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Ahavo Rabo Taco Salad is almost entirely in Phrygian Dominant

I knew it was phrygian something or other
You dont need to write fast solos either to be good. Some amazing solos are quite slow. Start learning a very easy, maybe not even long, solo and that will get you into it.

Soloings quite different from rythmn guitaring, you use alot more techniques, sometimes in quick successtion.

The first solo I (and alot of other guitarists) first learnt was metallicas nothing else matters. Its quite simply, doesnt use that many techniques, and sounds awesome. I learnt it in segments.
For example, id start at the beginning of the solo and play 1 section of the solo. And id keep playing it and playing it until id mastered it 100%. Then move onto the next section.
Try a phrygian sweep along with a spanish sounding chord progression.

IE, Listen to alter bridge - ahavo rabo taco salad (Although im not entirely sure its in phrygian).

Come up with a really good backing track, do your sweep, and add an extra note in which fits in with the scale.
I used to use 9s when i first started playing, then decided to try out 10s. In the end, i settled with 8s. I personally love them (d'addarios).

I usually change the strings once a month, just to keep that bright tone in them.

As long as you treat them wright, and be careful, they can last a very long time (as i've previously found out). I've got my guitar setup for down half step tuning, but i can easily get the 8s to go to half step down + drop D, standard, Open D5 etc. (Although tuning to open D5 with 8s does scare me a little )

Anyway. I just prefer 8s. (I also have my PC speakers plugged into my amps headphones socket and it sounds really, really awesome).
Stop! Before you adjust your truss rod.

The neck must have a small inwards curve in order to avoid string buzz. If you go making changes to the truss rod and your neck turns very straight, your strings will start buzzing.

First you need to make sure it needs adjusting.

Barre the strings on the 2nd fret, and also barre the strings on the 14th fret at the same time.

Get a credit card, or a 1mm~ pick. If you can fit the card/pick under the strings at the 7th fret nice and smug, and the strings just hold the pick / card in place, then your truss rod is fine.
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Open two browsers?

One for FOTB and one for the rest of UG

... If you can see the rest of the forums you are logged out
if you are logged out, you cant see FOTB
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following links you guys posted was a pain in the ass when I was banned.

not for us
if your banned, why should we bother?

Also it provides us with humor, laughing at the thick people who dont logout.
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You are not worthy of having our words in your post.

Couldnt have said it better myself
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Unless you're posting in a thread that moves very quickly, like the Gaming Thread, when regulars even say they miss a question.

Which could only possibly happen in the pit.
Even so, bumping is disallowed
^ No.
If no ones answered, it generally means no one knows, or no one cares.
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NO, and take it from a man that has spent 135 days in there.... It's not FUN!...

I guess it's only fate that I post right under the man that put me in there... Hello Logz...

lol. I thought I knew your username from somewhere
nope. Unless your a mod

for me too, forgetting the mod password
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whats the point of bots?

do they assume that people lack commen sense?

There are loads of different bots.
The main ones are search bots. like googlebot, google adsense, msnbot etc. And they're used to update their own search engines with information about your website.

Other bots are used for spam purposes (as you've seen on ultimate-guitar), for example, they'll sign up to a forum and post links to there website with what they sell.
Its easily done.
You visit Ultimate-Guitar...
You go to another website...
On the "referer log" on the other site it shows refered by "

That sites security isnt too great, suseptable to bot attacks, finds that youve come from ultimate guitar and finds your email address out.

UG doesnt sell emails. The emails would be contained in Vbulletins database instead of a UG database which is usually encrypted.

UG is the largest guitar and tab site on the internet. They get millions of visitors every month, the team is relativly small, do you think they can read and reply to hundreds of emails everyday?

A site as big as UG gets loads of bot hits everyday, its possible you posted your email etc on a forum post and cant remember

Ive not posted my email and havent got any emails.
No Advertising.
If you want to advertise. you can contact UG to discuss prices...
I practice between half an hour and 3 hours a day.
Depends on what mood im in. Generally i play songs i like, while trying to learn more complex songs.

I listen to Alter Bridge, which can be pretty technically demanding, I suggest you find a band you like, which could challenge you, and keep trying to learn them.
Anyone know where I can download the alter bridge / christina scabbia version of watch over you?
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troll or idiot?

read the sticky if its the latter.

To me, your a troll. If you cant help, dont post.
Please no advertising... Even if its simple lessons such as this.
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Practise, practise, practise

But make sure not to rest your fingers or hand on any one part of the guitar all the time. This will cause more problems for you in the future

I anchor my pinky on the body and i've been playing for about 7 years. Its never caused me any problems at all. As long as you routinely practice hard and dont give in, you can play it with or without an appendage attached to the guitar.

Id advise anchoring purely to find where the strings are.
Scales arent shapes. Learn that first.
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I am totally confused by this program. I clicked a link in it, and it took me to a page about some kind of computer game.


Can you give me the URL of the page where that link is?
Please dont post in reported threads.
If you have a pain, stop playing and see your doctor.
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all i saw was a wall of text.

Then dont post. Warning next time.
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Oh, haha, I've never been warned.

You've been warned twice, shame you've not been banned yet tho...
Site Feedback? PM a mod? What do you want to debate?
sounds like its spyware on your computer rather than UG.
I've never got any spyware / malware from UG and my antivirus + firewall is always on.
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you sound like a incompetent little bitch you ****ing scumbag, I bet you suck dick at everything you do in life so you try to put other people down is that right you ****ing dumb ****. Do yourself a favor and **** off or something you **** sucking fagot.

fuck off.


Deathpanda, consider yourself banned as well for winding him up.
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TBH, you're wrong, andy_jarvis is right.
It doesnt matter how many times different people ask similar questions, each question is different to the person posting it.

Your "sarcasm" posts didnt help at all.
So if your not going to post an actual link to a real learning resource then leave.

Sorry guys,
Dont know whats happening with the server at the moment, about 5 minutes ago it was working fine, then pages started dissapearing, so after a server reboot, it completely crashed.

Some guys are looking into it at the moment.
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You're one of the several thousand people who own the fender strat on this site alone... the problem is, it's a starter guitar that's bound to malfunction as the parts are cheap, simple as. I'd say that if you're so attached to it, get it fixed, otherwise it might be time to move onto something abit more up market.

shush n00b.
1) Dont be so cocky especially since you've only just joined
2) Read the god damn rules
3) Mods hate l33ts. So either shut up, or piss off.
4) Not everyone can afford a stupidly expensive guitar.

A good guitarist can make any guitar sound good. Maybe thats your problem.
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What's the point of this website? =S
looks interesting

Well, the title of the thread kinda says it all.
hmm strange. Its showing all 14 for me :s
Is it doing it for all artists or just metallica? Are you sure its just not taking a while to load up? and also what browser are you using and are you using AJAX?