I thought it was brilliant.
Tbh, like ChrisN ( ^), Im getting fairly bored of the "aliens come to destroy earth" story lines, and this made it different. It was nice to see something different.

I loved the documentary feel to the beginnning and end of the film, the action was good, the effects were stunning, and considering it was a low budget film, it was amazing.

I also love the SA accent, and the minor comedy parts to the film (IE gets squirted in the face and asks to cut it out the footage).

All in all, I'd say its probably the best film I've seen this year.
Quote by J.A.M
He's playing open strings, but that would still work.

Yea, realised that after I posted but he can put his fingers resting on the strings right next to the nut and it'll do the same thing.
Quote by Martindecorum
the ability to mute the other with your picking hand


When I play a warm up I have which is just hammer on's and pull offs on one string, ill use my picking hand to mute all the other strings.

If its a load of hammer on's and pull offs followed by picking, then I use my fretting hand to mute other strings. Its just a matter of practice practice practice.
once you've played the powerchord, lift your fingers up slightly, so there still resting on the string, but they dont ring.

IE: Dont push down on the strings hard enough for them to ring out.
Quote by gpffa


I realaized i posted this in the wrong spot but i did a search on this forum. Somone was talking about Major scale and Penatonics. Are the Shapes exactly the same except I just add and extra two notes to the shapes of the pentatonic?

Again, try not to think of them as shapes. This is where people get confused,
pentatonic scales only contain 5 intervals, therefore 5 notes per scale.
Major scales and most other scales have 7 intervals and therefore have 7 notes.

If you think of them as shapes, it wont benefit you as much when it comes to improvisation. Of corse, shapes will help you in the short term, but to progress, try to learn the theory behind them.
is there any point to this spamfest?

1) You should try get out of the habit of refering to scales as shapes, instead, try to learn them as intervals. But yes, it does have "shapes" like the pentatonic. Again to re-iterate, try not to learn them as shapes!

2) As long as your scale starts on the note C, and you play a major scale, you'll be in C Major. If you start from a note other than C, but still play the exact same notes (For example: D E F G A B C D) You'll be playing in a MODE of C (that particular mode is D Dorian, but you dont need to learn about modes for the time being).

3) Im confused about this last question.

If you need any more help, just ask away
I wouldnt mind goin to meet other UGers (particularly mods >_> )
Unfortunatly, its a work night and i cant get the next day off. London is like, 300/400 miles away, but ive done it before to meet up with the mods

Cant wait to see more lineups (hopefully... also hopefully on a weekend!)
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Then you are 100 percent tone deaf.

And also, Tons of amazing guitarists cant play the piano. There famous, they make money out of writing amazing sounds. Are they tone deaf?

Again, stop posting stupid remarks
Quote by Plexi81
Most of chopin's work is difficult, playing mary had a little lamb, or smoke on the water on piano, is not.

Every instrument uses the same twelve notes in the west. The piano is the simplest because it lays it all out in front of you in buttons. Once you know a solo on piano, you'll be able to master it on guitar. If you only can do it on guitar, and can't do it on any other instrument, and don't know any of the notes in it, then your playing means nothing, you can't do a single thing with it. You're a session musician.

Are you serious? Piano and guitar are totally different. Can you play a solo on the piano meant for guitar when it has bends? pinch harmonics and so on? No.

I've learnt piano and guitar.

I suggest you stop making stupid posts.

couldnt help myself
Quote by Samurai Chicken

I love it. I laughed so hard, i got a cramp in my side
Usually about 3 hours a day, sometimes up to 5. I finish work at 12.30pm so i have pretty much all day.
When I have band practice, I warm up at mine for a couple hours, then spend 4-5 hours with the band practicing.

During my warm ups, ill start with hammer on and pull offs through a scale, (a la mark tremonti), some scale runs, string skipping, finger picking, finger stretchs etc, then work my way onto playing solos from bands like alter bridge.

Depending on what i practice, ill play along to different songs:
Semi-quick palm muting / down picking : million miles away / the kids arent alright - offspring
Quick solos and scale runs: most things by alter bridge
Finger picking: metallica / alter bridge / some stuff i made up

and so on.
At the end of the day:
3-5 hours on a normal day
7 hours on a band practice day
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^ I'm sure there must be some kind of pun we can make with your username...

Quote by herby190
Yes! Carmel digs it.


Was that fail for the rubbish pun, or for saying the wrong person
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this isnt quite good enough for a sticky is it?

View the part of his signiture in green letters
Quote by tom1thomas1
is 'alder let him go' meant to be a pun? still can't work it out

Alder is a type of wood.

