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Logz, what is the difference between mods and supermods, apart from the fact that supermods can delete any thread?

A Mod has a certain set of tools they can use for whatever forum their modded in.
Ie: close, delete, move threads, view posters IP addresses, edit individual posts, stick threads etc etc.

But when a mod goes into another forum, they dont have those controls.

A supermod does.

Any mod can also close / open their own thread.
Kinda, his names frenchy. We dont let normo users speak to him directly

Wrong thread.
They get there own "special" forum. Its a bit like hell.
In the pit, scroll to the very bottom, and look at the users at the bottom right with green and blue names. These are mods.

Dont PM me, I cant delete it.
Just a 3 minute jobby, I remember this and had to do it
I may try another one later if i can be bothered
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How you got the notion that guitarists would help you with credit card problems, I cannot understand.

Because this is the pit. Its useful
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But instead of consulting the pit, why not call Visa. Simple enough, right?

This. If your old enough to order online, your old enough to ring them.
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It's not a story 'bro'... i was asking to see if there's a way you can get around it. But i guess most people dunt reed good

I believe thats called possible fraud
No. Its always worked for me.
I find it so impossible, i dont even try. Anyone who can play B gets some serious life points.

God i wish i could.
If they're cool enough to go to an unofficial party, there cool enough to be with you guys.

Are they hot?

Are they women? and if so, are they hot? and if thats so, pics will be required, else you will fail. Epically


What daytripper said
I never knew iran had that much firepower
that thread, is pure win.

Threadstarter, i salute you
maybe your brush size is too small. it goes to crosshair about < 3px ish.
The film is epic. I watched it on Friday, and I'm going to see it again next week.
Possibly the best film Ive ever seen. especially with an awesome sound track.
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lawl busted!

SAY IT'S YOUR COUSIN, QUICK! Mention learning disabilities for a weak mod shield.

Im immune to learning disabilities! Ill ban, retarded or not.
TS: any idea who Matty_EFC is?
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Though technically there only way to check for a multi is through ip so its not allowed but it would be hard to get caught (aka don't make a thread about it).

It was great!

How can you not cry with laughter at pitts face when cloony opens the cubbord door!
I admit i lol'd

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I laughed even harder at this
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Logz, why is it that usernames are only changed very rarely? Does it mess up a system, or something? Or is it just that kind of 'Should have thought about it before you signed up' attitude?

A couple of reasons

1) Considering the size of the community, around 1.2 million registered members, if we started allowing username changes, they have to be done manually. If one person saw someone else getting theres changed for no reason then they'd want it done as well, and it would soon get out of hand.

2) Its alot easier to track users and suspected multiple accounts when they can only have one username. We do have tools to help us keep track of them and find new ones, but if people started changing them it would be incredibly hard to watch them.
Im sure divided will come in soon and help shed some light on the rulings. But im pretty sure the answer will be along the lines of "should have thought about it before you signed up"

On very rare occasions they might change a username.
Not sure. Technically yes because its a new account for no reason.

Why do you want to create a new account?
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You know the artificial sweetener in Diet Coke has been proven to cause cancer, long term, right?

Dude, everything causes cancer. Its pretty much inevitable. If you dont get it, your genetically superior
could have been worse... could be your mums / sisters / grans underwear drawer.
Its will-power. All it is
When I smoked, I was smoking 10-14 a day. shitty habit.

Then I ran out of money, and instead of scabbin around for money, I decided if i quit it'd save me £70-£80 a month.

So I stopped. Cold turkey. The manly way.
A rival company to my own... you know this means war
nice and simple,

just get distracted by doing something else.
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reports and stuff cluttered into your own emails?

And you occasionally get the odd email from a user who does agree with their ban and would like you to know that.
^ it depends whats been reported. If its a forum post, its put in an email.
If its something on the profiles, its a report in teh BB
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My point is simply that kids are trying to feel all assertive and alpha by reporting, and mods are generally making up for a lack of what they want irl, online with itchy trigger fingers.

Don't get insulted or anything, I'm saying in general, plus Moderation isn't bad, of course it's important, but very few sites actually have an appropriate level of moderation.

1) UG is a community of over 1.1 million members. There is a team of roughly 30 mods. Thats on average 36,666 users per mod, and half a million posts per mod.
Id love to see how well you manage to keep that under control.

2) Its been proven in the past on one of the "fake" mod strikes how fast users take advantage of a situation. It wasnt even a day before everyone was spamming the place up. If it wasnt for us mods, this place would be a shit pit and im pretty sure everyone would be like "omgz this place sucks. so much spam".

3) How the hell do you know what the mods do in real life? Your making false assumptions.
I myself am a deputy manager at royal mail. I manage teams of up to 200 staff, and thats just ONE team. If I wanted to assert my "power", most certainly have better places to do so than on an online forum where the best insult i receive is "you is a ***" by a poxy 14 year old.

I help out on here because when i first started playing, this site was an amazing help, and me modding is my way of giving back.

You need mods whether you like it or not. So quit your bitchin.
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Drop C - C G C F A D

C Standard - C-F-A♯-D♯-G-C


Next time please read the stickies / search for the only tuning thread
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