Go with Nile.
Or even better.
Mutilate The Stillborn By Necrophagist
Angels Of Debauchery by Winds of Plague
Quote by suckafobeenz
i wanted to go to the winds of plague for today show haha.
my fave song is infantry tho. i love it.

It was tight as ****.
Dethklok is awesome.
they need a second album.
i thought the second season of the show kinda blew.
Quote by Munchlaxatives
So uh, for those Trivum virgins, what are your 10 songs? Lil' P wants to know.

This is off the top of my head without my Zune but ill try and think of ONLY 10.
(do covers count? ill add an extra just in case they don't)
10.When All Light Dies
9.Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven
8.The Rising
7.Like Light To The Flies
5.Gunshot... (Trivium Fans know the rest)
4.Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis
3.The Poison The Knife and The Noose
2.Upon The Shores
1.5 (Cover) Master Of Puppets

Matt Heafy is the ****tttt!
Quote by isabiggles
Slania that be.

Check out 'Spirit' too. It's more folk orientated rather than melodeath with celtic folk shoved in. If you really get into 'Slania' then check out 'Ven'. It's much rawer which I love. It makes it feel really down to earth and the lyrics are really interesting too. I'm not keen on the newest album to be honest. My favorite thing about Eluveitie though is their ability to change so drastically. No album has sounded similar to another. Who knows what the next one will bring? I hope it's a bit like 'Ven' but I highly doubt it will be.

i have Ven on my zune.
i just havent had a chance to listen to it yet.

I saw in a later post someone said something about alestorm.
I totally forgot about them.
Pirate Metal FTW!
Quote by FrEaKGuItArIsT
Sums it up for me, personally.

I enjoy the technical as hell stuff, but its not always appropriate like Powerslave said.
I'm fond of the Suicide Silence / Oceano / Whitechapel aspect of things, where its not overly insane, but its still heavy.

Sometimes it's good to do both.
It never hurts to throw in a bunch of blast beats whilst the guitarist is soloing (IE:Arsis)
You worship what i bleed?
Or only, what i bleed? Hmm?
Just Messin' TBDM is beast.
Quote by Magero
No offence, but if you're going to use the full term, why use the abbrev. as well?
I'm not picking an argument, it's just something that's always irked me...

Anyone know about that unreleased Trivium song?
I forget what it was called, but on myspace there was a thing with Corey's iPod shuffle list. and it was on there.

They were in indy in feb.
Its was beast as hell.
Quote by suckafobeenz
Anybody listen to them? They're sort of new. They have one album Ekklesia and are signed on to Facedown Records. Great band. My favorite song from them is Infantry, but theyre main single is Agape.

Oh yes.
I just saw them with Winds of Plague last week.
Friggin' Amazing.
The Intro on Ekklesia Is beasty.
and Redemption is amazing.
I love the sound of Blast beats.
Quote by Slaytanic1993
I despise the singing.
But, I love the instrumentation.
Colors is a good album, and Alaska was pretty poor in my opinion.

Tommy is beast.
he's like RAWR! and then LA! it's awesome.
And Instrumentation...Paul Waggoner Friggin' Owns.
Forget what would be appropriate.
What would sound the most badass and scare the **** out of the preppy ass rap likin' hoes?
Quote by Cianyx
That's because they are awesome. Don't agree with their new direction though. Was hoping for an Agalloch sound

I can't remember the album title, but i like the one with Inis Mona on it.
I don't listen to alot of Folk Metal.
But i like Eluveitie alot.
Quote by T.VO
My starter guitar is a regular Fender strat, and it's great.

I see that the guitar on ebay is really cheap, but if you want a similar looking guitar whose features compensate for a little more money, then check out some guitars by B.C. Rich.
Keep in mind that there are some crappy sounding guitars from B.C. Rich, like the Avenge SOB. Don't get that guitar.

So, the guitars that look like the one you want would be the Warbeast and the Warlock type guitars by B.C. Rich. I have played on a Warbeast and it sounds great clean and distorted, which will give you a farther range of genres you want to play.

But, if you like some of the Beast type guitars, just try to avoid the Avenge SOB. It only sounds great distorted and has two pickups and one volume control, and it jabs you in the groin when you play.

Happy huntin'.

no it doesnt.
that guitar owns.
great beginner guitar.
They're alright.
hayley is ****ing hot though.
Quote by flying_phoenix
^ Mixed Martial Arts. Organizations like Ultimate Fighting Championship, Pride FC, International Fight League and the like. I guess MMA isnt a well known term.

Pride and UFC=samething.
well not neccesarily.
Dana and the fertittas own both.
but Pride has fewer rules and is basicaly true Vale Tudo whereas UFC has more rules.
Quote by GorillaBiscuits
Even though everyone should know that Fedor is the only fighter who really matters, Wanderlei Silva is a beast, and I do favor Rampage, only because Chuck Lidell is a pussy. But, Brock Lesnar coming to the UFC is going to be the dumbest thing since women being allowed to leave the kitchen! It is going to bring tens of thousands of posers to the UFC and that is the last thing this sport needs. It is already being watered down by idiots like Joe Rogan and Sean Sherk. KEEP THE UFC ALIVE.