Only on UG would I get this amount of amusement from silly puns.
I generally only learn them if they come up in a song. Theres so many chords If i know the basic chords I can usually find alternate voicings for them.
I started writing songs about a month ago. I got slightly bored of learning other peoples songs, and I wanted to write about stuff happening around me, so I went out and bought an acoustic and started writing.

The way I did it, was to write a basic chord progression. I started on the chorus, and generally, I want that part to be one of the most powerful parts of the song, then used the chorus chord progression to build a verse progression.

From there you have a basic song, you can can create a nice simple intro, bridge etc.

I then recorded it to adobe audition through my laptop, and saved it to my mp3 player, and whenever I got time, would listen to it.

When I write the words to a song, I try to think of a theme to write about and base it around that. Again, I start from the chorus and work onto the verses.

Once I've got the basic chord progression and lyrics down, ill consider adding electric guitar parts to it, maybe a solo etc and mix it all up in audition.

Just dont rush it. Take as much time as you need.

When I write my chord progressions I always start on the acoustic. I can do it in 3 different ways:

1) Play a range of different chords and see what sounds right
2) Decide on a sound I want to go for (happy, sad, dark, exotic etc) and work out the chords I could use from a particular mode and base it around the mode
3) This one sounds a bit silly, but it works, and it works amazingly for writing solos when you have no knowledge of scales / improv. Get a voice recorder (can pick them up pretty cheap), think of either a progression or solo in your head, then hum it out while recording yourself.

I wouldnt suggest listening to someone for inspiration, you may end up copying alot from the without realising.
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The only music store here is closed for the month, because somebody broke into it 2 days ago.

And the nearest one is about an hour away. so Im kinda screw.

Half an hour to walk or drive? If its to walk, just walk it. It takes me half hour to walk each way to work, and I do that at 4.50 in the morning.

Either that, or order some online.
They need water on the moon so it can be used as a possible base for missions to mars in a few decades time.

After all, with water you can create food (obviously with other things such as seeds), provides something to drink etc etc etc.

There not bombing it, they did the same thing to an asteroid or something a year ago or so and no one said anything then!

And yes, the moon does get bombarded alot, even by things as small as a grain of sand. Because the moon has no atmosphere, they dont burn up and end up hitting the moon.

Because the moon doesnt spin on an axis like earth, we will only ever see one side of the moon. The other side is riddled in small craters from impacts:

Thats a picture of the farside of the moon, which we dont see.

Drilling would be more expensive, not less. After all, if its just an empty fuel tank they cant use again, it'll just end up floating around. For a drilling mission, you'd need the rocket still to get the machine to the moon, then land the driller, drill down a massive ammount, analyse the rock, and send it back.

To dislodge part of the ground around it makes more sense.
+1 to NASA.
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Whatever you find most comfortable and gives you the tone you like.


I personaly prefer dunlop/tortex 1.14mm (i think) picks, for that extra grip, and strength.
^ nice reference.

I find Dm very easy to do! Once of the easiest i think...
Index finger on the 1st fret high E
Middle finger on the 2nd fret G
Ring finger on the 3rd fret B

Just takes practice, alot of it.
ill start writing the new version, taking all your feedback into account, when i next get access to the internet.
Hey guys,
Sorry the forums been a bit messy now and again (if it has) I personally havent been able to get online for quite some time now (Split up with missus / no where permanent to live etc).

I think some of the other mods are away as well, but as soon as I get back ill be back on the ball

(Starting with the 200 odd thread reports i currently have in my inbox :/ )
Will be back ASAP
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Maybe shrink this down to emoticon size?

Haha, love it.
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Try Searchbar for beginners.


Look at the stickies in the tab talk forum.
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+1 im sick of anchoring threads


Read the stickies threadstarter.

Not me, freepower stuck it! I dont know whether he wanted to stick it or close it, both options are next to each other!

Ill leave it to him to decide!
Cas, I love your rants.

Anywho, I actually got my new phone from looking at the adverts on this site Then again, I was browsing phones4u a bit before, and then i came to this site, and it was full of phones4u banner ads (one of which showed the new LG viewty smart) so i went in town and got it.

Some ads, ftw.
lol. Just take a few minutes to look at how your holding the guitar, and how your holding the strings, and try adjust your hand position to avoid touching strings your not ment to.

I had the same problem when i started learning barre chords. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes alot easier
Quote by rigiddigets
Oh, ****, what a miserable situation to be in.

I've been there too, last year my partner and I split up and we had to live together for months. I ended up sleeping on my housemate's bedroom floor and my eating patterns screwed up as I always went hungry at night because he and his friends were hanging out in the kitchen. It sucked.

