When my dad and Aunt got their citizenship it wasn't hard (plus they had lived here for 20 years)

From what I've heard there is a general knowledge exam and a English exam to pass.

There aren't THAT many spiders, or snakes. Being bitten basically confirms your an Aussie.
"Awesome metal hair!"
"I'm a girl"
"You sure you're a girl?"

Its been said to me on ug chat.
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WTF in sign?

Also, there is a guy who comes in to my local electrical store every second month on the first cause it is more expensive to buy ink rather than a whole new printer.
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Did you know that airplanes don't have a row 13?

Did you know that people who are allergic to cats are NOT allergic to the cat's fur (hair) but to the cat's saliva? The fur makes them sneeze because cats "clean themselves" by licking.

I'm sure there is cause I remember my dad had to leave from Terminal 13 and was sitting in row 13A...
my shortest was a school book (maths) it took 6 hours from point of purchase. The store was a three hour drive away, plus the courier had to go through Brisbane at midday (which involves getting caught up at the toll bridge for an hour or so) so that was good

my longest is 6 months...
Its going to be a little boy. I vote "pit", but i doubt any of the bids are real...
No one likes Yellow poor Yellow
aren't the red ones chilli flavour? or do we just have stupid flavours here in Australia?
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This idea sucks. I'm in Year 12. Will I get one?

I remember when I was 5 and really wanted a laptop. I used to get paper and fold it in half so that one side would be a screen and the other would be the keys. Then I'd draw on the screen. Every time I went on a new web page, I'd have to erase it all and then draw it on again.

Dark days they were.

You won't get one, cause a) your half way through year 12 and b) its kevin rudd, I doubt anyone is high school atm is going to get one, he has made a couple thousand empty promises remember...
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This is crap IMO, Rudd is being idealistic and not realising that the kids will only be using it for either a) porn, b) solitaire, or c) porn.

There goes the taxpayers' money... but then again I may not be informed of all the details.

I doubt those laptops are going to last a year to be honest, how many kids will drop them, or throw them at someone or smash up their *enemys* computers...
I was having lunch reading. then I spent 20 minutes trying to explain why 123456789 was an important number to my nan...
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Not the best specs but for a free laptop it looks alright. Now you can have a wank while watching online porn thanks to your government.

*sings*Wanking Matilda, wanking Matilda. . .

Actually no. My teachers at BSDE (Brisbane School of distance Education) are trialling the computers. You can not install any programs on it, nor can you access any non *government approved* websites (like google is banned from it)
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oh ... that's a little dissapointing if I'm honest.

Sorry to disappoint...
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Wtf is an IPT teacher?????

Information Procesing Technology Teacher... Computers teacher! Aussies just want to confuse everyone...
I'll be getting yelled at by my IPT teacher... an hour to go for me
Apparently one of my friends had a seizure today, and what did her *boyfriend* do? He kicked her on the head while she was seizing.

Gah, I hate living 2000km away
since when did he sing pop?
Q) whats the square of 94.8683281?

A) Fire
The one with the pop rocks and Coke!

or the one with the Draino and pop rocks

/Urban Legend reference
my parents don't play any instruments at all neither does *most* of my siblings, my grand parents weren't musically inclined but from what I gathered about my Nans Mother(my Great-Great-Grandmother) Was that she used to play piano and was really good at it.

My brother is a semi-way decent singer but I'm the first to pick up the guitar.
There are one of two things going to happen now,

a) this thread won't be shut but OP will mysteriously *disappear*
b) the mods shut this down confirming OP's original thoughts
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yea i noticed that they were different, but honestly i liked the Riddle in the 6th movie. he seemed so sly and spooky.

See I'm slightly Biased with the new riddle but it could be (because in HP2 it IS a memory) so when he who must not be named could have looked bedraggled when he made the horcrux, and normally he did look like he did in HP6. But who the hell knows, I do enjoy the current riddle cause, as you say he did seem *sly*.

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here's another thing i noticed. if in the 6th movie the Burrow was is the entire wedding part of the 7th book going to be done? the wedding preparations and the wedding itself is very important in setting you up for Harry Ron and Hermione's journey, they're going to either resurrect the Burrow or severely change the entire beginning of the story.

So I wasn't the only one that was pissed at this! If they stick to the extremely well written book that they had instead of ducking it up with the burrow being light up like a Christmas tree then it would make more sense! but nooooo they mess it up so die hard fans are ready for a mutiny.
My god! You're ****ed dude
I really Hated the cave scene, One minute Dumbeldore was helpless and looked like he was on the verge of death then next second he had caused that massive fire and was looking really powerful then in the next scene he was all weak again.
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slightly, , if I am honest I thought that it was a bit weird that they made him into such a 'pretty boy' so to speak. He didn't look 16 imo though.

yeah he looked as if he was at a strange age, but I'm assuming he was sixteen.

