311 - Love Song.
I'll join the bandwagon and say that this movie was simply amazing. It was just the right amount of humor and depression all while being 100% real. Go see it!
I think most girls who like cars also like girls.
Also, does anyone get really constipated the morning after drinking? I don't really get hung over, just constipated as hell..
I love the smell of my basement and garage. Sometimes I go downstairs just to inhale the musty smell.

I'm also one of those people who has to have a fan on to sleep. I have a little portable fan I have to bring on vacations and to friends' houses so I can get sleep.

If I'm listening to music or watching TV while writing something, I start to write down what the song or the people on TV are saying.

I have to wipe my ass with baby wipes after I poop. I keep some in my purse for public bathrooms. If for some reason only toilet paper is available, I'll wipe with a baby wipe when I get home. Otherwise I feel unclean.

When I'm exiting out of a window on my phone with the little red phone button, I always press it like 4-5 times more than I actually need to, or else it feels like it might not be actually closed.

I always tap the car ceiling when I go through a yellow light.

When I write, I rest the pen or pencil on my ring finger instead of my middle. They tried to fix me in like 2nd grade but it didn't work.
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I'm going to assume that the word is c-o-c-k.

"I just took the fattest "C0CK", and boy am I relieved. It felt amazing."

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In paradise with 72 virgins.

HAHAHAH I laughed out loud.

On topic.. I was also in 4th grade, but at my elementary school, the teachers weren't allowed to mention anything. I remember lots of kids' parents came to get them but I didn't think much of it. When I got home, my mom and dad were there, and they usually worked late on Tuesdays so I knew something was up. I didn't find out exactly what happened until like 4 P.M. when my parents showed me on the news.
Coffee Is For Closers - Fall Out Boy sounds just like Easy Target - blink 182.

But I really don't care about either band's well-being that much.
A-Ok - Motion City Sountrack

*** - Regina Spektor

Sleep Through the Static - Jack Johnson
Orange juice.

People drink it like it's water. But it tastes so bad! I don't understand!
My music taste makes me an exile in this parts.
Bright Lights - Matchbox 20 has always been my song to belt out while driving. I can't really explain why. Something about its transition from quiet to loud just gets me pumped.

Also: Where the Sky Begins - Over It, Mr. Jones - Counting Crows, Television Television - OK Go.
I usually just make a bunch of mix CDs for the car.

But if all you have is a tape player, just use your MP3. Make some playlists on it ahead of time to avoid the hassling of finding and skipping songs.
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Buy a treadmill, they said.

Horrible. But I lol'ed... what does that say about me?!
Ready and Waiting to Fall - Mae.
"I got soul but I'm not a soldier."
Black Hole - I Nine

Wasted - Cartel

99 Times - Kate Voegele

Heysatan - Sigur Ros

Everything We Had - The Academy Is...
So your school gives you the option to stay home without penalty, and you even have to ASK whether or not you should take advantage of it?!
The Uninvited.

What the **** just happened?
I got clothes, money, and giftcards. Fun!
I'm a girl, and anytime I find out one of my friends has read a Twilight book, my respect for them drops greatly. The only girls I know who like them are socially awkward and typically don't shower. I would seriously question the sexuality of a guy who was a fan...
LOL @ all the people who don't get this game.
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Holy ****, thank you for posting the recipe. I had it once when someone brought it to math class, and it was so good I almost fell over.

lol you're welcome
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Puppy Chow is perhaps one of the best snacks ever.

That it is.
Yeah, you can make it without peanut butter - I've made it by just melting more chocolate before. It tastes just as good, if only a little different.
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I might try it sometime

Whoa, Nestle makes cereal? This is news to me.

But you should definitely try it. I can't express how good it is.
I can't really accomplish anything while watching TV.

I always end up writing down whatever I hear.
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is it good, cause i looked at the ingredients and it looked alright

Make it sometime - it's really easy to make and extremely tasty. I usually double the recipe, it goes so fast.
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That sounds amazing

I wouldn't like the peanut butter but I imagine some sort of chocolatey spread would do as well?

What would be the british equivalent of chex?

Crispix maybe?

Whatever cereal that looks like this:

It's delicious.
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wtf with the chocolate?!?!?
feed a dog that puppy chow and it's dead

or is this a food not for dogs.....


It's a food. You usually put it in a big bowl at a party or something.

They just call it Puppy Chow, it's not actually for dogs, lol.
Well, the other cheap foods thread got me thinking about puppy chow. We have it all the time around here (it's so tasty!), but I had cousins over from PA and they had never tried it before.

So, I was wondering, pit, have you ever made puppy chow?

(The recipe, if anyone's curious:

3/4 cup peanut butter
1 cup chocolate chips
1/4 cup butter
8 cups Chex cereal
2 cups powdered sugar

Melt the peanut butter, chocolate chips, and butter together. Pour over the cereal in a large kettle or bowl and stir well. Pour the powdered sugar into a large brown paper bag and add the cereal. Fold the bag to seal and shake well to coat evenly.)
I dunno if you've ever made puppy chow before; we make it all the time around here, but I had cousins in from Pennsylvania and they'd never heard of it, so who knows.

Melt together peanut butter and chocolate chips in a bowl in the microwaves. Pour it onto a big bowl of Corn Chex. Mix it together so the Chex is covered. Then put everything into a big ziploc bag and dump powdered sugar in. Close the bag and shake it up until everything is covered with sugar. Put it in the fridge or let it cool, and then eat it. Effing amazing.
I hate bananas.

But still, LEFT.
There's already a thread for this.

Use the searchbar.
The search bar is going to kill you.

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