Yea, I know what thats like! I haven't really eaten much in a few weeks. maybe a burger for breakfast (I work nights/early mornings) and noodles for tea.

But then when he moved out, everything got instantly better and more relaxed, so I'm sure you do have that to look forward to. In the meantime, you two need to live together as housemates, if you can't be friends. This will mean that maybe you need to sit down and sort out some temporary house rules until you move out, to make both of your lives easier. This could include asking her to see her boyfriend at his place, not bring him to the house you share. I don't think that's an unreasonable request to make, especially considering how long you were together.

We've already tried some rules, however, they not only didnt work, but caused an argument last night! Id finished cleaning dishes, and pretty much the entire flat, it was midnight and I had work in 5 hours, and when i asked if she could hoover in the morning, she turned snappy.
As for seeing him at his, I've asked, and yet again, she got snappy and started yelling on about half the house being hers etc etc. Its shitty that hes here, but i can live with that. Its just being around her thats the hardest part at the moment.

I would just keep spending as much time as you can out of the house, with your friends, doing things to distract yourself. Also, if it helps, try to imagine yourself in a year's time having gotten over this. Then think about what the rest of your life holds for you, and how many opportunities you will have.

Meeting new people is also a great way to take your mind off your problems. I'm not saying new girls per se, but if there's a few house parties you can go to with your mates then I think it'd be one of the best things to do to start having fun again.

Yea, I've been doing that when I can, and its been pretty great! And at those times I dont worry about a thing, its just when i get back here!
I havent thought about whats gonna happen in a year, but it sounds like a good idea. I got alot of free time on my hands so ill try that

And I'm not about to judge you for using alcohol to take the edge off things, and you don't need me to tell you that you ought to watch out for yourself in case it escalates and becomes something that you are more permanently dependent on. Again, I've been there before in the past, and I can see why you're choosing to do it.

The alcy definatly helps, alot more relaxed with it, but I understand where your coming from.

Just hang in there and everything will turn out okay soon enough. I know you must feel like you've been crapped on from a great height at the moment, and yeah, the next three weeks are going to be some of the hardest of your life, but when you get through them then you'll know that you were strong enough to manage it.

Lots of us are available for PMs too if you want someone to talk to, myself included

Thanks for the help and advice Its great to hear some helpfulness, rather than the cocky remarks from the guys in work.
Quote by nilpferdkoenig
Move out, go to a hotel or a friends, immediatly.
I cant really afford to sleep in hotels. I have £800 worth of bills to pay tomorrow. And I have been sleeping at mates on/off, but recently its got a bit harder to find ppl who are willing.
I can understand that though.

Quote by stormx
Who owns the lease to the house?

Its in both our names.
1) barre chords
2) I think you mean your pinky is hitting the high E? (The thinnest one)

Its probably the way your performing the barre chord.
If your index finger is slightly twisted to form the barre, the other side of your hand should be raised slightly off the fretboard.

Is your thumb in a bent position behind the neck, or is it straight? If its bent, then your pinky finger will be more likely to press against the High E.
Ok guys, I rarely ask for help, but i kinda need it atm, and where better, than the anominity of the interweb.

Basically, met my ex several years ago. Started seeing each other 4 years ago. Got engaged bout a year and little bit ago, and at the same time, moved into our own house.

We've been on holiday together, to mexico, wasnt cheap, a good £4000 ($6400? ish). On top of that, a very expensive diamond engagement ring. all in all, I must have spent at least £6000 on presents for her.

6 weeks ago, she broke it up, over a text. Since then, we've had to live together because of the whole house thing. But 3 days after we broke up, she'd managed to find some other guy, and now shes dating him, and bringing him over to the house!

The tenancy ends on the 20th of August. Shes moving back in with her parents for the time being. I was meant to be moving back in with mine temporarily, but turns out, there moving away so I cant. Basically, gonna have no where to live from the 20th onwards (until around mid september).

Over the last few weeks I've been pretty fucked up through constantly drinking. Every single day, morning, afternoon, evening etc. And now I've just found out, that I was "second best", and the guy shes with now is one of her ex's and shes always wanted to be with him.

how fucked up is that right?

So my question.
Im in a bad place, Ive been sleeping on sofas for 6 weeks. Im stuck with living with her and her tosser bf for another 3 weeks, Im drinking, and while I full on hate her, (and yes, I do mean hate), i still love her at the same time, and in 3 weeks time, Im gonna be asking mates if i can sleep on their floors.

The point is, I want to get over her as soon as possible, but its possibly the hardest time ive ever been through and have no idea what to do. I suppose it wouldnt be so bad if i didnt have to live here with her, but i got another 3 weeks of it.

sad times.