It was a good movie .... found it a little weird . he killls himself in the womb ? cool ... only saw the theatrical version
AC/DC - back in black
AC/DC - for those about to rock
AC/DC - hells bells
Jimi hendrix - Voodoo child
Sultians of swing - Money for nothing
AC/DC - dirty deeds
Most main stream bands arent great becuz were used to hearing like classic's like(led zep, hendrix, clapton, AC/DC ect.) and the sound is changing .... and there is so much lead guitar in alot of main stream bands , and there aren't very many new main stream bands with great guitarist , like the can do the basics and thts it ... my opinion
i liked it but it did sound like u were high when u wrote it
like the lyrics nice job
as i fell to my knees
i screamed out to the heavens please
won't you make her come back to me
won't you let me hold her tight
just for one more night

but as i saw her walk away
i knew that i would never
see her again
i'm now left here
all allone
wishin' that she was mine
whishin' everything was all fine

but i know
that we are already dead
and i know
and that i have already said
my last good bye


but for a second
every thing was fine
and for that second
she was still mine

but i still know
that we are already dead
and i still know
that i have already said
my last good bye
ya my last good bye

the end haha wat do u think
i might work on it a little i'm not sure ...... comments are aprreciated .. good or bad things hopefullly they will help
in my opinion any band tht made a break througgh like from blues to rock to hard rock to hair metal to metal to anything will be rembered cuz those ppl will be rembered for there creativity now with tht said i still think tht hendrix , led zepplin , and the beatles will rembered with a few others
like the chours really ..... if u work on those verses it should make it a preety coool song.... make the verse more intresting i guess ..... more fullfilling and more capturing than they are .... make them display a story or an image if u will ... thts about it good song other wise
i was just throwing this up seeing who's most popular u k now .... maybe get some discussions going w/e happens happens
just say ur favorite artist / artists and ur favorite songs by them
i'll start

ACDC- you shook me all night long
and hendrix are mine
hendrix- purple haze, voodo child, along the watch tower

so just say fav band or bands and fav songs
i found tht it should have portrayed something .... i kinda found tht it lead no where .... thought it was good tho really good imagrery but it didn't really catch me i like the chours part of it
thanks man tht actaully helped quite a bit.... i see ur point and i should've done most of tht ..... i just threw this song togheter .... thanks
i see your face
looking out at that bloody place
i hear your name
cried out in fame

but to me
your just another marine
wishin he was home
and wishin he was gone

this world of war
cuz we live in a world of war
and nothing more
yes just a world of war

we cry for our's that died
but who cried for theres
we don't think about everything
only our bloody marines
and the ones who've been shot in the head
and all of their dead
we reallly don't care
and we don't understand
just how to take a stand
and say

we live in a world of war
but we need it to change
ya we live in a world of war
but we should live in
yes peace

what do u think of it now .... i changed it quite a bit .... but the same basis' hope it's better i think it is
it's preety good ...... i would just say maybe use a little bit more ryhme in the song .... the words don't have to ryhme just how the flow together i think will really improve this song
stairwayy to heaven- zep
sultans of swing- dire straits
crazy on you - heart
along the watch tower- hendrix
more than a feeling- boston
AC/DC rules is right tht says it alll
nvm about tht comment
i love tht me coomments
vs thread's are no no's oops
lol and ya i guess u can't really compare can u it's kinda hard oh whille w/e haha thanks for the opinions going to close this thread before it gets closed
i just want to know wat ppl think cuz alot of ppl seem to be putting down jimmy hedrix so i want to know wat u guys think .... who's the better guitarist
jimmy hendrix vs jimmy page
hendrix vs steve vai
hendrix vs buddy guy
hendrix vs santana
hendrix vs BB king
and last one
hendrix vs eddy van halen

i'm just asking this question becuz so many ppl don't seem to like jimmy and they think there are alot better guitarist.... feel free to add some in there and feel free to ttell me some better guitarist than hendrix becuz i'm sure tht there aren't too many of them
you shook me all night long- AC/DC just like the song
sultians of swing-dire straits sweet guitar..... its not just a basic solo either .... it wasn't just thrown together like most it''s sick
don't fear the reaper-blue oyester cult- sick solo really like the guitar in it
stairway to heaven- led zepplin reallly cool guitar .... just like it
dazed and confused-led zepplin- the violin bow solo ... thts just sweet
as i fell to my knees
i screamed out to the heavens plz
won't u make her come back to me
won't u let me hold her tight
just for one more night

but as i saw her walk away
i knew tht would never
see her again
i'm now left here
all allone
wishin' tht
she was mine
whishin everything was all fine

but i knew
tht we were already dead
and tht i had said
my last good bye


but for a second
i thought every thing was fine
i thought she was stil mine

but i still knew
tht we were alreeady dead
tht had already said
my last good bye

the end haha wat do u think
i've never heard SRV's covers of hendrix but still hendrix created those tunes and no one can really say there is a greatest guitarist ever becuz somebody creates something someone expands on tht lkike jazz blues came rock , rock becuz metal so forths so on
mine would be
jimmy hendrix
jimmy page
jimmy page is not a guitar god as far as i'm concerned he is a rythmic god but so many other guitarist could smoke him he was just very creative and thought of things nobody else would like black dog ... he plays the chours' and verses in 5/4 time but when it comes to the solo he plays it in 4/4 time .... not a guitar god ... a rythmic god tht's why he wasn't # 1 on the rolling stones
true there is reallly no way to say who is the best guitarist ...... becuz ur right u cant just see one side of music ... but most ppl have only seen ttht one side which is there side and thts where the perspective comes from ..... there not looking at this from the big picture . they look at it from the smalll picture and they don't understand where other ppls opinion comes from
jimmy defintly deserverd to be in top five .... my first tho ... it's all in opinion and u can't get made at someone for liking something ...... and u can't say tht rolling stone magisine had made a bad choice.... well maybe in ur opinion but in there writter's opinions hendrix was the best .... he might not of been the fastest player or the most creeative .... but he was one hell of a player my top 5 proally
jimmy hendrix
jimmy page
edddy vanhalen
eric clapton

those guitarist could play .... but i wouldn't say they were nessiisarly the best either tho
i think tht there is a drive but tht drive isn't to be the best ... hendrix didn't pursue being the best he just wanted to make great music and shakes spear didn't want to bee the best he just mad e great poetry... it's not a matter of being the best ... they just want to do good at wat the do... jimi hendrix just wanted to make great music and we ares the ones tht debate who's the best not the great musicians ....... but yes there has to be some sort of drive but tht isn' always to be the best
back in black is always fun to play ....... crazy train is also fun to play u should try those both preety easy i find at least
thts actually quite a good point ... and ur right there really is not best but ther e is guitar gods and hendrix was defintly one of them same as so many others .... like picaso and leardo divinci like u said there painters and the were some of the besst .... hedrix rocked and as well as so many others
paly all the guitars , u'll fined the one u like the most ... but personally i liked the les paul i own one and it's a preety decent guitar i would go with tht over the gibson but tht's just me ,
man no way hendrix rocked..... man i've never heard of any other guiatist who can play a teeth solo.... hendrix can or can't not be consider the best on which way u look at it .... a lot of ppl think he is tho .... h e was an amazing guitarist and i'm sure there is some one who's better but no one could play likke him.... sort of like how jimmy page isn't really a guitar god he's more or less a rythmic god