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It's worth noting that you must not use these while in pain, only after to prevent it....

As a general rule: If you feel pain to the extend of discomfort, stop. It's okay to feel a little as your muscles adjust to new patterns and stretches.

That's a good rule to follow and I do follow that rule.
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Well, Tennis Balls and Powerballs both have the same benefits against RSI/Carpal.
When I started I got a lot of carpal pain in my wrist and stopped playing for 2 or 3 weeks.
I bought a tennis ball and I keep it on my desk when I'm left waiting at the PC.
I also own a powerball I got as a gift from someone.
I don't use them now really, my wrists are strong enough now.

I bought a powerball because I was having some pains in my right wrist which felt like I needed to strenghten it. I used a powerball for a week or two and now I don't have that anymore.
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It won't help. They are a waste of money. Playing guitar is completely different to using a powerball, completely different recruitment patterns.

Infact, using one could increase the chance of an RSI as you are using your wrist even more. My advice is to give your wrists a rest when your not playing guitar.

I wasn't recommending using one all the time. I only meant from time to time and it will help strenghten your wrists and fingers and grip.

I believe there are even doctors that recommend using it (at a slower pace) as a treatment against carpal tunnel syndrome and rsi.

I could be wrong though, I don't use it much more now.
You can also use a thing called a Powerball. It will strenghten your fingers, wrist and muscles in the forearm. I use it and it does help.
The ESP Horizon series is amazing guitars like anything under the ESP standard and custom series. I myself use the Horizon FR-II which is the same as this one you got there in your post except mine has a floyd rose, I also use the Horizon FR7 (7-string). Both are amazing guitars.

The neck on the ESP Horizon FR-II or NT-II is pretty thin like mentioned above, it is very comfortble to play in my opinion (by my preference). When you jump into the 7-string territory with these guitars the neck will feel a bit bigger but that's normal. It's still very comfortble in the 7-string territory as well.

Maybe look at Schecter I hear they got thicker kinds of necks compared to the brands you've stated. Just ask around about it as I don't have any experiance with them at the moment, but I've heard good things.
Some of these terms may go against the laws of your own country meaning, their terms become 'null and void'. See 'Situation in Germany':

Also, as stated on wikipedia on the matter of sharing personal information:
"On August 24 2011, EA revised its End User License Agreement, removing several of the controversial sections. They released a statement saying that they had no intention to sell marketing data to third parties, nor install software akin to spyware on its customers PCs. The specific changes to the EULA removed EA's right to transfer collected personally identifiable data to third party users. However, Origin's EULA states that if there is a conflict with EA's Privacy Policy, the terms of the Privacy Policy shall prevail. EA's Privacy Policy gives EA rights to share anonymous non personal information with third parties."

Just posting this so people really know what's going on. This is mostly their way of checking if you got illegal game copies on your computer. They can share the non-personal info the find on your computer but it's anonymous and their terms become void if they share any personal information.
As I explained in my post before, this is the same as the Original Floyd Rose. You could pretty much call it a OFR, it's called a FR-1000 so because of different crafting location which is in Korea, this is done to keep down the cost of making guitars as alot of factories making guitars exist in Korea. Now this item is a Factory-only spec. Meaning this item is not purchasable to the public unless through a certified dealer which has contact with a guitar company which uses FR-1000.
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hey dudes, quick question. I might be getting a new guitar that comes fully equipped with a floyd 1000, and i just wanted to know if it was worth the money, and will stay in tune, or if its just a waste of money and/or a bad piece or hardware. I love some comments and insight on this matter. Thanks

Floyd Rose 1000 series and Original Floyd Rose is exactly the same thing. The quality according to the makers of Original Floyd Rose and Floyd Rose 1000 have claimed it is equal in quality and exactly the same thing. The only difference is that the OFR is made in Germany and the FR1000 is made in Korea.

I myself bought a ESP Horizon FR7 - a guitar which if right-handed would have an 7-string OFR in it but since I am left-handed I had to order it with a 7-string FR-1000. I've had the guitar since end of july/very-early august and compared to my ESP Horizon FR-II which has a OFR, the quality is exactly the same.

All in all my (7-string) FR-1000 holds tuning like it should, it is a quality build and it's reliable.

I hope this helps.
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Hi guys,
I got a new guitar with a floyd rose recently. Basically after learning the hard way to set it up and restring it (took me 6 hours yesterday) it's set up properly and in tune
Today I'm gonna jam with the other guitarist from my band at his place. Now here's the qustion - How do I transport a floyd rose? I have a gig bag for the guitar, but do I unscrew the whammy bar before taking it anywhere?

