ollololol ravens R teh gheyz

Have you tried changing the fuses?
You're not gonna sound good with a Raven.

Also your post makes no sense? Are you wanting to use your preamp of the Raven into the power stage of the AVT?
Marshall have made many valve head's over the years.

Why Marshall?

Why a halfstack?

What tone are you trying to achieve?
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Best 11'er so far.
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can I post the tattoos I want here?

No. Body mod thread.
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You need a good old reliable Sony Ericsson brick.

I hope you're being sarcastic.

I've had shits that have lasted longer than my Sony Ericsson.
I wouldn't visit the website with rotating gentleman vegetables if I were you..
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Nope, I look at him all the time so he can't do that.

Sounds like sexual frustration.
takes two people to change a poop sack
Get the dunlop gcb95. Fasel inductors ftw

I have the slash and it's overpriced and the distortion is next to useless
It's an LTD not an ESP.

Yeah good deal.
put him on the naughty step
Probably wouldn't handle logic overly well, but will be fine for photoshop and garageband.

Can't pass it up for £200
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The more I think about it, the more I'm leaning toward two 1tb hds, one for just large PI files and the like, the other for projects and possibly my DAW.

Do the new MBs have a PCIe slot? I know they've had firewire for some time now.

MBP's don't no. Only the Mac Pro does.

If you want hard drive's look at the G-Raid Mini 1TB. Stick 'em both to Raid 1 and you'll have maximum protection.
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You'll most definitely find PCIe on the Mac Pro.

@TS Mac Pro is going to be your only option.

I mentioned that the PCIe is not on any mac but the Mac Pro, I understand why it wasn't clear though...

Have a look for private sale, generally they're a bit cheaper for older models. Or have a look in the refurb store
Macbook Pro 15" will do you, however 1TB hard drive space is something I don't recommend. Get an external HD to keep past recordings/projects on. I recommend the G-Raid Mini 1TB. Firewire 800 BUS powered, raid 0/1


You won't find a PCIe slot on any Mac/find two Firewire 800 slots on anything but the Mac Pro. However if it's for studio use look at an iMac and daisychain peripherals.
Welcome to the internet
Rainbow Assmaster and The Wang Warriors
that is funny though

lighten up and look outside the box thats what costume parties are all about!

Plain rockstar costumes are boring and people who dress up as that have severe cases of teh gheyz.

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Like I like my women: submissive.

Each to their own, I prefer mine limp
YLOD = logic board has overheated so much that that it's melted some of the soldering. You can get fixes but they're only temporary.

Take it up with the seller on ebay or file a claim through ebay
Put it in a cone and give it to me
why would you even want to know this!?

but I repeat my answer, your mom.
Start your tribute by spelling it right "Parisienne Walkways"
I really liked the SG Special I tried, lovely thick neck which is satisfying like throttling a small child...

Ignore Plaith he's a tool
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Tell him you need a bigger room and bigger boards.

+1 think of all the ironing you could do!

I'd attempt a shoop but i'm a bit crusty using photoshop at the moment
If I went to subway and my sandwich had this filling i'd sue too
It's not like it's a matter of loaf and death, whats the hurry?
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Yeah, you ****ing liberals. Has anyone else noticed that only LIBERAL people work at planned parenthood? And how only LIBERAL people do terrible things? Hitler? LIBERAL! Westboro Baptists? LIBERAL. Mubarak? LIBERAL!! Al Qaeda? LIBERALS!!

Man you're still really angry for a canadian.... did someone else lose in the hockey?
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They live in the modern world, dicknose. It does not matter where you or when you live, it is not acceptable to drag a person kicking and screaming away so you can have sex with them without their consent. **** everyone who thinks this is in any way acceptable.

That has nothing to do with anything. If sexual assault is part of their culture, then **** their culture. It doesn't matter if it's "only for a kiss", do you really think the oppression of women in that culture is "only for a kiss"? Do you think what you just saw was ****ing acceptable? The fact that their farm got torn down has nothing to do with the fact that they openly encourage the young men in their culture to violently oppress the young women. Did you not see the god damned video? That's not just a ****ing kiss buddy.

They're not having sex with them.

Yeah it doesn't seem 'right' in western culture, but neither to iranians stoning people to death, but the iranians seem to like it.


You're rather angry for a canadian, did someone lose in the hockey or something?
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Total is such an innovative team. Although they don't seem to have the passion of Marlboro. Even still, I much prefer Vodafone.

regardless of the court case I won't refer to renault as lotus this season.

Good point, damn sponsors....

Totally forgot about that