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cough poster above me is a douche. Props for taking your time to make that im sure alot of people including myself will find it useful

douche poster is a douche. Its an internet program called a "bot" which automatically signs up to forums such as this and spams websites with crap like this.


thread /closed
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why do you get banned for saying something relevent to the topic.
He didnt make a post saying "i hate cheese" (or some spam like that)
he said he didnt like the song that TS talked about...


Its unhelpful to the topic in hand, therefore equalling spam.
In general, im very relaxed about the warnings / bans and rarely hand out any.
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how do the the clocks know to slow down im just kidding theres some kind of magic...well science in there somewhere would it work with a digital clock?

Quote by wikipedia
Hafele and Keating, in 1971, flew caesium atomic clocks east and west around the Earth in commercial airliners, to compare the elapsed time against that of a clock that remained at the US Naval Observatory. Two opposite effects came into play. The clocks were expected to age more quickly (show a larger elapsed time) than the reference clock, since they were in a higher (weaker) gravitational potential for most of the trip (c.f. Pound, Rebka). But also, contrastingly, the moving clocks were expected to age more slowly because of the speed of their travel. The gravitational effect was the larger, and the clocks suffered a net gain in elapsed time. To within experimental error, the net gain was consistent with the difference between the predicted gravitational gain and the predicted velocity time loss. In 2005, the National Physical Laboratory in the United Kingdom reported their limited replication of this experiment.[2] The NPL experiment differed from the original in that the caesium clocks were sent on a shorter trip (London–Washington D.C. return), but the clocks were more accurate. The reported results are within 4% of the predictions of relativity.

light theoretically only travels at 300000000~ m/s in this version of our reality.

In other realities its possible for light to travel faster / slower, or not exist at all.

Look at it in another way. 1 year on earth, is the time it takes for the planet to rotate once around the sun. That means we add 1 year to our age.

However, if you were on another planet, it rotates at a different speed / duration around the sun. Lets say a planet takes 2 years to rotate around the sun, if we lived on such planet, and looked at people on earth, we wouldnt be 1 year older, we'd be half a year older from the other planets point of reference.

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I also remember reading in a old guinness book of records (it was an ooooold one, like 1990 or something, or i could be wrong, could be a farely recent one) that there was an astronaut who was in orbit in some space station (i dont know which country, something tells me its russia) and apparently he had been there for awhile and for some reason they had discovered or had calculated that he had travelled into the future by like a second for a period of something like a quarter sceond.

Yea, this is true.
However, it was done by atomic clocks. One atomic clock was kept on earth, the other was put on the ISS (or MIR cant remember which). Both atomic clocks where exactly the same on earth, but when the one from space was looked and compared with the one on earth, it was different, but only by a few nano/micro-seconds.

Its something to do with the faster you travel, time slows down.

Im not exactly sure, its been a while since I took physics
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I agree. Like a UG chat room that people can enter.

you mean like...

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This is good. At present, if you hover over any of the names in the "friends online" you'll see an icon appear next to their name. Click this and you go directly to the interface where you send them a PM.

I had suggested UG have an internal "instant messaging" system, but apparently that would be too complex.

^ lol, facebook have problems theirs. Apparently recently had to change alot of the server headers because people were sending 1 billion instant messages a day lol.

Then again, has facebook ever worked?
ftw means for the win.
Which basically means "YEAAAAA!!" Just a term used to say this is awesome.

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haha, a criminial status widget. Maybe that will stop them asking about ban lengths in the FOTB
Mark Tremonti is self taught. Listened to metallica. He got a tutor once, and told him that he wanted to learn to play metallica, the tutor told him hes not ready for it, and tremonti got rid of him and now hes fucking amazing.
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hell you tell me that you can't have a huge sig...

easiest way to get you to understand
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You will now
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God I HATE Canon Rock.

...Because it sucks.

Spam once more and I'll make sure your banned for 30 days.

Check your emails for your warning.
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Thread created: 07-24-2008. Just a few months after I joined.

point being? Its a bit hypocritical.
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Surely you can see that it's gone too far?

Erm, no? Its a word. And like carmel said, if a mod deems it worthy, it'll stay, otherwise it'll be closed.

Who cares if it has the word "only" in it? Its up to the mods if it stays or goes.
no, UG wont spam / sell email addresses. UG only use it for contacting winners.
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Would this be a really complicated thing for the programmers or whatever to do?

Till! When you write a private message using the profiles, would it be possible to put the submit button as the next tab index?

Like, click in the box and write a message, then press tab and it automatically focuses on the submit button? At the moment when you press tab in the message box it goes to the top of the page

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finally some people who think floyd roses are better than bigsby

I was joking.
guys, everyone knows bigsbys fail

How many different whammy techniques can there be?
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Yes, there are.

*goes to edit post*
1) Hundreds of these threads show up each week.
2) If the threadstarter wasnt so lazy they'd use the search function
3) Why cant the threadstarter just, pick songs they like??
4) Theres plenty of easy bands to play. Any of them will do
5) All the threads usually contain the same bands / songs
6) They're incredibly annoying
7) Its the rule, therefore they get closed. And that aint gonna change.

Click the link:

If that doesnt work, use the search bar to search for "what songs to learn" and search thread titles.

Just look at how many threads / posts there are. If they had actually searched, they wouldnt even need a new thread. Its just lazyness, and it clutters up the database.
the best way to get rid of a virus:

T0t4l $ysT3m R3St0rE!!!111!1!!
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Dude, if you got something while using Trojan, you should probably use a different condom brand.

That was possibly the worst joke I've ever heard.

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Damn, these Trojan viruses are horrible ways for them to sell condoms

*waits for people to pass by post*

This too.

Congratulations, you both fail.
threadstarter, please read the forum rules before posting anything. they can be found in the pit at the very top of the forum.

college = university
ooooo. yea, but you cant see the facts and stats

Im usually pretty good at spotting multis
your thread, you can do what you want!
But it doesnt really matter now. It was just some advice for next time

its better for you to create a new thread than bump a dead thread.
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You bought that? really? Ive seen more believable excuses in the fotb.

^ You'd need to convert them to MP3 first.

You can do it by downloading an .flv to .mp3 convertor from
i love how all spambots love mods
This thread is full of epic win.
Threadstarter, please read the rules.
Advertising is strictly against the rules.

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Windows Media Player also his this feature. I'm amazed nobody mentioned that yet.

Yea, this is what i use. Doesnt change the pitch, and it can be slowed down quite considerably.
We generally dont accept tabs with lyrics. The lyrics are copyrighted materials, and would therefore be subject to copyright infringement.

The tabs are merely users interpretations of songs, and not the actual song tab (which is also why we dont accept tabs reproduced from other sites / official / unofficial tab books).
1) dont flame
2) if you actually knew they were a friend then you wouldnt flame them. There just there to make your friends list look bigger.

3) dont flame.