Always unscrew the tremolo arm out if transporting a floyd rose guitar. I would suggest even unscrewing the tremolo arm/whammy bar out if you are not playing it. Just because accident do happen, something can get hooked on the whammy bar or fall on it. It could damage the bridge.

Also in the future, remove one string at a time when re-stringing. I remember when I re-strung my Floyd Rose the first time it took about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Now I can do it on about 40-45 minutes (that includes tuning it completely and just having it ready). So once you do it a few times you will get better and quicker at it.
As far as I know all 'ESP' inlays are at the 12th fret and look like this:

$350 is way too expensive for a ESP even if it's used. New ESPs are around $2100-$2500 usually so a used one would not go down to $350 unless it is completely broken and somebody is trying to scam people out of money with a broken instrument.
I think this song of yours is pretty damn good, Hayden.

...and really? How can people say this is plagiarizing both songs are quite different.
Do not tie the two in the middle together and it should be fixed!
Virtual Mind (w/ Francesco Fareri)

It is probably unknown to most.
If you want fantastic books of Fantasy Literature go for:
-The First Law by Joe Abercrombie This man takes fantasy cliches and tears them apart, putting fantasy into a new realistic setting. You never ever know what to expect, this is among the most interesting fantasy novel trilogies to be released in the past 10 years.
-A Song of Ice & Fire by George R.R. Martin I'll just say A Game of Thrones. This like the work of Abercrombie takes fantasy and the timeline it's set in and puts it into a dark and gritty world of realism. No matter who your favorite character is, he could die! So you will never ever know what to expect. (Secondary note: I recommend the TV show A Game of Thrones which is based on these novels!)

H.P. Lovecraft has very interesting stories I recommend his short store books like Call of Cutuluh and Other Stories and others like those.
I love how they add "Real Books" to that list but it is quite sure that real books will never be replaced as reading long texts from a computer screen can lead to you getting very tired and get a major headache in my opinion. I'll take real books over PDFs and E-Books anytime.
I don't have much of an critic to be honest but from what I hear it's good stuff and I enjoy it. So good job, look forward to hearing more of your stuff in the future.

(By the way, you might enjoy a prog metal band called Haken, just saying.)
Very nice work! This theme is amazing though and so is the TV show itself! Great work man!
Places the whammy bar/tremolo bar on and push it down wards to lift the bridge. People make floyd rose sound way more complex than it is.
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@Gulli: Recording out in the coming months hopefully.

It better be! *Shakes fist*
I believe I've already congratulated DiminishedFifth several times on the great news that he now has a spot in Berklee. But as goes for both DiminishedFifth and Progbass92 I'm sure they both will go far and make amazing music together in the future.

Anyway to the track, like everything both DiminshedFifth and ProgBass92 work on, it is just amazing. That's really all I can say and I'm being as honest as I possibly can be. This is just a great sounding piece and I look forward to hearing some recorded music by you two!
Buying gear - not due to lack of cash but the fact that I'm lefty and living Iceland. Making it extra hard for me to get certain guitars. Especially extended range guitars. But luckily I got one in construction at the ESP Factory in Japan.

Lack of time. Due to school I don't get to practice as much as I'd want to. I usually get like 1 hour a day. I want to get like 2-3 hours minimum. Lack of time also makes sure I don't go study Piano or Classical Guitar.
Phantom of the Opera from Phantom of the Opera
Under a Moonless Sky from Phantom: Love Never Dies

Both are from musicals shown in Theatres in London, Britain.
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So I love fenders, and I have been looking through their webpage for a bit. I know my next guitar will be a tele. After that I want a jaguar. Problem, I am left handed, and I have come to the conclusion they dont make them lefty. What would I need to do to get it left handed, and how much would it cost?

Just curious.

Inb4 should have learned right handed, I tried, I hated it and I was extremely unmotivated until I accepted being a lefty and that my guitar choices would be limited.

I am a lefty myself. I'm pretty sure Fender has left-handed Tele guitars. As I've seen both American Teles and American Starts in my local shop that were lefty. Your choice to color may be a little bit more limited but it shouldn't have much effect on your decision.

