^ Yea. The cache is used to save parts of web pages so they load up faster in future.
Guys, everyone learns at different speeds. Dont give him a hard time.
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I use my elbow to tremolo pick and just keep my hand in the same position. I can't get any speed otherwise.

Its not really a good way to do it. If you use your elbow and upper arm muscles to provide you with the speed it your alot more tense, and this will be reflected in your playing.

Tremolo picking, like freepower said, comes from accuracy and relaxation. Make sure your relaxed first, that has always helped me.

When I first started to strum fast, I was learning The Offspring, million miles away and the kids arent alright. The verses are down-picked, and palm muted at some speed, and I used to alternate pick. But once i started relaxing, i found it alot easier to down pick the notes faster.
You can use theory to find out which chords sound best in a progression.

Read my lesson about modes (it also covers chord construction and progressions based on modes), and is ideal for beginners. It may take a couple of reads, but its definatly good.
Tbh, the strings dont make much of a difference when it comes to tapping. I was playing my mates guitar the other day (he doesnt really play it, more keeps it around), and his strings are about a year old and i didnt find tapping any more harder than on mine (if not a bit more horrible on the fingers)
Its not about the number of scales you know. After all, there are plenty of musicians who dont actually know theory, but still come up with amazing tunes.

On the other hand, it is sometimes useful to know some.

I tend to improvise using modes, but only stick the the modes of the major scale. They have all the different sounds I usually need.
Floydbert, Thor36, Will Swanson and solid s/hit...

check your emails for your warnings / bans
Please use the search function.
This has been done before
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You become novice when you can play guitar hero on medium
You become intermediate when you can play on hard
And you become expert when you can play every song upside down with your feet after drinkin 3 bottles of tequila and smokin an ounce of weed, while having to watch a sextape your parents made the night you were conceived.

Please read the rules, in particular, about spam.
I never really go to the index always the forums, profiles, or news directly so i missed out on it all
I also like this idea.
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love the information on the site... but way too many dropdown/pop-up adds. something really needs to be done to clean it up or people are gonna get frustrated and start using other sites. i know i am!!

1) Its a free website, the only revenue stream we get is through advertising.
2) we get 13 million visitors a month, and have over 1.2 million registered members. People arent going to use other sites because of the small inconvenience of adverts.

This is the greatest, biggest, and most informative guitar based website in the world.
It costs an incredible amount to run it, and keep updating it with new content and features, as well as running offices in russia and the USA.

you wanna check out carte blanche by veracocha.
fucking awesome tune. will get you proper pumped! just make sure its loud!

check it out here:

let me know what you think of it!

and also, dj tiesto,
Thread starter, please read the rules in future.

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Ultimate guitar is a privately run website.
It is not the united states of america, free speech does not apply to a private website.

If you dont like it, i can ban you?
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Your a real dick, ya know that? **** off.

Why? because he's helpful?
He's stating the facts. If you dont like it, you dont need to speak to him like that.
you can also check using the modules on the homepage.

Go to

click on the big green square with the + sign in it, to the left of the page near the top.
Click on "fun widgets" or something like that, and its called "criminal status".

click the criminal status widget and it'll tell you if you've been warned, and how long its active for etc.
Happened ages ago.
I used to be one the first page of top posters

I loved that page.
Quit your moaning. Your thread got closed because it had the possibility of gore and could turn into a spam fest.

And you just know some twat was gonna come along and post tubgirl / meat spin / link to 2 girls 1 cup or any of the other disgusting things.

It did not require a posted excuse to close. We have better things to do with our time. You know nothing about what we have to do to moderate a site this big, and closing threads is just a tiny part of the whole thing.

And dont get all petty by saying "wah wah wah, my thread got closed and his didnt". Theres over a million threads on this site, over 14 million posts. Do you expect 30 moderators or so to actually be able to see everything??

If you dont think its accceptable, report it. It'll be dealt with a whole lot faster.

Lmfao Modwannabe, why don't you suck ass a little harder and really get that taste in your mouth. You might as well nip over to Russia and blow Zappp, it's just about the only way you could possibly outdo your embarassing little tirade.

Just because SYK doesnt have a coloured username he does other work behind the scenes. So get your facts right before you start having a go at him. If anything, thats warn-worthy in itself.

End story - Grow up. It got closed, we've got more things to do than post a reason in every single thread.
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No. It was just the bus I needed to catch some of the way there, it goes down loads of pissy little roads that wouldn't have been gritted, etc.

I was on about working in the sorting office and such mainly, but walking around for a few hours each day isn't a proper job

Stoke you say?
Did that happen to be the actual sorting office or an MDEC?
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Well, posties don't seem to get up that early anymore.
We used to get first post around 7, and second post between 10 and 11.
Now, we just get post around lunchtime.

Ill have you know, I have to get up at 4am every morning to get into work on time.

The reason you get your mail later in the day is because of restrictions imposed on driving speeds etc. It means the mail gets to the mail center later in the day, and therefore gets processed later.

Not our fault, the governments
Im a UK postie!

Chances are it might not get there on friday. We're striking
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You don't grow callouses in a couple of days. Your fingers gradually toughen up over months. Just play til it gets uncomfortable then take a break for your fingers to recover a bit and start again.


It took me months to build mine.
Also i found when my strings got a bit too old they began to cut the callouses a bit.
please watch this educational video about man flu
Quote by ChrisN
I have no flu whatsoever. If I did, I certainly wouldn't be out of bed.

Me either, manflu is near fatal.
I went out on saturday nite and met up with a mate down town.
We hugged and gave each other a kiss on cheak, and today shes found out shes got it!

tho at the moment, i dont have any symptoms
No worries B.M

However, I am thinking of shutting the server down. My monthly expenditure on other things is alot and the server is costing me £60 a month (I host my other websites on it as well ).

Ill have to see how it goes.
Im not scared of it, unless it involves something painful. IE torture, stabbing, shooting etc.

I wouldnt want to die anytime soon though, I have so much i want to do.
Theres plenty of tuning lessons on UG, however, the forums arent really the place to post them.

If you want to submit it to the website as a lesson, try posting it in the "site contribution" forum first.
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I think Pickups are elctro-magnets so all of their force is made from a power source. There isn't any real magnet to mess up. If they were natural magnets then you could mess with them and permanently change how they work.

nope, just normal bar-magnets.
Unless you use active pickups.
Quote by Anonymoos
Explanation: An electric current goes through the strings, which makes them magnetic, picking a string causes a fluxchange, the pickups picks up the change and converts it to an electric current again, and your amp turns it into a sound. So your magnet causes fluxchange and you get the sound.

Depending on how strong the magnet is, it can fu ck up your pickups

Not quite.
If an electric current went through the strings, you'd be electrocuted.

The pickup are bar magnets. They produce a magnet field which goes around the strings.

When the strings are plucked, they vibrate at different frequencies. This frequency "upsets" the magnetic field which inturn creates a tiny electrical current. This is then amplified.
This really isnt the place to do this.
He'll answer his private messages.

click on the tabs menu tab, then to the far right of the tab you want to edit, theres a link which says u!

click that.
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D Minor is the saddest key of all.

I lol'd

nice reference.