop mentioning Mark and Travis are in the band. We're full aware of that. The point however is that when Mark and Travis work with Tom, we get Enema, TOPAJ, etc. They can only change Tom's songs so much, but since they all played the same genre it worked. No matter how much Mark and Travis add to an AVA song, it's still a ****ing AVA song. No matter what they do it's still going to sound like AVA, the same way that no matter what they did some songs off Untitled sounded like BCR. It's not Blink, it's Mark and Travis playing back up for the Magical Spaceman Experience.

Please read that paragraph over and over before you say that Mark and Travis have a say again..

i agree with you, i think tom will make the blink album sound more like an ava album with mark and travis then blink, bcr, or +44. hopefully we're both wrong, because if it turns out like that, i will not support blink and ill be hoping mark and travis just ditch him and let him do his ****ing space man thing
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Anyone listen to the Modlife clips Tom played that were for the new Blink album a while back? Anyone hoping for Enema **** is going to be heavily disappointed. It doesn't even sound like Untitled. It sounds like AVA. I didn't even think it was for Blink but apparently

i know! what the **** tom. i knew the blink album would sound SOMEWHAT like ava, but his riffs are EXACTLY the same! >:O
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Blink fans, I need your honest opinions. Which of these sounds most like the main riff of "Aliens Exist"?




I know they came out bad, but if you understand basic chords you'll get it.

When I play it, I use B. Sounds the best to me
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Ply the Eric Johnson strat and tell me it isn';t the vbest strat you've ever played in your life. Exactly.

well no matter how good it is, im sure you can make one just as good if not better to fit your own playing style and sound. instead of just copying off of somebody already big you can make a name/sound for yourself!
am i the only one who thinks signature guitars are lame? i mean its cool if you as an artist have one for yourself, but to sell it publicly? i dont know whats worse...a sellout allowing his signature guitar to be sold, or a wannabe fan buying one.

personally i think my sg prophecy with dirty fingers kicks the **** out of toms guitar with ONE pickup
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hey does anybody here subscribe to that modlife thing with angels and airwaves, i heard david came out and spoke about blink making a return and i was wondering if this is true and what his thoughts on the whole thing were

i used to have one, now i use my girlfriends. david and atom both say "yea its cool itll be a creative year for tom"

oh, and i DONT recommend getting one. its lame. my girlfriends actually following my lead and canceling.
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Quite full of yourself eh?

well when you try to tell people a band is back for a month, and all you get is "your an idiot, blink is dead. get over it" then finally the band announces it, you kind of feel like gloating a bit dude.

even though i still dislike tom, i cant wait for this album
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Mark is my cousin's girlfriend's brother in law and he said Mark told him a Blink reunion won't happen for a few more years.



for real?

you swear to god?

no credible rumors on here, huh?

firsttoknow is always the first to know. never doubt him.
i told you ****ing idiots over a week ago blink was back, now your freaking out.

LOL. hopefully you all now to NEVER doubt me. especially you dooneys who told me "blink is dead"
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YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe in God again! Whoo hoo!

Please let it happen

lol its not about god. its about tom desellout wanting more money
who else thinks the intro to Heaven by AVA is WAY too similar to the intro to Where the Streets Have No Name by U2. plus the lyrics are similar
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well looks like blinks getting back together guys heres the proof at the grammys 09


HA! told y'all
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ENOUGH with the "I hope they like get back 2 gether!!!"!

It's NOT gonna happen people!

enough with the "its not gonna happen". its already been confirmed that its gonna happen...ill bet you any amount of money there will be a tour by 2011.

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There hasn't been a credible rumor posted in here.No it didn't. Best thing they ever released. Robert Smith etc.

renee renee saying its likely is definitely creditable. im willing to make bets there will be a blink tour in 2010 or 2011.

and to the guy bitching about whats being talked about...either start a discussion that is interesting to you or just dont come in here
ive talked to Renee Renee myself, mark and tom are currently recording for an upcoming blink tour
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Proof Required.

lmfao, i dont need to give YOU my sources. dont believe me, youll see soon enough

no lie, blink is back. **** yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
blink really is officially back together. mark and tom are recording new music and theyre doing a tour soon

no ****ing joke. this is so gnarly
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eh , he was probably drunk,
Plus, he's only human, everyone makes mistakes..

yea, and tom seems to make A LOT of them. id break up with my girl if she cheated on me, drunk or not. but hey, toms rich, why would she leave him
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"Watch the World" "Elevator" and "Letters to God" are my favorites from that album. The only thing I don't like about Boxcar Racer is that a few of the songs have great verses but lame choruses ("Sorrow" is a good example).

