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inb4 lock

Do that again and you'll be banned for 30 days.
Check your emails for your official warning.

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Is he anchoring in that pic?
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its your technique

I have .008s on my guitar, and my tapping is perfectly audable even without an amp.
I have a couple of small improvements

1) multiple picture upload, usually i upload more than 1 file, so being able to upload a few might be easier

2) when clicking on the pictures in profiles to go to the next one, can an anchor link be added to it automatically scrolls down to the picture? at the moment, half the page is filled with UGs header

3) also with pictures, make it able to scroll through pictures using the keyboard arrow buttons! Im used to it on facebook

Also, will folders for pictures be added any time soon?
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thats just messed up sending it to his mom. everything else is funny, but thats just messed up.

bahh, she was fine.
Thanks JN

I've stickied the thread back at the top of guitar techniques forum. Can also be found

Everything pretty much links to UG.
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Hilarity ensued

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I did that the otherday, and ended up walking an incredibly drunk "mature" lady 5 miles home at 3am :grr not impressed with myself.
Then again, it makes me a legend.
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nobody ****ing does that. who are you kidding?

Dont speak to mods like tht!

And as a matter of fact, i do it too.
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Wrong section. Probably should be in Riffs & Recordings Contests.

The root note is the first note you play. If you played the C Major scale, the root note would be C.

It doesnt have to end in C, and the notes can be used in any number of other scale. Theory can be hard to understand.

It sounds like your trying to run before you can walk. Learn about notes notes and intervals first.
Once you've done that, read, and re-read my lesson: until you really say you understand it.

That lesson will introduce you to the major scale and chord progressions. This is how chord progressions can be built.

As to your first question, your chord progression, C F G C, G will always sound good with C because G resolves to C. Once you've read the lesson, learn about resolution. It explains how and why chords sound good together etc.

Im not too sure what you mean by powerchords from pentatonic and harmonic minor. There both 2 different scales, and powerchords arent technically chords, they can be used with any scale.

1. Learn about notes...
2. Learn about intervals...
3. Learn about scale CONSTRUCTION.

(scales are what built chords, therefore once you know about scales, chords will become alot easier to learn about).

4. Learn about chord construction

With this base of information you will find theory alot easier to learn.
happens to the best of us
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read..... the...... RULES!
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A distinctive Avatar makes a user readily identifiable.

back in the day when logz was pretty popular, i tried changing my avatar numerous times, only to be told to change it back
maybe you can get yourself a sparkly orange / green / blue / red username... everyone knows you then...
Read about resolution or resolving chords
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basically its a decoration. It wasnt there as a "so they dont scratch the wood" thing. after all dont you scratch the pickguard?

a pickguard is cheaper to replace than a guitar
Ever heard of ultimate-guitar?

use the metallica thread in B&A
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Maybe that wudn be a goood thing. They mess ur haed up 2 much.
well first, we're still discussing it.

2) That forum is called guitar techniques. compiling a list of websites doesnt constitute as a guitar technique, nor would it really fit in anywhere else other than the pit

3) Its a thread, advertising another site! UG needs to earn money in order to remain a viable business. We earn it in the form of advertising, if every advertiser came to UG and joined solely to advertise their stuff, no one would want to pay for advertising! Thats the reason we take a hard stance to not permitting advertising.
I've dislocated my thumb and index finger, and also broke my little fingers metacarpal and my index finger in the middle joint.

Id say its best to hold off playing untill it heals. I found that witch hazel (or something) was good for allowing the bruises to heal faster.

Although, you could use the palm of your fretting hand as a replacement for your thumb?

It was taken down off the stickies due to the fact it was dying. Most ppl know where to go for it, but ill edit one of the already sticked threads to make it easier to find.
try asking in the metallica / sabbath thread in B&A.
very old, and fake.
I've already sent you a private message regarding this. I told you I'd let you know what happens in the SF.
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As such...

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Logz, if you dont want to be spoken to like a kid, then dont have a tantrum (like a kid). Ive gone through all your arguments and ive picked them apart and shown them to be incorrect. You have failed to respond to that.

