I'm looking for a good, cute anime to watch. I've already seen: Lucky Star, Chobbits, and Clannad. Something like these would work wonderfully. Got any suggetions? ^_^
I've done a few deg covers on here. Why not check them out?
I tabbed the intro to onigokko on here.

Sucks they disbanded.
Oh and add UnsraW to my list. I use to have everything they ever made. Then they started sucking so I stopped listening to them, but I'm only missing like one of their singles.
Dir en grey, SuG, Oyuugi Wagamama-dan X [PaRADEiS], and I use to have the entire Danger☆Gang discography.

P.s. Sug may have just released an album that I have not had a chance to acquire yet. The same thing with oyuugi. They just released their second mini album "albare" today.
panic at the disco. i knew about them before anyone seemed like, but then everyone started listen to them, which apparently maked it okay for them to make crappy music.
My favorite band is Dir en grey. If you haven't heard of them you should be ashamed. They are the most crazy, most F-ed up, most totally freaking awesome band ever.