i hope i dont sound like a dick but tom himself said that its Box Car Racer, not Boxcar Racer. He wanted a 3 word band name and got it from the name Bockscar misspelled as Boxcar.

heres something you prolly dont know about Sorrow though. during the Pop Disaster tour in 2002, tom cheated on jen with a fan. he wrote sorrow about it. and if your wondering, i got this information from Chris Cote (if you dont know who that is, look it up )

yea...aint tom a little douche...
i think scott and travis both had their strengths in blink and are both amazing drummers. scott was perfect for the older stuff and travis was perfect for when they got more poppy. we have 3 great CDs with both, ill always be 50/50 (although travis is the man for creating the blink smiley!)

oh, and i like blinks version of another girl, another planet better. it may be more simplified, but it just straight up SOUNDS better and thats what matters to me
fav blink songs

tom - degenerate
mark - going away to college
both - stay together for the kids
marks album will be a lot better then ava, ill tell you that! travis will make appearances on it and according to my source tom will make one as well
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So Blink are in fact influenced by the Descendents? It always sounded like that was the case but I never knew for sure.

oh yea thats one of their biggest influences they said.

and yea, mark is releasing a solo album.
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for anyone who is a huge blink fan...

what are your 5 favorite bands? I'm curious.

Mine are

Reel Big Fish
Modest Mouse
Motion City Soundtrack
Sum 41(tied with All I Can Say)

All I Can Say is my band.

Sum 41
Green Day
Red Hot Chili Peppers
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Seriously, you are all ****ing stupid asses for carrying this on for so long and fighting about stupid ****. And if you're not fighting, you're stupid for responding to the dumb ****s who were. Honestly there was no ****ing point for either side to be such dumb ****s. Don't bother replying because I'm not going to continue on my part, I'll just ignore (like the other ****ing people should've been doing). Even if you're right, you just look stupid arguing with people below your intelligence. They make you look the same as them...

lmao. someone takes himself way too seriously here...

if you dont like what were talking about then just ignore us. if we look stupid for debating something, you look more stupid for insulting us about it
lol, this guy is telling everyone how open minded he is, and then goes and judges me based on the fact that i smoke pot, and judges a band based on a few fans opinions...

ok, everyone knows blink 182 is not punk. but to say they have NOTHING to do with punk is crazy, the influence is definitely there in their older stuff
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Why is it that anytime someone in this thread who likes Blink-182 criticizes the band based on their opinion, you jump in saying "if you only want to hear punk, I feel bad for you?" I mean seriously, I can't get over it:
1) Blink 182 has nothing to do with punk, so what does the statement have to do with anything? 2) way to make ridiculous, unfounded assumptions 3) it makes you come off as pretty condescending an arrogant, which the tone of your "inside scoops" definitely lend to, regardless of how factual they are or are not.

Seriously, John and I stated our opinions, backed them up with our views, and you disagree, get over it. There's no reason to be defensive or stuck up about it. It doesn't mean we're narrow-minded assholes, it just means we disagree with the direction the band took. I think Enema and Take Off Your Pants are really boring, polished, juvenile albums. They redeemed themselves with the self-titled /opinion. Doesn't mean I hate every genre aside from punk (which is a pretty ridiculous thing to assume about me (or John), if you talk to anyone who knows my music tastes).


lmao, do you realize that your getting mad at me for stating MY opinion? im not saying your evil or wrong and im not dissing you, im just saying i feel sorry for you for not being able to appreciate what in my opinion is some of the best music out there.

and yea, old blink had A LOT to do with punk, just because they also had some pop influence it doesnt take away from the punk influence they had. why do people think that pop and punk cant coexist? it is true that with every album they had less punk and more pop influence, and the last album definitely was in no way punk (except for in marks songs, which werent singles. those still had punk influence)

chill dude. smoke a doobie! then listen to chesire cat
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They better play their good stuff.
I don't wanna hear ****ing "Feeling This"

yea seriously...not everyone stays exactly the same forever if all you want to listen to is punk go listen to a punk band id love to hear feeling this. but theyre not even getting together anyways
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It's slow and uncatchy. Not something I'd dance to unlike the other blink songs.

thats because adams song is meant as a message, some dude named adam commited suicide so they made it an anti-suicide song with the verses being about someone who wants to and in the final course he ends up not doing it because he realises he has more to live for. i think the chorus is ****ing kick ass