which do you prefer? Llamas or Rastafarian-ism?
smash some pumpkins?
official band googler.
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TS if you enter the entire OP in google, you get the answer. No, really, you actually do.

edit: without the "i cant find it in books help me pit please im desperate" part.

erm tried it.
"Name a molecule that brings electrons to the electron transport chain in cellular respiration"

any help? can't find it in the book.
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Your iris color doesn't change on a day to day basis.

inb4 All babies have blue iris'; past a certain stage in development you're stuck with what you've got.

never said they change daily.
i notice my eyes will sometimes have a gold color in the iris, does anyone else have this? and what is it?

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Wow dude you're almost as bad ass as TS, you two should totally form some sort of school bad ass gang, he'd probably be in charge though

eh looking back i really shoulda been calmer.
for one of my tests a teacher gave me the first question i answered with "You're a fag"

i was suspended for assault in tenth grade.

came to film homecoming high

drank in school

told a teacher she was a fat ugly bitch

got head during school hours on the property.

smoking in the parking lot

drifting in the parking lot

Stealing the master key in my freshmen year

come to think of it i was a really bad student.
thank god they were wearing their seat belts.
count the beats in ten seconds then multiply by 6.
i started lurking in '05 but i registered '08...i am an 08r the end.
Sublime is always good to get high to.
if i thought we were only gonna die out after that than yes
in Japan, further studying Judo or perhaps start another from that really can't go wrong with them.
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it wasnt a joke, americans always say 'you english' when england is just one country out of 4 in the UK bro.

you scottish are always wearing kilts and playing bagpipes.

look i can do it too.
he's dead, its over.
Under my Thumb- Rolling Stones
this reminds me of the seinfeld when they just stand by and let that fat guy get jacked...they just stood by too....
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Another way the government takes advantage of the poor.

let's make a hippy jam fest man. we shall listen to some crunchy tunes.
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Christians aren't the only people who celebrate Christmas.

who else does?
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I figured it out in like grade 3. Most kids figure it out pretty quickly, once they can start thinking about logic. For little kids logic is what people tell them.

third grade is like what? 8-9? idk idr.....but if so it takes that long before somebody says "hey, I don't get santa at my house!"?
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To learn answer to the question I asked.

It's not possible for me to know what solo is the best to learn, because i haven't learn them, maybe someone who has more experience can tell, that's why i posted.

oh im sorry. i didnt realize i knew everything about your skills and had the power to tell you what to play. or maybe you could just google some bands similar to what you already like and learn that. yeah that one sounds good. besides im sure that this has been done over and over and over again. search it.
I was just can children think there is a santa for so long? I mean how did they explain this to/with other non-christian children? like say a kid is talking about santa in class before break and a little jewish child walks by. does the jewish kid tell him that he has never heard of santa? or that he never gets gifts from santa on christmas? does the christian child doubt santa? or does the jewish boy feel unloved because santa doesn't visit him? what do you think?
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Why do you bother posting

why did you?
no originality in these anymore ugh. no one cares what solo you learn next.
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I'm glad I'm not alone.
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Is there a word that means something along the lines of "when a civilization is the reason for it's own demise"?

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Don't buy it I don't care I didn't even make the thread for that reason silly , I just got the idea whilst reading one of my sister's old Kerrangs!
Craig Mabbit was asked if someone offered him $20 million to give up music what his response would be
I was just curious what some other people thought, I see now I should've put a gun to my mouth instead....woulda been more worth while

well that's a little more understandable. just in the context i thought you were just trying to blow your own horn or something. and given all the stuff that comes out of the pit can you blame me?
eh sounds more like you just made this thread to make yourself look like a passionate notable musician. I'm not buying it this is just too sad.
no, i would ruin their music.
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love it
see if he tries again, if he does. go to the police station and tell them and set him up so when he returns again you will have police there
what is romance? isn't that kind of subjective? i mean someone might find one thing romantic that another doesn't. so this question really cannot be answered.
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I realize that, I just don't give enough of a shit to call people out on every little grammar mistake they make. Math on the other hand...

well what is that? Math, English, Technology.....that's a bit of trouble he has in this world...wish you the best OP..

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Proper sentence structure isn't your subject, is it? We can do this all night.

ah hahah you got me....
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Math isn't your subject, is it?

and English isn't yours is it? (meaning you missed the fact that he put "hear" instead of "here", more of an insult to him I promise)
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