Rampage got lucky.
Quote by Rzia
ooooh i have a good idea.... start playing Skitsofrantic psycho(no idea who wrote it...) and ay ur gonna go phsyco on her(she might think u will rape her...)...

puddle of mudd
thats unfortunate.
Quote by TheShubes
anyone know how to fix this?

when im on Itunes, all ths songs are in order as they appear on the albums

but when i go to access them in my ipod, they are out of order, so i cant listen to the album in the order or the tracks that they were originally in

how do i fix it

Answer: get a zune.
Quote by Msu_Man04
I went to talk to one of my friends on AIM, but one of her friends whome i have a mutual hate for was over. This is the convo, here.

Me (10:17:35 PM): hey
Kalah (10:19:03 PM): this is autumn not kalah
Me (10:19:02 PM): oh, alright.
Kalah (10:23:22 PM): oh and Kalah told me I was gonna apologize..Yeah not gonna happen. She only said that to make us not fight anymore, but I like it better when you know I dont like you.
Me (10:23:28 PM): um? alright then
Me (10:23:29 PM): whatever
Kalah (10:25:01 PM): oh and the trainface and all that bull****. Im not dumb I know what your talkng about its cause ur immature and have to say dumb **** about people so im gonna be dumb to kalah never thought you were hot that one night when she was high i was here and we did it cause it was funny she doesnt really remember but it was funny
Me (10:25:40 PM): im the immature one? you're the one who decided you hated me just because i called a couple people douchebags.
Kalah (10:26:27 PM): only reason you said that was cause u r jealous of them and wish people actully liked you besides chris and trevor and that justin kid
Me (10:26:48 PM): jealous? ok. lets take evan. i called said i didnt like him because when he went out with nikki he treated her like ****.
Me (10:26:54 PM): i think thats a good reason. not cause i was jealous
Me (10:26:59 PM): i could give a **** less about that anymore
Kalah (10:27:22 PM): no he didnt thats another jealous thing you cant get a girlfriend
Me (10:27:19 PM): if you actually knew me, you might know that. so dont talk about **** that you dont know about. and dont say 'oh kalah told me'. that doesnt count as knowing.
Kalah (10:28:04 PM): u r just like every other weird kid in our school
Me (10:28:06 PM): wow. way to explain
Me (10:28:09 PM): that one kinda hurt.
Kalah (10:28:39 PM): better way is nerd
Me (10:28:46 PM): psh. what honest reason do you have to call me that?
Me (10:28:57 PM): you dont know anything about me to back that up.
Kalah (10:29:15 PM): um look at you
Me (10:29:15 PM): ok, im skinny. and i have glasses.
Me (10:29:20 PM): big whoop?
Kalah (10:29:38 PM): and kalah wont back you up cause she is not even here to read this
Kalah (10:29:45 PM): you dress like a 5 year old
Me (10:29:37 PM): yeah i figured that out.
Me (10:29:51 PM): why should i care what you think i dress like?
Kalah (10:30:43 PM): cause ur weird and nobody really likes you
Kalah (10:31:05 PM): besides chris who is weird too and i dont even see why kalah liked him
Kalah signed off at 10:31:25 PM.
Kalah is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
Me (10:31:26 PM): hah you can say no one likes me all you want, i know that i have friends. and i dont have 'like 2 or 3'.
Me (10:31:31 PM): haha thats right run *****.

Then I blocked her, and she IMed me on my old screenname.

Kalah (10:34:04 PM): ha block me all you want, i didnt run *** kalahs laptop messed up
Kalah (10:36:31 PM): I know you have more then 2 or 3 but 4 isnt much to brag about
Me (10:36:45 PM): well either way. your talking about **** you dont know. you assume 'no one really likes me', but you dont talk to anyone that does. you're like every other stupid typical girl who wants to piss someone off. you talk about stuff you dont know about to try and make me feel bad. well you know what? i can do the same. you talk about the way i dress? you dress like some 200 pound chick trying to cover up the weight with a ****load of loose clothes. you wanna talk friends? kalah's said that no one really likes you and you annoy the **** out of her ALL the time. once again. i dont care what you think. wow. to think i actually laid off making fun of you even behind your back. nevermind then.

The names of people really don't matter so much. The point is, when she told me who I was talking to, I didn't say a single thing. I did not provoke this random argument. I can't talk to my friend alone until Sunday, because they are spending the weekend together.

For the record, this girl is a nympho, has sex with anything that moves, is quite noticably overweight, has an overbite that is closer to going straight out of her mouth than it is to going straight down, and has virtually NO friends.