After checking google I noticed jaguar guitars there are quite many results on it in google searches. Now, if so happens that you cannot get one factory made I'm guessing your only choice is to go to a luthier. Depending on the luthier one, custom guitar can go from 1,800USD to 10,000 USD and higher. So do the best you can on looking around for a factory made as best you can. Although going to a qualified luthier or custom shop will get you a great instrument but it may be cheaper to look for factory made guitar.
I am very glad that I picked up the guitar and everytime I come home and am in a bad mood and pick up my guitar and play some music, I already feel alot better. It definantly helps to keep me happy. It doesn't mean I'm quite happy every day as I tend to have a 1-2 bad day(s) about ever 2-3 weeks.
Like I said I'm very glad that I started playing guitar and studying music as it's among the best decisions I've made in my life.
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No Tchaikovsky? I am dissapoint.


But I'd say Liszt, Scriabin or Tchaikovsky. I'd probably go with Liszt cause his work will always remain as some of my favorite.
Use a tuner pedal with mute. As someone mentioned it looks amature-ish to listen to someone tune their guitar in middle of the stage aswell as it can be a bit annoying to listen to people tuning their instrument.

Just use mute and have someone in the band talk to the audience while you do it.

An alternitive is to have one other guitar in Drop C ready. But that's only if you have another guitar to do so.
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Charge him with a cancellation fee.

Legaly, a case can be made for it. It works like this, firstly, it can be considered as breach of contract, even if it was just a verbal agreement. Secondly, you could have been playing somewhere else, somewhere that paid more money, but because you were booked up for that date, you never never bothered trying to fill the date in your gig diary. That's wasting the time of your business, and time costs money.

There's also rehersal costs to take into account.

This really isn't so outlandish, other businesses do this all the time, for instance if you agree to hire almost any worker for a set date, and then nearer to the date you cancel him without a very good reason, he can legaly charge a cancelation fee.

Because he's officially been recognised as the one who calls the shots with this particular booking, (when she said "if he said no, then it's no") then he's the one that is officially liable for the cancelation fee.

If he refuses to pay, have a lawyer send him a letter, charging him the extra money it will cost in the lawyer's fees of course. Every time he refuses to pay, another letter is sent and the fee goes up.


Do this!
I listened to Contact and I'm also listening to Parallel Infinities (All the Parts), at part 2 now. Sounds awesome! I wish you the best of luck with this. I'm usually not big on Death Metal but this has a equal mix of these influences and you definiantly do a good job.

Really nice mixing on these tracks btw.
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That sounds awful. If I saw a band do that I'd laugh my ass off then leave.

Well, theatrics are pretty cool. I'm sorry that you can't appriciate it.
I'd get the vocalist to wear something like that in the picture sit in a throne, aswell as putting some props around the stage to fit the setting.
Maybe start the gig that way. Dim the lights, have him sit in a throne-like prop and have a short orchestral intro track open, and the rest of the band enters in some similar outfits. If you can add some smoke machine and such.
Make it a bit theater like.
Are you the leading composer for Haken or? It reminds me alot of Haken and Dream Theater with Dimmu Borgir Orchestrals at times and some classical-ish influence!

It's amazing!! That's all I have to say to now. Time for you to work hard on finishing this song and then record it!!
Well what sort of metal are you looking for, are you stuck to the more traditional and old heavy metal? If so go for Iron Maiden for example.

Iron Maiden - The Trooper -
Iron Maiden - The Man Who Would by King -
Iron Maiden - Brighter than a Thousand Suns -

I could give you samples of what I listen to when it comes to metal (I also listen to Iron Maiden though):

Symphony X - Serpent's Kiss -
Nightwish - The Poet and the Pendulum -
Kamelot - EdenEcho -
Kamelot - The Great Pandemonium -
Vanden Plas - The Final Murder -
Epica - Unleashed -
Rhapsody of Fire - Sea of Fate -

Here's at least a glimpse of the metal I listen to.
I am with NothingRocks on this one. There are many parts the could be simplified. For example why have 8/4 parts where they should clearly by 4/4. Writing progressive music in weird time signitures doesn't mean you throw any musical theory out the window. The music theory is suppose to help you in this matter to make the flow and outlook of the score the best and correct.
Have the roadie press charges for assault, and get rid of the bassist.

I understand being a little bit picky because you want things perfect but seriously no need to attack people for making mistakes. Things can't always be perfect, people just need to learn to deal with it.
Probably look at some Iron Maiden songs . . . that's all I can think of at the moment. I can't remember a specific song though but I think Iron Maiden has at least several songs using A Minor. I hope this helps a bit.
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Welp, what ended up happening is that he left the band, because I went face to face with his girlfriend and told her straight up that since she's not in the band, she has no right to make desicions for it. Not that nice...with alot more obcenities...

