Pretty sure JCM800 2205/2210 and Jubilees all have diode clipping too? Dont see people bitching about Jubilees diodes?

Play a couple yourself and see if you like them.
Which county are you from, just out of curiosity?
Metallica's early tone is fairly easy, just drop your mids a tad at a time till you find something close.
From memory, Paget uses Triple Recs? No idea which revision, but they've always had a fairly flat response to my ears. His rhythm always sounds a little scooped to me, but his leads usually have a stronger midrange.
My advice would be to set a lead tone you like and trim the mids out of it a little with your EQ pedal for your rhythm. Dont push the front end of the AVT with a tubescreamer, you're just pushing diodes.

Disclamer: This post does not reflect my official position of the use of midrange in a live or studio mix. It is simply to help TS find the tone he's after.
Quote by ConfederateAxe
They overheat for a number of reasons. Part of it is an undersized power transformer. Part of it is morons who don't know how to properly bias their power tubes, and part of it is due to the anti-oscillation cap on the power tubes that blows and burns a nice chunk out of the board.

Cheers, didn't know that.
Learn something new every day.
Quote by hightension01
first off your mids SHOULD NEVER BE CUT.. the guitar is a mid range instrument and gets all of its definition from the mids.

what kind of sounds do you want? i could tell you my settings all day and you wouldnt get what you want

Tone is a fashonable thing, fads come and go. Remember how groovy it was in the 80's to scoop your mids?

Am entirely with you on that though, I much prefer boosted mids, just saying if he likes the scooped tone let him scoop.

Anyway. Can we get some bands you like? Specific albums and songs would be better yet.
Cant say I really liked those clips, but the DSL is a much better amp than it seems to get credit for. My tech see's alot of them with overheating issues come across his bench though, dunno, may just be that whole "cancer cluster" phenomenon?
Sounds good man, hnpd.
Nice cover.
New amp.
New pickups will sound fairly similar through the vypyr.
Could maybe look at getting a 6505 + 212 Cab of some description?
It'll sound miles better and it's easier to move.
Secondhand there should only be a couple $100 difference.
HNGD, Some nice shiz there.
How's the brass block? I've been thinking about getting a tungsten one for a guitar I've not posted a NGD for yet.

EDIT: Loving the sound of that VJ at lower gain on the high input.
Steve Kilbey - The Church?
Quote by dark Mass
If you want a bogner get a Uberschall.

Though that would be out your budget range.

^not this

1) The Alchemist isnt a Bogner, it's Line 6

2) Uberschall is a terrible amp for the money. How Claudio gets it to sound the way he does is entirely beyond me. If you're going to buy a Bogner, get the XTC, the Shiva or the Fish preamp.
Out of those i'd take the Savage.
But seriously, spend some more time with the Cobra. Isnt an easy amp to dial in and you need to open it right up but its such a tight, agressive, clear midrange voicing. The cleans go without saying. Sounds like exactally what you're after?
And it's a bolt on neck, ash body with a poplar top. It's the closest I could find too. Dont want to go custom shop. I dont have that kind of money to spare, nor am I willing to take the loss that would come with selling it secondhand. Cheers anyway guys!
So here goes:
- Thumb or Streamer
- 5 String
- Neck Through
- Bubinga Body
- Ovangkol or Maple Neck
- Ebony or Wenge Fretboard
- P/TJ (preferably) Pickup Set - Must atleast have a P in the neck.
- Preferably Pre-'92 (not a must, but it'd be nice)

I know it's asking a lot... but I've not been able to find one.
Thanks heaps for your time guys!
Listen to JohnnyApplecore, he lives in Raccoon City and clearly doesn't have the Tyrant Virus. Also, it's common knowledge that any Dean under 3000AUD sucks harder than... no, I'm not going to finish that sentence...
HNAD mate! Loved the Tourmaster I played. Unfortunately Egnaters aren't all that common round here. Lovely amps.

PS: If your a muso and cant lift the 27kg your cab weighs you should probably hit the weights It's a long time til you get yourself some roadies.
Also, push it down your chest some. When you go higher it sounds like you're almost singing out of your palate. Visualise it as the higher you go the lower down your sing from, if that makes sense?
I'm no expert, but you pitch seems reasonable.
Keep it simple, stay out of your falsetto, maybe move it down a little bit. Biggest thing that stood out to me was your breath control? Sounded like you were a little short at times, google some exercises, they're dead easy and it'll improve your timbre tenfold. AND SING LOUDER! But honestly, I dont think you have a bad voice at all. Best of luck mate!
Kahler will make you a trem with as many strings as you want? Pretty sure that's what Halo uses.
Sweet NGD!
Shape reminds me of a Schecter Avenger/Revenger?
I'd just like to inform you that your cranium resembles a phallus.
We need a budget and are you willing to get secondhand?
Pick up a PRS SE Custom 24. Go secondhand and you open yourself up do a pickup swap at the same time.
Bought me a guitar from the US yesterday. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks >.>
Quote by UKMaster
+ Apparently the 6260 needs to be turned up a bit louder to get a good tone. But, the Bugera has better cleans I believe. And I think the 6262 is the Peavey 6505 copy

I always thought:
5150 = 6505 = 6260
5150II = 6505+ = 6262
The list on them's like 400USD right?
So I'll take that as your budget for the head?
You melodic death... You live in america...
Seriously, Keep saving, keep trawling your local Craigslist till you find a USED (dont question it) Peavey 5150/6505 you can afford. You should only be 100-200USD off. Youll thank me later.

Edit: Sorry, I should explain it. Lets you group a few pedals together to cut down on switches you need to hit. It's either that or learn to tapdance.

There's midisystems that'll do it if you're so inclined, but they're a little harder to set up. - Had a soft spot for that ever since I saw Jamie Ice's 09' rig
Depending on your budget, get in touch with Tim at Bareknuckle. Have a chat to him about a Painkiller/Nailbomb set, also, the Aftermath may be what your after by the way Tim describes it, but I've not heared enough clips of it to decide for myself?
HNAD mate!
Looks tight.
Just curious if anyone is interested in selling a Pre-Fender RR1 over here in Aus. If you are, send me a PM over the site as I won't check this post. Thanks heeps.
Quote by jpnyc
It’s just Australia. Used Squier guitars are dime-a-dozen here in the USA.

Just had a look on US ebay and the same marvellous phenomenon is occuring. They're 100USD brand new and secondhand they're pulling, right now, an astonishing 85-95USD.

Must have had a killer neck!
Is it just me over here in Aus, or has anyone else noticed that Squier Bullet Strats tend to hold their value better than other mass produced guitars?
String through or floyd?
Neck through or bolt on?
Fretboard inlays?
Was just on splawn's site when I noticed that their amps have a mains voltage selector.
Kind of a suprise cause most american manufacturers seem to wanna be able to keep their international distributers rich by selling set voltage amps *cough* bogner.
Unfortunately the selector goes from 100, 120, 220, 230V. Australian voltage is 240 so would it be safe to run a Splawn on 230V over here?
Thanks guys.
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