What I ask of you, Pit, is do you think I held my own well enough? I mean you can see my profile picture, I hardly look like a nerd (though it is not my place to say that) Her idea of 'dressing like a 5 year old' APPARENTLY is wearing a t-shirt with a zipped-down long sleeve over it. I don't know.

Sorry for the wall of text, and sorry if this is in the wrong place.


Sounds like you, need a gun.
Quote by SorrowIsMe
Hate them.

Quote by crazee201
Dear Thread,

I am confused and stumbled on how to ask a girl to be my girlfriend. I understand I should "ask her out", but technically, it just doesn't make sense to me saying that because we always go out lots and do things together. So i just can't say "Will you go out with me?" (Cliche and typical anyway)

I ask: What are some alternate ways on asking a girl to be my girlfriend?

(Username) :P

i used will you be mine...
but in a romantic way.
not like... idfk
Quote by mdawg24
Croakies and Boatshoes by Between the Buried and Me


my two favorite non adjective that i use as such.


slash's hat is amazing.
im gonna own it one day
[quote="'[x"]Huffy[x]']Funny how you missed out his point about the price.

Also, the 4 way touch Zunepad on the Zune 80 is a lot easier to use than the iPod click wheel, which only goes two ways.

it is.
and it isnt.

sometimes it can be a real bitch.

Zune's Own!!!

i have a 30.
and i loveee it.

But about what the guy said about his warranty running out.
i had a ****ty 4g thingie from best buy, it was an insignia i think.
1 day.
1 DAY!
after the warranty expired.

Now i have a zune.

all better.
Quote by dannyniceboy
1. naked brothers band
2. 98 degrees
3. LFO

*kills self*
Quote by Tvr
the art of making catchy songs is very underrated (and i don't mean all the britney spears blabla popsongs), and jack johnson is a master of that.
so that makes him a great musician in that respect.
his last cd was a bit of a downer to be honest, but the 3 before that were brilliant.


i only thought he had 3?
Quote by sral76

If a black man, a mexican and a chinese man all jump off a cliff at the same time who wins?

Quote by _Mayday_
Use this thread, and this one only for discussion about consoles, pc gaming and anything else video gaming related, and that includes questions like 'what console should I get?'

Edit: Just a note, if I happen upon any form of flaming of a console or company, reminiscent of kids bickering in a playground, I will warn crush you. Sincerely, your Moderator.

Oh man this thread got FBI'd ^

Yes, I put 'only' in capitals to make it more official....

Anyway, video game fans with lots of money, come hither! No longer will UG have to endure the plethora of incessant vs or help threads, this is where it ends!

I just bought a Premium 360, with Gears Of War and Fozra Motorsport 2 (included). I also bought Dead Rising and Crackdown, and, let me tell you, it was a wise decision. I must of played Crackdown for seven hours straight today.

Please refrain from turning this into an argument. Respect other peoples decisions to cheap out and go for a Wii....


Halo 3 Owns.
Quote by MoonBoots432
I can definitely see how people take it as racist. It makes total sense, a white guy going in to kill black zombies. But really it's not that bad, people just need to not be dumbasses. The only thing that makes it racist is people's mentality.

1.It set in africa.

Omg...that means their basically already dead anyways.
Jesus H Christ.
Get over it.

Which is sort of funny...

You can be 50 cent in a game and shoot white cops.
and you can be mexican in Just Cause and shoot mexicans and white cops.
but if your white and you shoot black people...

Cry in a corner.

Then Die.
Quote by hololos
Yeah, it's been done, but oh well

Vocals - Robert Plant
Guitar 1 - Slash
Guitar 2 - Stevie Ray Vaugh, i always thought those two would complement each other for some reaosn...
Bass - John Entwhistle
Drums - Neil Peart

i think slash played with him.
or maybe not.

he said something about it in his book.
Idk if there is already a thread.
couldnt find one.

does anyone like him?

i think his second cd is the best.

he's not really that great of a guitarist.
but his stuff is really catchy.

Check out the song
"Good People"
Quote by denizenz
I've really been getting in to that album. I had thought I was the only person who liked it.

yeah dude inflames is pretty much amazing.
havent heard their newie yet though
Quote by Phill-Rock
^Try reading the comment again before wishing death upon him.

And don't double post.

oops my bad.

i think Hellhounds on My Trail is my fav track off of blooddrunk.

is it out officially yet?
crush crush crush.

its on rockband,.
Quote by webbtje
Killing it until it really really hurt, or was really really sorry.

maybe its just bleeding...
i wouldnt trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesnt die

:-D get it?
Quote by WILDWAYNE001
The only song I heard by them was Shock Wave and I love it!!!!!

Thats on Rockband.
Quote by Hammerzeit
The Take Over (The Breaks Over) by Fall out boy.

and Nine in the afternoon.

haha that song is cool.
it was on in American Eagle yesterday.