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When you tune guitar diff is its case of just finding the 3 notes that say make up the chord.

Not really, chords can be made up of more than 3 notes.
DADADD, Open D5 tuning.

Alter bridge use it in the acoustic version of open your eyes. Pretty cool tuning for other songs too.
A good song to learn alternate picking is Muse - Hysteria, especially the first part of the solo.
Its not hard, but it takes practice to do it properly. Start really slow, and don't rush to build up speed. Take it easy, and build up gradually
This thread is probably better off in the electric guitar forum.
Gain / Distortion. Im guessing you mean feedback. When I gig, its a pain in the ass because I have to stand infront of a big(ish) amp.

Feedbacks achieved from the sound from the speakers hitting the strings and making them vibrate (thus creating feedback). So al you need to do, is put your guitar infront of a speaker.

To get it to gradually fade in, turn the volume down, pick a note, stand in front of the speaker, and slowly turn the volume up.

Hope it helps.
Instead of learning specific songs, play along to the vocal melodies of your favourite songs. You could play it on one string, or multiple, but thats a good way to get into guitar playing. It gives you an idea of where notes are, stretching your fingers, identifying notes and so on.

If you are set on looking for specific songs, you should do a search. There are plenty of 'songs for beginners' threads of this site.
Slow the song down and practice it at half speed and work your speed up.
In addition, you could also work on your finger muscles by putting elastic bands around the pinky to index and stretching them out (kinda like the vulcan sign).
Everyone finds it hard to play guitar at first. I didnt even bother learning about chords untill about 3 years after start playing! (not that Id advise it).

Play simple things first, the way I learnt was to play along with the melodies of my favourite song, using only one string at a time, then build up to powerchords / octaves and so on.

Takes a while to get there, but practice and be patient
Ok guys. Design wise, its complete. Just working on the programming side of it now. Should take a few days *hopefully*

Any more ideas of what you want etc?
useless thread is useless

Hey guys, so its that time again where the beginners song program should be updated.

A couple reasons why:
1) The program is getting hard to maintain due to the amount of AJAX being used within it!
2) Theres quite a few bugs, and to be honest, it's probably better starting a new version of it!

Version 4!
The old thread covering version 4 can still be found by clicking this link!

Ok, so first i wanna see if this is something people actually want to keep using. If not, ill leave version 4 online, but not develop it further. However, if enough people want me to make it better, then ill go for it.

This thread is for you to vote on whether you want a new, better, more efficient version of the program, and if so, what you want on it.
after a while, ill take a look at the suggestions and see what I can do with them.

Things to think about:
  • Do you want AJAX to still be used on it? - AJAX stops the whole page reloading, and only refreshes certain bits of the page
  • How do you want it designed? What do you want on the homepage?
  • What information do you want with the songs?

Add anything you want in this thread.
General forum rules still apply, IE no flaming, no spam etc etc.
I have to do it regularly. i live on my brothers sofa (for the time being) so i sleep whenever I can which is usually when someones in the room...
ah right. I've heard of it, (.ogg files) but cant remember where from.
dont post in reported threads
Thanks to those reporting it.
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It's... their job, it's what they applied to do. Plus there are like 50 mods total, i doubt that all the reports go to one specific mod.

1) We didnt apply for anything, we were asked if we wanted to do it. And most of us said yes, as a way to help out a site we use alot

2) We dont get paid for it, we do it in our spare time.

3) Theres only 31 forum mods. Some of which dont actually mod, but are more better described as programmers etc.
Theres almost 16 million posts. To make that more simple, there could theoritically be over half a million posts per mod. Theoritically.

4) Reports go to whoever mod that particular forum. Sometimes I can miss a couple of days of internet and come back, and ill have 50+ reports.

It is time consuming, you have to read the report, read the reason, read the reported post, work out what happened, search for the posters account in the BB, warn / ban them, if you think there a multi you search IP addresses too (which is very timeconsuming). You then have to put up with their agro in the FOTB.

And baring in mind, alot of times, you cant just warn one person, sometimes it can be an entire thread of spam.
just banned him, but i cant remove the images. you'll have to report the threads and wait for the forum mod / supermod to remove.
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i dont know why, but i laughed hard.

