Ill sign it
and get everyone else I know to sign it. Even if they dont watch F1
And also, hamilton said
"I dont see how they would have come to that decision. If i was ahead of kimi going into the corner, how can i gain an unfair advantage from that"

EXACTLY. He was in front, how can you get an advantage from that.
Here, here is proof those fucktards have it in for mclaren / hamilton:
1) In Bahrain, he was given a 5-place grid penalty
2) In the french GP, he was demoted 10 grid places
3) He was given a drive thru penalty after being forced off the road again
4) Given a 5000 euro fine because he was LATE for a news conference.
5) Given a 25 second (which is far too long) penalty AFTER handing him 1st place

You tell me another driver who is as brilliant as hamilton, being given these amount of penalties in just 1 season.
Quote by Meths
Are Ferrari like... paying off the officials? How can they penalise Hamilton for that? He tried to overtake, was forced wide (would they have preferred it if he'd carried on and crashed into Raikonnen?) and then did what he was supposed to do which is slow down and let Raikonnen retake the lead. Then he overtook him.

I do feel bad for Raikonnen spinning out and crashing at the end though.

And I do like how hte BBC website named the race judges who made the call, presumably in an attempt to make sure everyone knows how much they suck and so can direct plenty of vitriol their way.


Does it provide email addresses?
Quote by Deja_Vu
I was making a reference to Spain when a bunch of Spaniards were throwing racial slurs at Lewis. I don't think racism had anything to do with the penalty judgement, nor do I think most Alonso fans are racist. And I don't think they're the only ones capable of being racist either, but I like to think that a sport that prides itself on being an international sport isn't prone to racism.

Quote by jermstar44
go massa and raikonnen

They just cant see a black man win a season on his 2nd ever season.
im so angry. Im going to cook.
Quote by sam b
No they're not. They were right to penalise him.

fuck off.
How were they right to penalise him.

25 fucking seconds??

1) Hamilton was pushed off the road, there was no where else he could go without hitting kimi.

2) He let kimi have the posistion back AND even lost 1st place again when he was forced of the road by BMW or something.


Did kimi get a 25 second penalty when he crashed into the back of sutil? What was so fucking different there apart from the fact kimi actually wrote off a car, and that it was a smaller team that no one cares about.

Did kimi get a 25 second penalty when his car was dangerously released in valencia?
"The stewards will look into it after the race"
"The stewards have decided not to give kimi any penalty at all even tho it was very dangerous".

Just face it. FIA have it in for lewis, there a bunch of racist ferrari loving fucking wankers.
FIA are a bunch of fucking nazis.
I know what. Why not demote massa back down to 2nd, then say "oh, kimi got first, even tho he crashed, he was gonna win anyway".

Fuckin stupid bunch of ferrari lovin cunt bags.
Its more than likely a problem with the lead input. That part on the guitar where you put your lead in.

I get a crackle / signal loss when the clip which holds the lead jack in, goes a little loose. try bending it slightly to hold the jack harder.

Like jdr94 said, try taking a picture. It could help more.
Look at the stickied threads at the top of the tab talk forum.
Read the tuning htread at the very top of this forum.
It will tell you how to tune to drop C.

Use the tuning thread at the top of the forum next time please.
Quote by permanentmarker
i think youll need a liscence, cus even if you dont watch tv on it, how are you gonna proove it.

You ring the TV licensing company and tell them you have a tv, but no broadcast receiving equipment. They will then come round to inspec it.

I bought my TV license as soon as i moved into my flat. £35 every quater or something. Kinda savage. This country will charge you for anything and everything.

You need to have a tv license if you watch TV on your phone or computer too. Im not too sure about if you listen to the radio. I think do still do.
I like the Bonus track Damage Done.
Thats an awesome song.
Theres nothing you can do about the direction of a fractured finger.

I fractured my pinky finger and it bends at an angle now. Its common for them to change direction after a fracture.

Just practice is all i can suggest.
No, its not a bad habit.
Some people float their wrists, some pinky anchor. I personally anchored and it's never hindered my guitar playing.

As long as you're comfortable with it, and it doesnt affect your playing, it'll be fine.
read the rules.
NO vs threads.
Use the search. Theres hundreds of these types of threads.
I prefer the idea of Alt Metal.
To be honest, theres only ever a couple of active threads in Nu-metal. Those being the slipknot and linkin park threads.

There's occasionally other threads, but barely get any responses.
I think it would be more active as an Alt Metal forum tbh.
Quote by rageagainst64
it takes strings a while to STRETCH OUT. just strum em for a while, then tune up

You stretch the strings as you tune them. Otherwise it would take ages for them to stabilize
Quote by Brokntragedy
nu-metal is NOT hardcore. in no way, shape, or form. it never was, and never will be. it is just a fart in the music scene.

leetists like you annoy me.

Nu-metal is not a fart. Deal with it.

>: (
I just spent 5 minutes of my life trying to get the icon

I will be missin a forum
PM one of the pit moderators.
Quote by duncang
It's not about difficulty with that test, it's about total irrelevance. How is knowing where we thought Santa came from gonna make you a better British citizen?

A test on the laws and on the English language is what is needed, and is probably what will be provided. It's just that the media is obviously going to mention the silly things in that book.

Because its about british culture. Every kid knows about santa clause. EVERY kid.
If you went to somewhere like iran or something, they would expect you to abide by there way of living. If you were a woman who moved there, you would be expected to don a head scarf.

We're doing the exact same, in our own way.
Quote by duncang
Not one with those sorts of questions, even though it's obvious that the BBC would take some of the more trivial pieces of information from that book.

Its a good thing there that hard.
It means people who want to emigrate to the UK need to actually learn about us in detail.
Im very opposed to them coming in and taking jobs without needing any type of test. Just because theres better Q.O.L here.
Read the rules to avoid warnings
I guessed a few though. And i got the PG one wrong lol.
It was just a php error. looks fine now though.
Quote by Zaphod_Beeblebr
I don't usually question the mods but he didn't actually call you a jerk, he apologised for being one.

ah yea.
Quote by steven seagull
and this thread will get locked soon because Logz hates them

You know me too well

Just like steven said, we cant judge how good you are. The guitar is about sound and music. We cant tell you what it sounds like if you only explain in text. Its like trying to explain to a deaf person what a guitar sounds like.
Quote by highlordmugfug
thank you, sorry for being a jerk, at least i didnt call him a retard though

EDIT: to threadstarter, do you not know how a guitar is tuned?....
it goes, from lowest to highest, Eadgbe
so of course "e" is the highest string

that is, in standard tuning anyways...

No, you were being an idiot and trolling. And your not helping matters by calling me a "jerk".

next time, read the fucking rules before posting.
Your next warning will result in a 30 day ban.
same for me