1) How can you tell what Im doing across an internet connection. If i was to have a "tantrum" over stupid conflicts such as this, there would be no chance in hell i'd be given the chance to moderate the site.

Answering threads is something I do when I have time to, whenever Im not at work / deleting spam / removing copyright mp3s / warning / banning / talking in the Secret forum / trying to keep forums friendly / answering the many reported threads I get sent / trying to have a social life.
Simply because I havent answered your essay doesn't mean im "incorrect".

My point stands, shapes aren't to be used to learn the guitar. They will only hinder the users performance later on.

If they use shapes, then yes. They will know where notes are. They will know what they sound like. However, they will only confuse them later on when trying to learn theory.

I know this because I have been emailed, private messaged, and asked several hundred times to explain why "shapes" arent working in theory the way they think they should.

Newbie guitarists tend to get it stuck in their heads that thats the best way of learning when it simply isnt. They rely on shapes to get around the fretboard, when this is very bad practice.

It makes their playing unimaginative and dull. Theres no way, anyone can remember every single shape, for every single scale. They have to learn how to use intervals to determine where notes are, and how notes resolve and relate to each other. Scales simply tell you "these set of notes sound good together and give this sound" without providing any explanation as to why.

Thats the major part of learning theory. To understand why and how theory works. Not simply telling them "this is how its done".

Shapes are only mask the real theory, and if they want to progress as a musician, mothering them with shapes is not the way to go forward. The sooner they understand it, the faster they will be able to progress.

I know, When I started guitaring many years ago, I did learn 2 scales as shapes. Now, looking back, I wish I had just resisted the shortcut and learnt the theory.

The only other advantage shapes provide is that they help in note recognition. Using shapes to construct and otherwise base theory around is not a good method of teaching.

Quote by leafarmusic

By the way, thats a good article, i recommend that everyone reads it, its very good.

This is bull. I've had enough of people giving the wrong answers. I've got better stuff to do in my time then explain why the correct way of learning, is actually correct.

Threadstarter, If you ask ANY decent musician, and anyone in the Musician talk forum, they will all agree, learning shapes IS NOT the way to go on. They limit your abilities.

Infact, Im gonna stick this in the Musician talk forum.

You want to know why notes are important and shapes ARENT? Read my lesson on scales and modes.

Now tell me how does any of that relate to shapes.


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Logz, i didnt ask for attitude. This is just a debate, stop getting so flustered. Its silly. Use arguments, not attitude, to get your point across. Here, ill show you how

Dont speak to me like Im a kid.
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Logz, explain why you should learn notes instead of shapes, and ill go through all your reasons, pointing out why in fact you should learn shapes, and why learning note names, although it has its uses, is not as useful as learning shapes. This debate has been going for ages now and the only person who has actually gone into detail is myself. The beginners here are getting a lot of conflicting advice so lets finally clear it up.

In fact, maybe there should be a thread just for this discussion.

Thats like telling primary school childen that man was created in the blink of an eye, without providing any explanation, then years later when they think they understand, explaning evolution.

It makes no sence whatsoever to misguide them when their first starting, which is what you're doing telling them to learn shapes.

Shapes dont teach you anything. They dont teach you how to create solos, they dont teach you what intervals are, what notes are, how to utilize them to their full potential, they dont tell you how chords are derived, and how to create modes and other scales. They dont teach you about keys and other major theory. In effect, their only purpose is to explain to beginners what a scale IS.

And that is a sequence of notes based on intervals NOT shapes. NOT patterns.

Any decent guitar / theory tutor will tell you the same thing.
If you actually bothered to learn theory as opposed to trying to guess what its about, then you'd understand the MASSIVE role it has in all other aspects of theory.

In the end, you're wrong. You're providing bad advice to newbies. So stop doing it.
Dont learn scales as "positions", learn them as notes and intervals.
Thanks stevo and BD and Zala...k!
Helped alot

Hey guys. Im trying to write a program with PHP, which involves the end result, returning a very large number.

Im trying to find out the value of this:


However, when I work out the answer, it gives me the value:

Im no good at maths. Can anyone tell me what: E+40 means?