I liked the Original Riddle (from Chamber of Secrets)
Is it weird that I thought the 16yo Riddle was freaking Beautiful in the movie?
@ Dintino Is that true? or are you just a really good Story teller? Either way you had me in tears


Its a fake
I really hate the people who say it out loud in normal conversations
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my friends and i were out golfing like 2 weeks ago. About halfway through this like 45 guy two groups behind us starts yelling at us that us and the people behind us (an elderly couple that seemed to be nice people) weren't playing fast enough. "There's a whole f***ing hole in front of you. Go!" so he butts his way in and plays with the old couple. for the next few holes we make comments to ourselves about how much of a douche he was being. (he may have heard us lol) a few holes later we're in the middle of teeing off (one out of three of us had hit) and this guy confronts us and this conversation ensues

Douchebag: "Guys you are out here 'jagging' around and walking real slow. we're waiting behind you on every shot. you guys should be movin there's no one in front of you. Tee off already"

Me: yeah one of us already went, no i'm gonna go and we'll be on our way"

Douchebag: "No, you're moving too slow"

My friend Eric: "We're playing golf dude, we don't need to be sprinting"

Douchebag: "Whatever. I asked you nicely before didn't I?"

The 3 of us in unison: "Umm.... no."

Douchebag: "Well that's as nice as it's going to get"

My friend Chris: "Do you have somewhere to be? If so you picked the wrong sport"

Douchebag: "MOVE"

so we keep playing. the last hole this guy decides he's gonna play with us. and he starts this whole argument about what 'smartasses' we were being and how "playing slow was inconsiderate and we were pretty much almost in a fist fight.

Even though we kind of made it worse at some points, the fact of the matter is that it was three 15 year old kids that weren't really doing anything wrong and this guy just kept dragging the argument out and it didn't need to be.

Sounds familiar to when some friends and I went to mini putput this guy quite literally sprinted the whole course leaving his wife who could speak NO English with their five kids to catch up.
My brother was nearly kicked in the head by a guy because my brother had asked him if he'd seen our dog. Same guy kicked out at our dog because his niece was patting him... This happened when I was about 8 and my brother about 11, the guy would've been at least 30 odd. I wasn't amazed, i was ****ing terrified.
I'm the same way, I only get out of the house to take my dog for a walk and check the mail.

I don't think there is anything wrong with it, some people enjoy the company of their own. However, my parents pretty much drop everything if I want to go somewhere.
I have also got Ducks, they are wild but enjoy coming into the house and following us around, they hate my dog though
I have a dog who thinks he is human, his name is Prince (did not name) and he is a pure breed Golden Retriever, he has a racing name but no one can remember it.

When we got Prince my dad could fit his hands around his waist and his nose was broken in 2/3 places, he would pace until he collapsed on his paws from exhaustion, he hated the garage, children and my brother and dad. He would not eat any food for the first 2 days and had worms, fleas, hotspot and god knows what else.

This is Max

Max and Prince

Prince Showing Off his Koala

Prince in his bed

EDIT: GAH! Sorry about the size, how do I make it not so Large?

Double Edit: Fixed it
[quote="'Sydal *[LFPE"]*']spoke to soon? not over yet tho,

see when I say win an origin, i mean at least two games! I'm not even watching the current one, someone will have to tell me how it ends
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go the blues!

**** the Blues, try winning a state of Orgin for once
When i was 9ish and had days off, and my parents where at work, I believed that the school will come too my house and take me away because I *faking* it (normally I was). I figured out that that was wrong but have still felt uneasy taking a day off school.

I used to believe that if I tried hard enough things that happen in books would happen to me (think Harry Potter)
Well My current school is awesome, class starts whenever we want, can go get drinks/toilet/eat in the middle of lessons, you can wear Pj's to class, Can walk out in the middle of lessons, no homework, really nice teachers, ect.

I do distance education hehe.

My previous school was horrid. If you where sitting alone (for whatever reason) you had to see the school councillor every day for a month (excluding weekends) or until you make some friends, my maths teacher was also the sports teacher so often it'll just be the class, and he wondered why we where all failing, my Computers teacher was also the school tech so most days he would not be in class and if he was he would be asleep at his desk, there were separate lunch times cause the seniors would fight the year 8's, even though most classes where mixed (ie my english class had 20 year 11's/12's 5 year 10's and 2 year 8's) It was a *surfing* school so most of us got out of class by saying: "Sorry miss/sir, I've got surfing now"

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Hmm, no, no. I don't recall. I was in Kindergarden with a girl named MAtilda, tho. I had to go on stage and eat a bunch of chocolate cakes once! It was horrible. So we put a salamander in the principal's drink. Man, good times, good times. . .

It was grade 1. 1 Chocolate Cake, and salamander was put in by the grade ones, the person who ate the cake was older than that. Though he did help collect it
I'm bored so I'm doing another:

"I'll just go and - er - finish off,' said Harry hastily, hurrying to pick up his fallen telescope and trainers.
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
The nearest midnight screening from me is about a hour away, and that isn't happening.

I'm going on Thursday though, cause most of the kids will be at school (home ed ftw lol)