Apparently, he didn't like that, but whatever. We now have a new guitarist who is just as good as him, if not better. So I really don't care.

Thanks for the help guys.

I'm glad you managed to solve this and get a new guitarist.

If you have a band website and when you get demos or recordings up, send me a pm or something.
I do not know what sort of music your band plays but you might want use some Classical music or Soundtrack music . . . if you feel it fits.

I know small classical parts or short soundtrack songs make a great way to open for metal gigs at least.
TrendMicro, buy it! It will save your computer from all sorts of shit. Don't use these free virus protection, they do often decide to attack non-virus programs.
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buinn að vera að spila í umþb 2 ár og get alveg spilað þetta allt, á ibanez 320 fm, dean dime o flage og jackson ps-1 og er að fara að kaupa mér nýjann 7 strengja (var að selja hinn) og haha...áttin sem ég er að fara í er eiginlega bara genre sem blandar öllu saman ..ish

English : ive been playin for about 2 years and i can play all that, i have an ibanez 320 fm, dean dime o flage and a jackson ps-1 and im going to buy a new 7 string (just sold my old one) and haha the direction im trying to go toward is just a genre that mixes everything ..ish

Töff, ég er sjálfur örvhentur og er að bíða eftir ESP 7-strengja gítarnum sem ég var að panta. Ég get nú ekki sagt að ég geti spilað alla þessa part-a samt búinn að æfa í 4 ár á gítar.
Ég væri samt alveg til í að spjallað um kannski að setja saman eitthvað Progressive/Symphonic Metal project/hljómsveit einhverntíman ef þú hefur áhuga. Ég er samt ekki alveg í stuði fyrir TechDeath dæmið en það er kannski hægt að finna eitthvað útúr þessu. Annars þú ert með MSN-ið mitt (Sjá PM á Huga) þannig að add-aðu mér ef þú vilt spjalla eitthvað.

Cool, I'm left-handed myself and waiting for a ESP 7-string to arrive. Can't say that I can play all these parts but I've been playing for 4 years now.
If you are interested we could discuss maybe putting together a Progressive/Symphonic Metal project/band. Although I'm not much for a TechDeath guy like I said but we can probably figure something out.
You have my MSN so add me if you wanna talk about that.
Hey Patrekur.
Þú sendir mér þetta frá Huga í e-mail. Ég er sjálfur að pæla að finna hljómsveit því ég er farinn að hafa meiri tíma þassa dagana en reyndar er ég ekki mikið fyrir svona Technical-Death Metal genre.
Ég er samt mikið í Progressive/Power/Symphonic dæminu og hef áhuga á klassískri tónlist.
Symphony X, Kamelot, Seventh Wonder, Nevermore, Outworld, Dream Theater, Epica, Nightwish, Adagio, og margt fleira.

Varðandi lagið þitt, þú ert greinilega með framtíð fyrir þér í þessu en eins og ég sé lagið þá vantar þér "direction". Þegar ég hlusta á þetta kemur svona tímabil af og til þarsem mér finnst allt í einu ég vera hættur að hlusta á Progressive/Power/Symphonic Metal-inn og þetta komið útí meira Black/TechDeath Metal.

Þú ert búinn að skrifa þetta fyrir 7-strengja gítar og eitt annað var 6-strengja D Standard lag sem þú sendir mér. Ég er forvitinn um græjurnar og gítarana sem þú ert með. Hvað ertu búinn að spila lengi annars?

Btw, Intro-ið acoustic parturinn er æðislegur.
Hey Patrekur.
You sent me this from Huga on e-mail. I myself am considering to start looking for a band, because I seem to have more time now. But I'm not this Tech-Death metal kinda guy. I am on the other hand into all this Progressive/Power/Symphonic Metal and Classical music. Symphony X, Adagio, Kamelot, Epica, etc.
I feel you song lacks a bit more of direction, it sort of is going a bit into alot of various genres but it changes to rapidly at one point you have progressive/symphonic stuff and suddenly you jump into Black/TechDeath metal feelings. Even for that you still are promising and could be quite good, but as said it lacks a certain direction.

I'm a bit wondering about the equipment you use though. I see you use 7-string in this song and a D Standard 6-string in other song. Also how long have you been playing?

Btw, I love the acoustic intro.