Just a question, what would you like to see implimented in the list, so i can add it to the next version?
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So is this just for TAB? Or can you put down easy Chords too?

Anything easy.

Threadstarter, you've been here 3 years. If by now you still dont read the rules and look at the stickies, then next time it happens, you'll get a warning.
Threads gotta have a question.
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Only tuning thread


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DNF. Hamilton

Looks like you were wrong again.
only one thread plz.
Use the "only tuning thread" at the top of this forum please.
No ones wrote in this thread for 2 WHOLE years.
Im sure the threadstarter has learnt it by now.
You could do a small vB hack (i think). I think vB forums come with a BBcode addition manager, which might be helpful.

But it could be done with php's regular_expressions.

Ill have a quick search.
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just stop being nerds and learn to play the guitar the real way

You know what,
Check your emails. Idiot.
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Actually his joke wasn't lost on me. You, however...

Well perhaps if you had actually been here longer than 10 months, you'd realise those "jokes" happen all the time in site feedback

read the thread in tab talk forum.
Please read the rules.

NO Vs thrads
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Dude that link doesn't even work...

He was trying to be funny.
but failed.

Moved to MT
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and don't rush to finish a song just to get a new guitar. Learn it, understand it, and play it to backing tracks. Your playing will be sloppy if you rush, and sloppy playing is BAD.

Wrong forum
1 thread only.
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is ez to learn..

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is an ez one though..

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metallica solos ez and ...


TS: read the stickies in tab talk forum.
Read the rules.
NO vs threads.
^ Exactly.
Use the tuning thread.
Moved. I think this is the right forum.
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almost anything by rammstein

Rammstein is usually lower than drop-d
Guys. stfu.

Its an obvious spam thread, so most of you can check your emails for your warnings / bans.
Walrusbox, check your emails.
Threadstarter, look in the metal forum.
Wrong forum. Read the rules, and stickies.
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This has been the most entertaining qualifying session of the season, by far. If it rains tomorrow too, it could very well be the race of the year.

Well done Sebastien, you definitely deserve this.

I look forward to seeing all the penalties the stewards should be handing out
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Don't know what all this Ferrari bias shit is, remember that Mclaren shouldn't be in F1 considering what happened last year, and Hamilton's driving at Montreal should have got him chucked out until he passes his driving test.

I swear to fucking god. If you dont shut the fuck up, im gonna ban you.
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The FIA might have forgotten this little, *ahem* incident, where a certain M. Schumacher Esq. received no penalty whatsoever....

Thats one of the best videos of favouritism i've seen.
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Nah, he's right and knows all the rules of F1. The FIA are the one's in the wrong, clearly..

I fucking hate sarcastic idiots.
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^ Because, to come out of it still ahead, he had to use track that wasnt there.

So if the track wasnt physically there. Why should he have been penalized because of it.

Basically he could have done 3 things.
1) Done what he did, cut the corner then back off. But he got 25 second penalty for it.
2) Kept going forward to get back on the road, but crash into kimi - Therefore, dangerous driving, incuring a penalty.
3) He could have turned heavily right, and span out - therefore giving him the possibility of hitting kimi (penalty for dangerous driving), span out, or ended his race.

now you tell me, which one of those 3 things you would have done.
Its fucked up.

The FIA is trying to make it more exciting by encouraging drivers to overtake more, but the second they try to, 3 dipshits say no.

Why didnt a ferarri get penalized in the 2005 indianapollis curcit when schmacher forced rubens completely off the road. Was that not dangerous driving?