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Isn’t spamming technically just putting in adds into discussion forms. Also spamming is constantly putting in the same thing over and over again multiple times. I didn’t do that, I didn’t spam!

Post again something that isnt related to this thread, and we'll discuss this issue in the FOTB for a month.
If you want to carry on arguing your point (which is irrelevant considering your wrong) then you can private message me.
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i didnt get a message? u sir are a buzzkill.

1) Check your junk folder
2) Id suggest if you dont want a ban you stop spamming
3) Read the dam forum rules.
To the guy who posted the youtube video, check your emails for your warning.
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somebody please help me

if i play e phyrgian scale over A-minor chord, is it e phyrgian or just a-minor scale, cuz the notes are same.
do i have to play e minor chord at background if i play e phyrgian scale to make
e- phyrgian sound?

1) is what E Phrygian? If you play the phrygian mode, you are playing the phrygian mode. There are many chords which fit in with that scale.

2) No, not constantly. One chord wont make the scales sound different, its how you use chords which are constructed through the scale or mode you're using, and the progression you create.

Read this, it'll explain everything:
Whats the point to this thread???!
If you dont like it, dont use it. simples
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Did he get out?


Teaching the balloon a lesson.

This is why we advise people to make sure they take care when signing up to the site
^ I wouldnt really say thats a perfect reason. I didnt think it was your name when i looked at it.
Read my lesson on modes. Even though its about modes, it'll guide you though the very basics to start with, which cover all your questions.

Make sure you understand it properly before moving onto the next section(s).
It usually has to be a very good reason, or you've done something for the site. Username changes aren't really promoted because if one person gets it done, loads more will get it done, and considering only admins can do it, and with only 1 active admin on the forums, it'll take up alto of time.

I'd suggest you only ask for it to be changed if:
- has special characters causing problems
- is offensive
- you havent been in trouble before with the mods
- people seeing your internet activity by searching your username interferes with your personal life.

Changes such as making characters lower-case wouldn't really count as a good reason, nor would "im bored of this username".

Just remember, frenchy has alot of stuff to do, both on the forums and off the forums. dont pester for username changes unless you think its really necessary
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also, just for Logz, the module backgrounds are now the blue striped ones


Its beautifooool.
search the forums too. Esp in the bands and artists sub-forums.
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Good one.

Nah, let's be serious, you and I know that that won't happen. Like I said in my first post, I'd also very much like a revamped UG Classic skin alongside the new UG Black design I created... instead of the grey striped boxes, it could use the blue ones from the profiles as the base, with the light blue colors and black text like the current UG Classic skin...


I'd like it more if it had the blue stripes
I thought zappp said a while ago it was very annoying creating a new skin

I like your design. very web2.0!
However, I've never been too keep on the very dark forum skin, and always prefered classic
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Try playing about with the angle of your barring finger, and try rolling it slightly on its side.


I also use my thumb to pull my hand against the strings to ensure no string muting!
1) You shouldnt really think of scales as Whole steps and Half steps, more as intervals based from the major scale (although I only use W and H to construct major scales).

For example, to build a mixolydian scale, you'd use the intervals 1 2 3 4 5 6 b7 from a major scale.

2) As far as i understand, an accidental note is a note which isnt part of the scale, which is raised or lowered in pitch from the scale note by usually a semitone. I could be wrong.

3) A Harmonic Minor, Ill show you how:

A  B  C# D  E  F# G# A  <-- A Major scale
A  B  C  D  E  F  G# A  <-- Your scale
1  2  b3 4  5  b6 7  1  <-- Your scales Intervals

1  2  b3 4  5  b6 7  1  <-- Harmonic Minors intervals

Therefore A Harmonic Minor
Linkin Park wad the first one. I still listen to Hybrid theory and think its amazing.

Alter Bridge, whenever "open your eyes" wason kerrang, i keppt turnin it over because I hadn't actually listened to the whole song, but when I did, I went out and bought the album the next day and loved it

The latest one I discovered a couple of months ago, was Chris Daughtry, after being recommended it by a friend in work. She sent me a couple of more "rockier" tracks to my phone, and I loved them, so she sent the whole album, and it was amazing, and now the new albums been released, I cant get enough of it.
Especially the songs life after you, supernatural and Call Your Name.